Chapter 4090 - Feeling Amiss (Teaser)

Chapter 4090 - Feeling Amiss

“That powerful?”

An overwhelming wave rose in Chu Feng’s heart. He was momentarily unable to calm himself.

He had confirmed that the dragon-shaped yet not a dragon mysterious power that he had assimilated with must be the Dragon Transformation Sensation Li Mengyue spoke of.

The mysterious power he had grasped was the Dragon Transformation Sensation’s first level.

As for the mysterious power he discovered afterwards, it was the second level.

Likely, once he grasped the second level, he would discover the existence of the third level.

However, without a doubt, it would definitely not be easy to grasp that power.

Even though Chu Feng had grasped the first level of the Dragon Transformation Sensation, grasping the second level would certainly be very difficult.

After all, the so-called Dragon Transformation Sensation was even more powerful...

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