Chapter 4106 - Enormous Gift (Teaser)

Chapter 4106 - Enormous Gift

Meanwhile in the Purple Star Hall.

Due to their fear of Long Daozhi, they’d been kneeling the entire time.

None of them actually dared to stand back up before dusk.

That said, kneeling so long would definitely be a very humiliating thing. This was especially so when they were being viewed by a bunch of people who were weaker than them. The embarrassment they felt was even more intense.

Because of that, in a rage, the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master drove out all the other powers.

Finally, night arrived.

The Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master and everyone else finally dared to stand back up.

Of course, this also included the Seven Stars Alliance’s Supreme Elder Lei Tong.

Lei Tong was seriously injured. As such, he did not leave at once, and instead decided to stay in the Purple Star Hall.

After standing back up, the people from the Purple Star Hall all returned to their posts.

Their lips were all sealed toward the humiliation they’d received today.

Even though they were acting like nothing...

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