Chapter 4091 - Unfair

Chapter 4091 - Unfair

“What’s going on?”

Seeing the transformation to the Purple Star Variance Realm, Li Mengyue’s brows creased into a frown.

The scene of what was happening right now simply resembled the arrival of doomsday. Anyone would feel uneasy at the sight of this.

Suddenly, an aged voice sounded, “Third young miss, are you alright?”

Even though that voice clearly came from afar, a figure appeared before Chu Feng and Li Mengyue the moment that voice was heard.

The speed of this individual was extremely fast.

Because of that, Chu Feng’s expression changed upon seeing him.

Even though this old man had concealed his aura, Chu Feng could tell that his cultivation was most definitely above his own.

He was very possibly a rank five Utmost Exalted-level expert.

Furthermore, after hearing the way that old man addressed Li Mengyue as ‘third young miss,’ Chu Feng knew that this female elder by the name of Li Mengyue was someone with an extraordinary status.

As for this old man, he was naturally Pang Youyang.

“Grandfather Pang, I’m alright,” said Li Mengyue.

“It’s great that you’re alright, it’s great that you’re alright.”

“Where’s that Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master?”

“He actually dared to injure third young miss, this old man will definitely not spare him,” said Pang Youyang.

“Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master?”

“He’s already dead,” said Li Mengyue.


Pang Youyang’s expression changed. A look of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

“Truly?” asked Pang Youyang.

“Absolutely true. How could I lie to grandfather Pang?” Li Mengyue asked with a serious look.

Hearing those words, Pang Youyang revealed a joyous look as he looked to Li Mengyue.

He opened his mouth with the intention of praising her.

“But, I’m not the one who killed him. I wasn’t capable of killing him.”

“It was my little brother Chu Feng who killed him. He’s a man who has grasped the legendary Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

“Furthermore, it’s rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation on top of that,” Li Mengyue turned her gaze to Chu Feng.

Upon learning that it was not Li Mengyue who killed the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master, a clear look of disappointment flashed through Pang Youyang’s eyes.

However, upon hearing that Chu Feng had grasped the Dragon Transformation Sensation, he still couldn’t help but turn his eyes toward him.

“Rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation?”

Pang Youyang began to carefully size up Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng could feel a different sort of feeling from his gaze.

Although this Purple Star Hall’s expert did not possess any hostility toward him, there was a slight amount of restraining fear in his gaze.

Normally, restraining fear was a good thing.

However, it just so happened that this old man’s restraining fear made Chu Feng feel very uncomfortable.

His fear seemed to be a signal of danger.

It was like the fear of a vicious ruler when they discovered an unstable element.

After sizing up Chu Feng, Pang Youyang introduced himself courteously, “This old man is the Purple Star Hall’s Supreme Elder Pang Youyang. It is my pleasure to meet young friend Chu Feng.”

“Junior Chu Feng pays his respects to senior.”

While Chu Feng had realized that Pang Youyang was not holding good intentions toward him, he still smiled and responded courteously.

At the very least, before they had a full-on falling out, Chu Feng had to maintain his etiquette.

“Truly a young hero. Never would I have imagined that you’d have such a cultivation at your young age.”

“You must be the most amazing genius that this old man has ever met in my entire life,” Pang Youyang praised Chu Feng repeatedly.

“Senior is being too modest,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Grandfather Pang, little brother Chu Feng, the two of you should halt the civilities exchange for now.”

“Instead, quickly have a look as to what’s going on inside the Purple Star Variance Realm,” urged Li Mengyue.

Li Mengyue’s gaze had turned to the sky above.

It turned out that an even greater change had occurred in the sky above.

The vast white clouds in the sky had indistinctly formed a giant face.

Even though that face was very vague, and one cannot see the details, it was not emitting any sort of terrifying aura. Instead, it appeared extremely sacred.

“Lord Youyang!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

It turned out that a large group of people was approaching.

It was the Miao Heavenly Clansmen.

After them, the people from the other powers also arrived.

Even the Xuanming Family hurried over.

