Chapter 4092 - Expressing Skepticism

Chapter 4092 - Expressing Skepticism

Pang Youyang laughed at the situation.

“Our Purple Star Hall will not interfere in matters between you all. However, of the two Star-guiding Stones young friend Chu Feng held in his hand, one does belong to the Constellation Immortal Isle.”

“That said, it is not something that this old man helped obtain. Rather, he snatched it from the Constellation Immortal Isle himself.”

“If the Xuanming Family’s Family Head wishes to snatch away the Star-guiding Stones from his hand, this old man will definitely not stop you. However, I’d urge you to consider it carefully.”

“After all, the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master is already dead,” said Pang Youyang.


“The Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master is dead?”

Hearing those words, the expressions of the Xuanming Family’s Family Head and everyone else present all changed.

As matters stood, the majority of the crowd had realized that the young man from the Chu Heavenly Clan standing before them was actually that genius Chu Feng.

However, the reason for their astonishment was not Chu Feng’s identity. Rather, it was the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master’s death.

The Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master was publicly accepted by all of them to be the strongest among the ten overlords.

How could an existence of his caliber die?

Furthermore, he died without the Purple Star Hall meddling?

Could it be that he was killed by a powerful Purple Star Variance Beast?

But, from the words spoken by Pang Youyang, he was clearly implying that to not be the case.

Could it be that the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master was killed by that Chu Feng?

At this moment, the crowd all turned their gazes to Chu Feng.

They were all sizing him up with a surprised yet somewhat skeptical gaze.

It was only natural that they would be skeptical. After all, they were unable to believe it to be true.

How could a person of the younger generation possess enough strength to kill the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master?

“Don’t bother looking anymore. That’s right, it was done by my little brother Chu Feng.”

“If you all don’t believe that, you can ask the people outside later,” said Li Mengyue.

“Ask the people outside?”

The crowd were all puzzled upon hearing those words.

Why would they ask people outside about the matters inside the Purple Star Variance Realm?

“You all have been in the Purple Star Variance Realm the entire time, and have no idea of the change that has occurred outside.”

“The change to the Purple Star Variance Realm is no longer confined to the Purple Star Variance Realm.”

“An abnormal sign has occurred outside. That abnormal sign covered the sky, and illuminated everything inside the Purple Star Variance Realm.”

“Everyone’s movements are being seen clearly by the people outside the Purple Star Variance Realm,” explained Pang Youyang.


“Then, wouldn’t it mean that he… really killed the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master?”

At this moment, the crowd came to a realization.

If the people outside were able to see everything, Li Mengyue couldn’t possibly lie. That would mean that what she said was the truth, and that Chu Feng was truly so powerful that not even the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master was a match for him.

Upon learning the truth, the gazes that the various powers looked to Chu Feng with turned complicated.

However, in terms of having the most ugly expressions, it would be the people from the Xuanming Family.

Due to the conflict between Chu Feng and Xuan Yihang, the Xuanming Family had led their experts to intercept the Chu Heavenly Clan and cause trouble for them.

However, none of them had expected Chu Feng to be this powerful.

When this came to his mind, the Xuanming Family’s Family Head suddenly felt like thanking the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster.

If it wasn’t for her interference that day, they would’ve most definitely taught the Chu Heavenly Clan a ruthless lesson.

If they did that, they would’ve definitely provoked Chu Feng.

If that was the case, it would not be the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master that would be killed today but rather he, Xuan Tianpeng, instead.

When this thought came to his mind, the Xuanming Family’s Family Head grew furious.

He waved his sleeve and, with a loud pow, sent a resounding slap to Xuan Yihang’s face.

“You absolute disgrace! Since you saw Young Hero Chu Feng, why are you still not kneeling and apologizing to him?!” The Xuanming Family’s Family Head shouted angrily at Xuan Yihang.

“Father, you…”

Xuan Yihang was completely puzzled. Momentarily, he had no idea what was going on.


Xuan Tianpeng raised his leg and kicked Xuan Yihang, forcing him to kneel before Chu Feng.

Then, with an apologetic look on his face, Xuan Tianpeng clasped his fist at Chu Feng. “Young Hero Chu Feng, my son is insensible, and had offended your Chu Heavenly Clan. I hope you will not take offense to it.”

“I’ve actually wanted to bring this unfilial son of mine to apologize to you all the entire time.”

“To my surprise, the Red-dress Holy Land’s headmaster had some sort of misunderstanding toward my intentions. She thought that I came to cause trouble for you all. That’s why I ended up being unable to offer my apology beforehand.”

“Since I’m able to meet Young Hero Chu Feng here today, I will naturally have to settle this matter. I hope that Young Hero Chu Feng will be magnanimous, give my son a chance, and forgive his previous mistakes.”

He was actually publicly apologizing.

But, everyone knew that, that day, he had gone to the Chu Heavenly Clan to cause trouble for them, and not to apologize to them at all.

Because of that, many people revealed looks of contempt.

They thought to themselves that this Xuan Tianpeng was truly shameless.

Knowing the truth fully well, Chu Feng merely let out a cold chuckle. He completely ignored Xuan Tianpeng and instead turned his gaze to the sky above.

“Let us set aside the conflicts of the past for the time being.”

“What we have to do right now is settle this unforeseen event occuring in the Purple Star Variance Realm.”

“Else, all of us will die here,” said Chu Feng.

“All of us will die here?”

The crowd’s expressions changed upon hearing those words.

“Little brother Chu Feng, didn’t you say that everyone has been guided here by the Star-guiding Stones?”

“The Star-guiding Stones will only be attracted by natural energies. As such, this place should contain a very dense amount of natural energies, no?”

“Why would you be saying that this place is dangerous?” Li Mengyue questioned. She was extremely confused.

The others also looked to Chu Feng with curiosity.

“While it is true that within the clouds above us contain an enormous amount of natural energies, those natural energies are not friendly at all. Instead, they’re extremely dangerous,” said Chu Feng.

“Dangerous natural energies?” The crowd felt even more confused after hearing that.

“This place is not the only dangerous place. Right now, the entire Purple Star Variance Realm is extremely dangerous.”

“If my guess is correct, even if we are to attempt to leave the Purple Star Variance Realm now, we will not be able to.”

“We must breach this situation before our eyes first in order to safely leave this place,” said Chu Feng.


“According to you, we… are trapped here?”

The crowd all became extremely alarmed upon hearing those words.

“That’s correct.”

Chu Feng replied with certainty.

“You’re kidding.”

The crowd narrowed their brows at Chu Feng’s definitive answer. They were expressing their skepticism.

While they’d learned that Chu Feng had killed the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master, and was very powerful and ruthless, they were all able to witness the situation before them with their very eyes.

The sky above them was covered in dense white clouds. Even though a faintly discernible giant face was present in them, that face was not terrifying at all.

They were also unable to sense any sort of threat from within the clouds.

Most importantly, they were unable to obtain any clues from either the dense clouds or that face within them.

Since they were unable to determine anything, what made Chu Feng qualified to say that this place was very dangerous?

Furthermore, he was so certain that the exit to the Purple Star Variance Realm was sealed?

This was simply a bit too unbelievable, no?

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