Chapter 4095 - Terrifying Treasure

Chapter 4095 - Terrifying Treasure

Hundreds of millions of lightning bolts struck down from the sky and continued to bombard Chu Feng’s location.

Being bombarded in such a manner, everyone felt that Chu Feng had long been killed.

Because of that, they were feeling confused.

Since Chu Feng was already dead, why was the lightning still attacking his location nonstop?

Furthermore, the attacks were growing fiercer and fiercer.

Confused, the crowd’s eyes turned to Chu Feng’s location, their gazes fixed onto that place.

Because of that, no one noticed that the humanoid body of light in the clouds had actually lowered its head. It was as if it were looking at Chu Feng’s location.

In fact, that was exactly what was happening.

A gaze shot out from that humanoid body of light and landed precisely on Chu Feng’s location.

Merely, that gaze was extremely obscure, and no one perceived it. Not even Chu Feng sensed that gaze.

Looking down from above, that gaze seemed like the gaze of a deity looking down on lowly mortals.

An expression of ridicule filled that gaze.

It seemed as if the lightning bombardment Chu Feng was receiving right now was the price he was paying to challenge it.

That humanoid body of light was giving Chu Feng a punishment.


Suddenly, that gaze changed.

Astonishment and terror actually appeared in that gaze that was filled with aloofness and arrogance earlier.

However, after the terror passed, a look of joy appeared.



Suddenly, another change occurred within the lightning tribulation.

The hundreds of millions of lightning bolts seemed to have encountered a powerful suction power. They were actually being dragged from within the clouds and rapidly flying toward one location.

That location was the place Chu Feng was in.

As there were too many lightning bolts, this scenario lasted for quite a while before the lightning in the sky completely disappeared.

When all the lightning disappeared, the crowd could see that there was actually a person at Chu Feng’s location.

Hundreds of millions of lightning bolts were enveloping that person.

Even though the crowd were unable to see his appearance clearly, the aura that person emitted was, without a doubt, Chu Feng’s.

“Chu Feng’s actually still alive?!”

The crowd’s eyes opened wide. They all felt endlessly shocked.

The myriad of lightning soon entered Chu Feng’s body. With that, his image appeared before the crowd.

Chu Feng was actually unharmed.

He did not receive the slightest bit of injury.

“This… how could it be possible?”

“How could he be unharmed even after being struck by such terrifying lightning?”

The crowd felt disbelief.

In truth, even Chu Feng himself felt disbelief.

Before challenging the lightning tribulation, Chu Feng had turned his world spirit techniques into lightning.

He didn’t do that with the intention of disguising himself, tricking the tribulation lightning and avoiding their attacks.

Chu Feng knew very well how powerful the tribulation lightning was. With his level of world spirit techniques, it was simply impossible for him to deceive it.

This was even more so with that cultivation treasure. Chu Feng could tell that it was something with intelligence.

That cultivation treasure, that intelligent being, was staring at Chu Feng. With that, how could he possibly be able to fool it?

That said, he was indeed trying to confuse the lightnings and that cultivation treasure.

The lightning Chu Feng created with his world spirit techniques was also attacking his body.

In fact, he had his own lightning attack his soul too. With that, both his body and soul were being attacked. The attacks from his own lightning filled every nook and corner of his body.

With this, once the tribulation lightning arrived and bombarded him, it would only bombard his physical body.

Even if it ended up harming his soul, it would not be strong enough to take his life.

After all, lightning already filled Chu Feng’s body, and was attacking him nonstop.

Of course, Chu Feng knew very well how powerful the lightning tribulation was.

Even though he had a method to take it on, he could not guarantee success.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had no alternative, Chu Feng would definitely not take the initiative to challenge the lightning tribulation.

After Chu Feng actually challenged the lightning tribulation, everything proceeded according to his expectations.

The tribulation lightning was extremely powerful. Even though his body was being attacked by his self-made lightning, the tribulation lightning still managed to permeate into his body and attack his soul.

