Chapter 4097 - Powerful Bloodline (Teaser)

Chapter 4097 - Powerful Bloodline


Chu Feng was completely stunned by the scene before him.

Even his blood was beginning to boil.

Even though he already knew that his bloodline was very powerful, he did not imagine that it would be this powerful.

After that cultivation treasure released the enormous body of light, and especially after seeing that the body of light had successfully captured countless other bloodline powers, Chu Feng had thought that his own nine enormous lightning beasts would also be captured.

He had thought that he would not be able to escape this calamity.

However, judging from how things were now, he discovered that his worries were unnecessary.

Without a doubt, that body of light was extremely powerful. Else, it wouldn’t have successfully captured that many other bloodline powers.

However, with even less of a need for doubt, that body of light was simply unable to even fight against Chu Feng’s...

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