Chapter 4084 - No End Of Trouble

Chapter 4084 - No End Of Trouble

“Lord Hall Master, we cannot allow that Chu Feng to live.”

“With his talent, even our Purple Star Hall would…”

Pang Youyang was feeling afraid, and didn’t finish his words.

However, the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master was able to understand what he wanted to say. He said, “You’re trying to say that with his talent, even our Purple Star Hall would find it difficult to contain him. Sooner or later, he will surpass me.”

“Lord Hall Master, please punish this subordinate for my impudence.” Pang Youyang immediately kneeled on the ground.

“You can rise. What you’ve said is correct.”

“This is the first time this old man has witnessed talent of that caliber.”

“Apart from those geniuses from the Upper Starfield’s colossuses, I’m afraid there is no one among the younger generation capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with him.”

“If he is allowed to grow, not to mention our Purple Star Hall, even those powers from the Middle Starfield will be trampled under his feet.”

“If a genius like him is able to grow smoothly, he will definitely be able to enter the arena of the Upper Starfields.”

The Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master spoke those words emotionally.

“Lord Hall Master, the other powers did not have any conflict with them.”

“However, it is different for our Purple Star Hall. With how much that child holds a grudge, he will remember how our Purple Star Hall had made things difficult for his Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“I think that he will most likely view our Purple Star Hall as enemies,” said Pang Youyang.

“What you said is correct. That child… cannot be allowed to live.”

“But, even if we are to kill him, we must wait till he exits the Purple Star Variance Realm.”

“Furthermore, he must be assassinated in secret. Else, it will cause others to speak ill of us,” said the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

“Milord, please leave that child to this old man,” said Pang Youyang.

“It’s better that I do it myself. I do not wish for any mistakes to occur. Else, with the temperament that child possesses, he will cause no end of trouble,” said the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

Hearing those words, Pang Youyang, instead of displaying any sort of displeasure, revealed a look of joy.

What he was afraid of was their Lord Hall Master belittling Chu Feng.

He felt relieved to see that his Lord Hall Master was placing so much importance on him.

The way he saw it, a genius of Chu Feng’s caliber must be rooted out.

Even if he did not intend to become their Purple Star Hall’s enemy, he must still be rooted out.

Else, once the Chu Heavenly Clan grew under his leadership, they would trample their Purple Star Hall under their feet.

As the power that had suppressed the Abandoned Starfields for so long, he could not allow such a thing to happen.

The ugliness of human nature was like that.

If they were total strangers, ugly and malicious people would still feel that it was completely natural for others to live better lives than them.

However, should they be people that they knew, and people who were worse off than them, they would become extremely displeased the moment those people surpassed them, and make a supreme effort to obstruct that sort of thing from happening.

That would be the case even if there were no grievances or hatreds between them.

“However, perhaps there’s no need for me to act,” the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master said all of a sudden.

“Lord Hall Master, could it be that you think the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master will be able to defeat Chu Feng?” asked Pang Youyang.

“While it is true that Chu Feng is holding absolute superiority in the confrontation of oppressive mights, oppressive might is merely the foundation of a martial cultivator. The truly powerful aspect of martial cultivators is the utilization of their abilities and skills.”

“Once the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master goes all-out, Chu Feng will likely find it difficult to handle,” said the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

“Indeed,” Pang Youyang nodded in agreement.

“It’s begun.” Suddenly, the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master and Pang Youyang both turned toward the sky.

They looked to the vast abnormal sign in the sky illuminating the scene in the Purple Star Variance Realm.

The Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master had started his counterattack.

He was no longer using only his oppressive might to confront Chu Feng.

In other words, he was unable to take on Chu Feng with only his oppressive might, and began to use his Immortal Techniques.

The Incomplete Exalted Armament in his hand was like a commanding arrow.

The boundless martial power in the air turned into a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses following the instructions from the commanding arrow.

The Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master unleashed a rank nine Immortal Technique from the get-go.