Furthermore, its attack was extremely fierce.

Under that intense attack, Chu Feng even felt the threat of death.

In merely an instant, he ended up losing consciousness.

But, when Chu Feng regained consciousness, he not only discovered that he was still alive, but he also discovered that there was no trace of pain in his body. All the injuries he had sustained earlier were healed.

Because of this, not even Chu Feng knew why he was uninjured right now.

Moreover, he had no idea what had happened during the time he was unconscious.

“Wait, inside my body…”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously.

He discovered that an enormous change had occurred within his body, within his dantian.

Suddenly, someone from among the people in the Purple Star Variance Realm pointed to the clouds in the sky and shouted in alarm, “Look! The cultivation treasure has disappeared!”

After hearing that cry of alarm, practically everyone else also discovered that not only had the lightning disappeared from the clouds, but that legendary cultivation treasure had also disappeared.

Because of that, they all turned their gazes to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng had withstood the attack of the tribulation lightning.

Logically, he should’ve obtained that cultivation treasure.

Furthermore, the hundreds of millions of lightning bolts seemed to have entered Chu Feng’s body earlier.

It was very possible that the cultivation treasure had also entered Chu Feng’s body with the lightning.

In fact, the crowd’s guesses were correct.

The reason why Chu Feng was so shocked was because the multitude of lightning bolts was surging inside his dantian.

Most importantly, that humanoid body of light was also inside his dantian.

The lightning bolts were like guardians revolving around that humanoid body of light.

“Never would I have imagined that I’d really succeed.”

“I managed to successfully challenge that lightning tribulation?”

“But, how did I succeed?”

Even Chu Feng himself didn’t know how he had succeeded.

He had clearly failed to withstand the attack of the lightning, and was on the verge of death.

That said, regardless of what had happened, Chu Feng was wild with joy.

After all, he could imagine how powerful the cultivation treasure was.

Because of that, Chu Feng ignored the crowd’s astonished gazes and immediately sent his perception into his dantian to examine that humanoid body of light.

He wanted to see exactly what sort of ability that cultivation treasure possessed.

However, upon doing so, Chu Feng was shocked to discover that his perception was simply unable to penetrate the lightning, much less examine that humanoid body of light.

“It would appear that this item is very difficult to handle.”

Seeing this, Chu Feng’s joy immediately turned to gloom.

Without a doubt, that humanoid body of light was the Purple Star Variance Realm’s legendary cultivation treasure.

But, if Chu Feng was unable to use it, even if that legendary cultivation treasure was in his dantian, it would be meaningless.

It would be like that Sacred Tree Seed.

That Sacred Tree Seed was not only unable to help Chu Feng make breakthroughs in his cultivation, but it instead caused his cultivation to decrease whenever the Lightning Beasts in his body attempted to refine it.

Because of that, Chu Feng knew that if he could not use a treasure, then no matter how amazing of a treasure he might have in his body, it would be completely meaningless.

“Hehe. Brat, never would I have expected your body to not only have a protective formation, but also a treasure like this.”

Right at this moment, Chu Feng heard a female voice sounding from his dantian.

That voice came from that humanoid body of light.

Chu Feng could see that the humanoid body of light was staring at the Sacred Tree Seed.

Then, Chu Feng noticed that the lightning actually began to surround the Sacred Tree Seed.

Soon, the lightning arrived before the Sacred Tree Seed, forming countless giant lightning hands and beginning to besiege it.


The instant that happened, Chu Feng felt his dantian and soul about to explode.

Under unbearable pain, Chu Feng began to scream miserably.

Most importantly, to Chu Feng’s greatest unease, he had discovered that so-called cultivation treasure was a very dangerous item.

It was not only intelligent, but it had also entered Chu Feng’s body with its own purpose in mind.

As for its purpose, it didn’t seem to be providing Chu Feng with assistance at all.

Rather, it seemed to be intending to seize his power!

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