Chapter 4090 - Feeling Amiss

Chapter 4090 - Feeling Amiss

“That powerful?”

An overwhelming wave rose in Chu Feng’s heart. He was momentarily unable to calm himself.

He had confirmed that the dragon-shaped yet not a dragon mysterious power that he had assimilated with must be the Dragon Transformation Sensation Li Mengyue spoke of.

The mysterious power he had grasped was the Dragon Transformation Sensation’s first level.

As for the mysterious power he discovered afterwards, it was the second level.

Likely, once he grasped the second level, he would discover the existence of the third level.

However, without a doubt, it would definitely not be easy to grasp that power.

Even though Chu Feng had grasped the first level of the Dragon Transformation Sensation, grasping the second level would certainly be very difficult.

After all, the so-called Dragon Transformation Sensation was even more powerful than a martial cultivator’s cultivation.

A single level of the Dragon Transformation Sensation was equivalent to two levels of martial cultivation.

Chu Feng had currently grasped only the first level. But, by using the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak and his bloodline power, his battle power was able to sweep across everything rank four Utmost Exalted and below.

Furthermore, he did not have to rely on treasures like Incomplete Exalted Armaments. Merely his spirit power alone was sufficient to make him invincible within rank four Utmost Exalted.

This was simply even more powerful than his martial cultivation’s battle power.

Of course, the reason why Chu Feng possessed such a battle power was mainly because of his bloodline power that originated from his mother.

That said, since rank one of the Dragon Transformation Sensation was able to allow Chu Feng to be invincible among rank Four Utmost Exalted, wouldn’t obtaining rank two give him a battle power on par with rank six Utmost Exalted?

Should that be the case, it would mean that rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation would present him with a battle power on par with rank eight Utmost Exalted.

Just thinking about it brought Chu Feng endless excitement. He felt as if his blood were about to boil over.

Chu Feng had trained in his world spirit techniques for so long. Yet, the entire time, he had used his world spirit techniques to breach spirit formations and aid him in his explorations.

As for battles that he risked his life in, he would always rely on his martial cultivation.

However, today, Chu Feng discovered that if he were to disregard the Heavenly Bloodline given to him by his father, and rely only on his world spiritist’s bloodline from his mother, he would still be very powerful.

“Hey, hey, hey! Why are you suddenly this happy? You couldn’t possibly be thinking that Dragon Transformation Sensation is easily obtained, right?”

“I’ve heard that the strongest world spiritist in the entire Holy Light Galaxy, the master of the All-seeing Heavenly Master… Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted, only comprehended the rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

“While it is only rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation, it still gave him a power comparable to that of a Martial Exalted.”

“Martial Exalted, that’s a realm above Utmost Exalted!”

“The reason why the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted was able to become the Holy Light Galaxy’s strongest world spiritist is all because he had comprehended rank five of the Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

A yearning expression appeared on Li Mengyue’s face and eyes as she mentioned the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted.

It seemed as if the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted was a sacred being to her, and also a target that she pursued.

“Since rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation is able to allow one to obtain a battle power akin to rank one Martial Exalted, wouldn’t it mean that rank six Dragon Transformation Sensation would allow one to receive a power akin to rank three Martial Exalted, rank seven Dragon Transformation Sensation would be like rank five Martial Exalted, rank eight Dragon Transformation Sensation would be like rank seven Martial Exalted and rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation would be like nine Martial Exalted?” Chu Feng asked in succession.

“That’s what the rumors say.”

“However, I don’t know either.”

“The reason for that is because there has never been anyone in the Holy Light Galaxy that has managed to comprehend rank six of the Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

After saying those words, Li Mengyue turned her gaze to Chu Feng. A look of anger appeared in her eyes.

“Wait, haven’t you already grasped the Dragon Transformation Sensation?”

“You possess a battle power akin to a rank four Utmost Exalted. Even if we are to ignore the possibility of treasures, you must’ve grasped rank two of the Dragon Transformation Sensation, no?”

“Are you messing with me here?”

“You’ve clearly already grasped the Dragon Transformation Sensation, and rank two on top of that, yet you still pretended to be ignorant, saying that you don’t know about it?” Li Mengyue asked Chu Feng with panting anger.

“It’s a secret as to how much I’ve grasped.”

“However, I truly didn’t know anything about the Dragon Transformation Sensation. Thank you for informing me, big sister,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

While it was true that he had grasped the Dragon Transformation Sensation, it was only the first level.

However, his words still confirmed the fact that he had grasped the Dragon Transformation Sensation.

“Monster. You’re most definitely a monster.”

“You’re still only a person of the younger generation. It’s already extremely amazing that you were able to become a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist. Yet, at such a young age, you’ve actually managed to grasp the power of rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation.”

“Likely, among the people of the younger generation, there’s no one that could surpass you.”

“The way I see it, even the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted’s youngest disciple would not be a match for you.”

“After all, he is older than you,” Li Mengyue said to Chu Feng with a praising tone.

Chu Feng merely giggled at Li Mengyue’s praises.

He was not interested in that Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted or his disciple at all.

Chu Feng was currently immersed in the joy of learning about the Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Even though his martial cultivation had reached a bottleneck and he would not be able to make a breakthrough for a while, he would still be able to forge a world for himself in this vast martial cultivation world through the use of his world spirit techniques should he be able to grasp the Dragon Transformation Sensation.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally realized why the power his mother belonged to, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, was able to gain such a powerful status in the vast martial cultivation world even though they specialized in world spirit techniques.

It turned out that if one were to train one’s world spirit techniques to a pinnacle, one would really be able to contend against martial cultivators.


The conversation between Chu Feng and Li Mengyue was heard by the people outside.

Because of that, the people that did not understand why Chu Feng was able to possess such overwhelming battle power all came to a sudden realization.

It turned out that Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists were actually able to comprehend even greater battle power.

That was the so-called Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Of course, they all believed that Chu Feng had already grasped rank two of the Dragon Transformation Sensation.

They didn’t know that Chu Feng had actually only grasped rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation.

The reason why he was able to have his current level of battle power was due to two distinct things.

The first was the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak.

As for the second, something even more important, it was his bloodline.

While the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak was a treasure, its power was, in the end, limited, and could not be used nonstop.

But, Chu Feng’s bloodline power was something that could accompany him for the rest of his life.


Suddenly, rumbles sounded from within the Purple Star Variance Realm.

Those rumbles sounded from beneath the ground, and practically covered the entire Purple Star Variance Realm.

Chu Feng could see mountains and rivers were caving into the ground as the earth split apart. It seemed like this entire world was about to perish.

As dust surged into the sky and rumbles continued to sound, nonstop screams began to appear.

Accompanying the sight of devastation was an extremely terrifying aura that flooded the entire region.

“This feeling. Something’s bad.”

Sensing the change to the Purple Star Variance Realm, Chu Feng looked all around. Deep unease appeared in his eyes.

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