Chapter 4094 - Challenging The Lightning Tribulation

Chapter 4094 - Challenging The Lightning Tribulation

Pang Youyang’s body was completely charred like he was burnt by raging flames. With an appearance changed beyond recognition, he fell from the sky.

His screams as he fell made the crowd realize what sort of pain and suffering he was enduring.

A grand Supreme Elder of the Purple Star Hall was actually unable to withstand a single lightning strike, and was left in such a miserable state.

Seeing this, everyone realized how powerful that lightning was.

“Grandpa Pang!”

Li Mengyue was planning to rush up and catch the falling Pang Youyang.

“Don’t go.”

But, Chu Feng extended his arm and stopped her.

At the same time, he raised his arm, and his spirit power, like a rapid waterfall, flew out from his palm.

The instant his spirit power came in contact with Pang Youyang, countless fine lightning snakes were released from Pang Youyang’s body.

Those lightning snakes were also white, and were giving out the same sort of aura as the lightning in the clouds.

Although they were not as intense as the lightning in the clouds above, they were not something that one could look down on, as they shattered even space itself.

Furthermore, those lightning snakes were following the spirit power and making their way toward Chu Feng.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was prepared for this. Thus, he severed the connection between his spirit power and his hand.

With that, the lightning snakes failed to attack Chu Feng, and began to wreak havoc in the sky.

They wreaked havoc for a long while before finally weakening gradually.


Seeing this, Li Mengyue looked to Chu Feng with eyes filled with gratitude.

If it wasn’t for Chu Feng stopping her, she would have definitely rushed to catch Pang Youyang herself.

Should that have happened, the lightning snakes hidden within his body would have rushed out and attacked her.

With how powerful those lightning snakes were, she would likely have found it very difficult to endure them.

Even if she didn’t die from them, she would have most definitely suffered severe injuries.

It was Chu Feng who had helped her avoid that.

“Now is not the time to express thanks.”

Chu Feng controlled his spirit power and brought Pang Youyang beside Li Mengyue.

That said, his gaze was focused on the lightning clouds above the entire time.



Lightning was surging violently in the sky.

Compared to before, the lightning now appeared even more terrifying.

Most terrifying of all, the lightning cloud was slowly descending.

It was as Chu Feng had said. Touching the lightning brought the descent of the lightning tribulation.

“Young hero Chu Feng, what should we do now?”

Seeing the change that was occurring right now, practically everyone was panicking.

The lightning was too powerful. A single lightning strike was enough to cause the rank five Utmost Exalted Pang Youyang to nearly lose his life.

If the hundreds of millions of lightning bolts in the clouds all struck, all of them would be completely annihilated.

In fact, it was not only the people inside that were panicking.

The people outside also did not wish to witness the deaths of the people inside.

Unfortunately, the tribulation lightning was simply too strong, and there was already no way to escape the Purple Star Variance Realm. No one knew how to rescue those trapped inside.

Not even the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master knew what to do.

“As matters stand, we can only take a risk now.”

Chu Feng spoke again. His tone was extremely calm as he said those words. It was as if he had made some sort of decision.

“Chu Feng, could it be that you’re planning to challenge that lightning tribulation?” asked Li Mengyue.

“Young hero Chu Feng, you absolutely mustn’t attempt such a thing. Even Lord Pang Youyang was unable to withstand a single strike from the lightning tribulation. How could you possibly take it on?”

The others also began to dissuade Chu Feng upon learning of his desire.

“A lightning tribulation of this caliber is not something that one can withstand using only one’s cultivation.”

“What it tests is one’s perseverance and technique.”

“Since we’re going to die anyways, rather than resigning ourselves to fate, it is better that I take a risk,” said Chu Feng.

“Young hero Chu Feng, is there no other method apart from that?” asked the crowd. They did not want Chu Feng to take this risk.

Actually, even if he were to die, they would only feel ashamed at the very most. His death would not bring them much sadness or unease.

But, Chu Feng was the only person who could see through that lightning tribulation.

If he were to die, they would really have no choice but to resign themselves to fate and wait for their own doom.

“Perhaps there was another way before.”

“But, now that the lightning tribulation has been triggered, there’s no other way.”

“Taking it on is the only choice.”

“If anyone here has the courage, you can join me.”

“Perhaps you will be able to aid me.”

Chu Feng looked to the crowd present as he said those words.

But, the crowd avoided Chu Feng’s gaze. No one dared to look him in the face.

After witnessing what had happened to Pang Youyang, no one had thought about taking on that lightning tribulation.

While they were unwilling to miss out on this legendary treasure, they knew after witnessing Pang Youyang’s failure that they would only be courting death by taking on the tribulation lightning.

Seeing the crowd acting like this, Chu Feng laughed. Then, he turned his head upward and looked to the lightning-filled sky.

“It would appear that only I will be able to take on this lightning tribulation.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, his clothes began to flutter in the wind.

Chu Feng began to approach the tribulation lightning.

However, different from Pang Youyang, he did not rush toward the lightning-filled sky with his fastest speed. Instead, he was rising slowly.

Then, people could see lightning being released from Chu Feng’s body.

The lightning was also white. However, that lightning did not cause any harm to Chu Feng.

Seeing that, people were confused. They did not understand why such a change would occur on Chu Feng’s body.

Soon, someone voiced their analysis, “I get it. Young hero Chu Feng is using his world spirit techniques to turn his spirit power into lightning to disguise himself.”

Once that analysis was raised, it was immediately met with the crowd’s agreement.

“That is indeed a great method. But, only young hero Chu Feng would be able to accomplish that. After all, his world spirit techniques are so powerful. Apart from him, none of us are able to disguise ourselves as the lightning.”

“Let us hope that young hero Chu Feng will be able to succeed.”

Everyone was hoping for Chu Feng’s success.

After all, he was their final hope. If he failed, they would all die.

“Success! Young hero Chu Feng seems to have succeeded!”

Seeing that the lightning hadn’t struck Chu Feng even though he was growing closer and closer to them, joy appeared in the eyes of the crowd.

Earlier, Pang Youyang had merely approached the lightning, and did not actually come in contact with them. Yet, he was already struck.

As for Chu Feng, he had gotten closer than Pang Youyang.

Even though the lightning was surging violently, none seemed to be intending to attack Chu Feng.

Seeing that, people felt that Chu Feng’s strategy might’ve worked.

He had successfully used his world spirit techniques to deceive the lightning tribulation.



But, right after this sort of thought came into their minds, the rumbles caused by the lightning in the clouds grew even more ear-piercing.

Furthermore, the lightning was surging more violently.

Seeing this, the expressions of the crowd all changed. They felt that the change to the lightning was a bad omen.


Suddenly, white light flickered as a sky filled with lightning struck down at once. They were all aimed at Chu Feng.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng was covered by hundreds of millions of lightning bolts.

Chu Feng’s figure disappeared completely.

His aura also disappeared completely.

The only thing visible to the crowd was a sky filled with lightning enveloping the location where he had been previously.

The crowd could feel the terrifying might of the lightning engulfing the entire region.


Seeing this, the faces of the crowd all turned ashen.

The scene that they did not wish to witness the most had ultimately occurred.

Chu Feng did not manage to successfully deceive the lightnings with his world spirit techniques.

Instead, he had received a devastating attack.

Imagining how Pang Youyang was seriously injured by a single lightning strike, and seeing how the hundreds of millions of lightning bolts were crazily wreaking havoc through Chu Feng, the crowd felt that, not to mention Chu Feng, even the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master would undoubtedly be killed should he be in Chu Feng’s place.

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