Chapter 4126 - Ancient Heavenly Lightning Formation (Teaser)

Chapter 4126 - Ancient Heavenly Lightning Formation

What sort of woman was Fumo Xin’er?

Before her, even women that could be considered to be beauties would lose their splendor.

After all, Fumo Xin’er was a major beauty akin to a celestial fairy.

When Zuoqiu Tiancheng saw Fumo Xin’er, his eyes were completely fixed in place.

He immediately expressed his love to her.

As for Fumo Xin’er, she was in a bad mood after straying from Chu Feng and Fumo Shaoyu. Thus, how could she possibly bother with Zuoqiu Tiancheng?

After being rejected, Zuoqiu Tiancheng became forceful.

Because of that, Zuoqiu Tiancheng and Fumo Xin’er ended up fighting in the city.

Fumo Xin’er was very powerful, and most definitely a genius.

However, she was only a rank one Utmost Exalted. Against Zuoqiu Tiancheng,...

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