Furthermore, all these powers arrived right after each other. In merely a short moment, they were all gathered here.

“You all, why are all of you here?” asked Pang Youyang.

After all, these powers were scattered all over the Purple Star Variance Realm before.

Thus, Pang Youyang was confused as to why they would all be here so suddenly.

“It should be their Star-guiding Stones that led them here.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he spread open his palm and looked to his own Star-guiding Stone.

There were two Star-guiding Stones in his hand.

One was snatched from the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Supreme Elder, and the other was retrieved from the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master.

At this moment, both Star-guiding Stones had changed.

They were flickering with light. It was like they were being summoned. As for what was summoning them, it was that giant face in the clouds above.

“It is indeed the Star-guiding Stones that guided us here.”

“But, young friend, why would you have two Star-guiding Stones in your possession?” The Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief looked to Chu Feng in a confused manner.

The others present also looked to Chu Feng with complicated gazes.

They were only able to tell that Chu Feng was someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan, but none of them knew exactly who he was.

But, they all knew that the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Star-guiding Stone was snatched away by the Constellation Immortal Isle, and the Chu Heavenly Clan had been forced to retreat from the Purple Star Variance Realm.

That was why they were so confused by Chu Feng’s appearance, and even more puzzled when they saw that he had two Star-guiding Stones in his hand.

“Of the two Star-guiding Stones in his hand, one belonged to the Chu Heavenly Clan, and the other belonged to the Constellation Immortal Isle,” explained Li Mengyue.


Hearing those words, the people from the various powers all revealed different sorts of expressions.

Some were feeling shocked, some were feeling unreconciled, and some were feeling anger that they didn’t dare express.

They believed that it would be impossible for someone from the Chu Heavenly Clan to be able to snatch back the Star-guiding Stone from the Constellation Immortal Isle.

Since this youngster from the Chu Heavenly Clan had two Star-guiding Stones in his hand and was standing so close to the people from the Purple Star Hall, there could only be one possible explanation -- it was the Purple Star Hall that had helped him obtain those Star-guiding Stones.

Suddenly, a displeased voice sounded, “Please excuse this junior’s offense.”

“But, didn’t the Purple Star Hall say that they would not interfere in the matters inside the Purple Star Variance Realm?”

“Why would the Purple Star Hall be helping the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

“This is unfair, no?”

The person who had spoken was the Xuanming Family’s young master Xuan Yihang.

While the others didn’t know who Chu Feng was, he did.

He had a bone-deep hatred for Chu Feng. Seeing that Chu Feng was being aided by the Purple Star Hall, he felt extremely displeased.

Overwhelmed by his displeasure, he actually lost his sense of reasoning and publicly criticized the behavior of the Purple Star Hall.

“Yihang, do not be rude!” A furious shout sounded. It was the Xuanming Family’s Family Head Xuan Tianpeng.

Xuan Tianpeng was glaring at Xuan Yihang angrily. He was simply itching to give him a beating.

The reason why he was so furious was naturally because of Xuan Yihang’s impudence, and how he had said something that he shouldn’t have before Pang Youyang and Li Mengyue.

“Lord Youyang, third young miss, I’ve failed to discipline my son properly. Please forgive me.”

The Xuanming Family’s Family Head immediately clasped his fist and bent his back at Pang Youyang and Li Mengyue to apologize.

However, he soon stood back up and said, “However, while my young son’s words were rather offensive, they are not without reason.”

“If the Purple Star Hall did aid the Chu Heavenly Clan, it would be truly unfair to the rest of us.”

Hearing those words, everyone realized that this father and son were echoing one another and putting on a performance to indirectly criticize the Purple Star Hall.

However, it just so happened that no one blamed them.

After all, what the two of them had stated was what all the other powers were thinking too.

If the Purple Star Hall had truly aided the Chu Heavenly Clan, there would be no reason for them to continue to stay here and compete with one another.

Instead, they should directly leave this place. After all, this was the Purple Star Hall’s territory. If the Purple Star Hall planned to help a specific power, how could any of them possibly be able to compete?

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