Chapter 4096 - Capturing Bloodline’s Power

Chapter 4096 - Capturing Bloodline’s Power

That cultivation treasure was still emitting a bright light. Although the bright light concealed its true appearance, it made it appear even more sacred.

The lightning remained as mighty as before. The only difference was that it had shifted from the Purple Star Variance Realm into Chu Feng’s dantian.

Controlled by the cultivation treasure, the lightning was frantically attacking the Sacred Tree Seed. It was intending to tear the Sacred Tree Seed to shreds and seize it from Chu Feng.

However, the Sacred Tree Seed was not to be trifled with.

When not even the enormous lightning beasts in Chu Feng’s body were able to refine the Sacred Tree Seed, the myriad of lightning bolts would naturally also not be able to easily refine it.

Sure enough, once the Sacred Tree Seed was attacked, it immediately counterattacked.

Two inestimably powerful powers began an unprecedented battle in Chu Feng’s dantian.

Logically, a battle between them should have nothing to do with Chu Feng.

After all, the enormous lightning beasts within Chu Feng’s dantian had attempted to attack the Sacred Tree Seed many times themselves.

Although their battles caused his cultivation to decrease, they did not bring him any pain.

Yet, for some unknown reason, the cultivation treasure’s attack this time around caused pain to Chu Feng. He felt as if his soul were about to be ripped apart.

If he had to provide an explanation for the pain, then perhaps it might be because the cultivation treasure was a foreign object, which had entered Chu Feng’s dantian with ill-intentions.


Suddenly, electric light crisscrossed and thunder rumbled. From within the ear-splitting thunder sounded terrifying roars.

At the same time, the world inside Chu Feng’s dantian was also trembling violently.

The nine enormous lightning beasts had soared into the sky.

The nine enormous lightning beasts seemed to be expressing their position as the rulers of Chu Feng’s dantian. After they appeared, they flew straight for the cultivation treasure.

Flying in the air, the nine enormous lightning beasts not only appeared very broad and powerful, but they were also causing the ground below to tremble violently.

Everything in Chu Feng’s dantian’s world was being affected by them.

Even Chu Feng felt fear upon witnessing their might.

Even though the nine enormous lightning beasts were the manifestation of his bloodline power, Chu Feng had never been able to subdue them, even after all these years.

This was especially true in Chu Feng’s dantian world. They were simply rulers capable of dictating everything.

They were the fully-deserving monarchs of this world.

“A mere Heavenly Bloodline dares to fight me?”

“I’ve come here precisely to subdue you all. You shall all become my slaves.”

But, to Chu Feng’s surprise, faced with the enormous lightning beasts, that cultivation treasure actually let out a voice of ridicule.

Then, the light that enveloped the cultivation treasure began to squirm frantically. It seemed like the light was separating from it.

Sure enough, the body of light soon separated itself from the cultivation treasure and soared into the sky.

After being separated, the body of light was like a released tiger. All of its powers were released.

Because of that, the body of light grew larger and larger. In the end, it occupied an entire region of the world, and was illuminating Chu Feng’s dantian world like a sun.

Because of that body of light, this dantian world that was originally dark and dim became brightly lit.

After the body of light separated from it and flew above its head, the true appearance of the cultivation treasure came into Chu Feng’s view.

Chu Feng was shocked to discover that the cultivation treasure was actually a little girl.

She had a head of beautiful blonde hair.

Her facial features were extremely refined.

Her looks were so charming that she was most definitely going to grow up into a beauty.

That said, although she was very charming, she was also very young.

As such, she could not even be considered to be a young girl. She was still only a child.

She seemed roughly thirteen years old.

However, her clothes were completely unbefitting of her outward appearance.

She was wearing a golden skirt, but that skirt was not charming, adorable or befitting of a child. Instead, it was extremely dignified, and resembled an outfit of royalty.

That said, Chu Feng had no heart to concern himself with the attire of that little girl.

The reason for that was because the body of light that gathered above the little girl’s head was extremely terrifying.

The nine enormous lightning beasts were all humongous.

Yet, even with all nine of them gathered together, their size was less than a thousandth that of the body of light.

It was not only the size that was terrifyingly large. The power emitted by that body of light could not be looked down on either.

That body of light was composed of extremely complicated powers. It seemed like a treasure, but was not merely a treasure. It seemed like a sort of bloodline, but did not seem to be merely a bloodline either.

In a nutshell, the body of light was extremely terrifying. It was so terrifying that Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from shivering merely by seeing it. It was a power that far surpassed his knowledge.

It was a sort of power the current Chu Feng could only look up to.

Most shocking of all, Chu Feng could see countless surging lightning bolts within the bright sun-like body of light.

Upon closer inspection, that was no ordinary lightning at all. Rather, they were enormous lightning beasts.

There were thousands upon thousands of enormous lightning beasts in there.

But, those enormous lightning beasts seemed to have been assimilated. They no longer possessed their own individual colors. All of them had turned white, the same color as the body of light.

If Chu Feng didn’t examine the body of light clearly, he wouldn’t have discovered their existence.

Furthermore, inside the body of light, those lightning beasts had been reduced greatly in size.

At least, when compared to Chu Feng’s nine enormous lightning beasts, the ones inside that body of light were over a thousand times smaller.

Those enormous lightning beasts were struggling. Evidently, they all desired to escape from the body of light.

However, their struggles were all futile. That body of light was like a giant cage, trapping all those enormous lightning beasts within it.


“Could it be that that so-called cultivation treasure is going to use that body of light to capture my bloodline power?!”

Seeing this, Chu Feng realized that the situation was bad.

Merely by looking at it, he could tell that the body of light emitted by that cultivation treasure was not an ordinary power.

It seemed more like a beast catcher.

Merely, what it caught were no ordinary beasts. Instead, it was enormous lightning beasts, bloodline powers.


Suddenly, the body of light emitted a boundless amount of suction.

The suction was so powerful that even the vast dantian world was distorting.

That suction was shooting straight for the nine enormous lightning beasts.

From the way things looked, it seemed to be planning to engulf the nine enormous lightning beasts.

Once that body of light began its attack, the pain Chu Feng was under grew even more unbearable.

He felt that his soul was about to shatter.

Under this sort of intense pain, Chu Feng could feel his conscious gradually fading.


Suddenly, a scream was heard.

It was a little girl’s scream.

It was that cultivation treasure’s scream.

When that scream sounded, the pain that had enveloped Chu Feng unexpectedly began to disappear.

With this, Chu Feng began to regain consciousness.

Chu Feng could see that the lightning that had enveloped the Sacred Tree Seed was dissipating, as if they’ve been defeated.

Further, a major change had occurred to the enormous body of light that emitted the terrifying suction power, and was intending to devour Chu Feng’s nine enormous lightning beasts.

Nine-colored lightning was covering that body of light.

The nine-colored lightning was like countless giant whips, frantically flogging the body of light.

Even though that body of light was incomparably powerful, it was actually trembling and emitting a strange sound after being attacked by the lightning. It seemed as if it were howling in pain.

At the same time, the cultivation treasure whose true appearance was that of a little girl was holding her head with her hands and crouching in midair.

A look of pain covered her exquisite little face. She was gnashing her teeth and letting out screams of pain from time to time.

It turned out that it was the nine enormous lightning beasts.

At this time, the bodies of the nine enormous lightning beasts had actually increased to over a hundred times the size they were before.

They were the ones that had released the lightning to attack that body of light.

Furthermore, their bodies were still increasing in size.

The auras that they were emitting were also becoming stronger still.

Their attacks toward that body of light were also multiplying in strength.

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