Chapter 4102 - Dragon Clan (Teaser)

Chapter 4102 - Dragon Clan

“What are you shouting about? Did you still not find yourself enough of a disgrace yet?”

“In the martial cultivation world, neither conspiring in the dark nor conspiring openly matters. Since you’ve failed to defeat your opponent, you deserve what happened to you.”

Lei Tong did not act to help the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master. Instead, he began to berate him.

Because of that, the crowd thought that Lei Tong was a sensible person that handled things righteously.

However, right after Lei Tong finished saying those words, he turned his gaze to Long Daozhi, “That said, you shouldn’t be too excessive either. Everyone from the Purple Star Hall has kneeled. This sort of apology is already enough.”

“However, an inheritance from one’s ancestor cannot be lost....

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