Chapter 4086 - Demonization (Teaser)

Chapter 4086 - Demonization

“Chu Feng is actually this powerful?!”

While the scene before their eyes was something that the crowd had anticipated to be possible, they still felt disbelief upon witnessing it.

While they knew that Chu Feng possessed overwhelming battle power, they did not expect it to really be so strong that even the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master going all-out would not be a match for him.

He was able to defeat the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master’s rank two Exalted Taboo Martial Skill using only his world spirit techniques.

“Damn it!”

At that moment, the person who felt the most complicated would be none other than the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master.

The Exalted Taboo: Purple Lightning Attachment was his strongest technique.

If even that was unable to defeat Chu Feng...

Then not only would he be...

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