Chapter 412 - Despicable and Shameless (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 412 - Despicable and Shameless

“God damn, this brat is doing this intentionally. He is waiting for us to exhaust the power of our Forbidden Medicine then attack us after that.”

“We cannot continue letting him burn us up like this or we will die! Quickly run! We need to leave this place!” Finally, Liu Xiaoyao was the first to respond to that as he hiddenly sent mental messages to the three others.

“God, this damn bastard. He is this despicable.” And after hearing Liu Xiaoyao’s mental message, Song Qingfeng and the others also came to a realization so without speaking more, they turned around and escaped into the distance.

“Want to escape? Hmph! Can you?” Seeing that, Chu Feng coldly snorted and while riding on the azure dragon, he chased after the four people.

“Why are they running? Is it possible that the four geniuses cannot defeat Chu Feng even after taking...

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