Chapter 4111 - Arrival Of A Celestial Fairy (Teaser)

Chapter 4111 - Arrival Of A Celestial Fairy

“Don’t compare yourself with the Ancient Era’s Heaven-devouring Beasts.”

“Think about it, what is the name of this place?”

“This is the Heaven-devouring Realm. This place… is the territory of the Ancient Era’s Heaven-devouring Beasts,” said the old granny.

“But, since the Ancient Era’s Heaven-devouring Beasts are able to leave this place, we should definitely be able to do so too.”

“At the very least there’s a way out of here,” said Chu Feng.

However, the old granny shook her head at Chu Feng’s words. “Young man, since you’ve entered this place, you should let go of everything from the past and start your life anew here. Do not think about leaving. After all, no matter how much you long to leave it will be futile. There is no way for you to leave this place.”

As the old granny said those words, she began to walk outside with...

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