That was no ordinary rank nine Immortal Technique.

It was an Immortal Technique truly capable of dispatching a magnificent army of thousands of horses and men.

The Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master had used this Immortal Technique to wipe out an entire demonic sect in the past.


That magnificent army moved to attack Chu Feng.

In a uniform order, they moved in midair with rumbling explosions.

Controlled by the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master, the magnificent army did not rashly attack Chu Feng. Instead, they surrounded him in multiple waves.

While they’d yet to actually attack Chu Feng, the spirit power he'd unleashed had been suppressed by that magnificent army.

Because of that, many people started feeling dread for Chu Feng.

They felt that he might not be able to contend against the serious Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

The attack began.

The magnificent army’s archers shot arrows at the same time.

Like a torrential rain, the arrows flew toward Chu Feng from all directions.

Facing the rain of arrows, Chu Feng stood there without moving.

The crowd thought that Chu Feng had given up on resisting. He watched as the arrows approached him without blinking once.

Before the crowd could think about the reason for his behavior, the arrows arrived.

Not only were the arrows numerous, but their attacks were also extremely strong. If they were to land on Chu Feng, he would definitely be pierced to death.

Seeing this scene, some of the people from the older generation that valued talents turned their heads away, unwilling to watch the death of such a rare genius.

“Pa, pa, pa~~~”

However, when the arrows came a meter away from Chu Feng, they all bounced away.

Not a single arrow managed to reach Chu Feng. Instead, after bouncing away, the arrows all shattered.

When the arrows all repulsed and broken, runes and symbols visible to the naked eye emerged prominently in Chu Feng’s vicinity.

The revolving runes and symbols were like guards protecting Chu Feng.

“A protective formation?”

The crowd realized what had happened.

It was no wonder Chu Feng was so confident. It turned out that he had long placed a powerful protective formation around himself.

The protective formation was so strong that not even the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master’s rank nine Immortal Technique was able to damage it.

“Humph, I’ve long anticipated that.” Seeing the protective formation, the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master did not panic.

He once again waved the Incomplete Exalted Armament he held in his hand. With that, the archers from earlier began to transform.

Their bodies started disintegrating into light. The bodies of lights that were the archers assimilated into the weapons held by the warriors.

With that, the weapons that were held by those warriors began to shine with a strange light.

Merely by looking, one could tell that their weapons had become much sharper.

“The assimilation of the soldiers, that is the power of this Immortal Technique when it’s mastered.”

“When the soldiers are assimilated, the attack of that Immortal Technique is on par with an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill!” Someone from outside cried out in alarm.

The rank nine Immortal Technique used by the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master was one that was extremely difficult to master even among all the martial skills and Immortal Techniques the Constellation Immortal Isle possessed.

It was so difficult that even Utmost Exalted-level experts would find it difficult to master.

The part that was most difficult to master would be the transformation that had happened just then.

If one could gain mastery over that transformation, the rank nine Immortal Technique’s strength would rise to a higher level.

Its battle power would then be comparable to an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill.

“Crap! Even if Chu Feng’s protective formation is able to block the earlier attack, it will definitely not be able to withstand the incoming attack. That Immortal Technique has transformed to a higher level. Its power has surpassed the range of Immortal Techniques now.”

“If Chu Feng doesn’t flee now, he’ll undoubtedly be killed.”

Many experts of the older generation began to voice emotional comments.


However, right at that moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve.

Boundless spirit power was released from his body.

Roars sounded repeatedly as light began to transform into a giant dragon.

The dazzling golden dragon was tens of thousands of meters long.

The mere swaying of that enormous dragon’s tail caused the surroundings to crumble.

Confronted with the dragon’s tail sweep, the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master’s mastered rank nine Immortal Technique army shattered into pieces.


Witnessing this scene, without exception, shock filled the faces of both the people inside the Purple Star Variance Realm and those outside.

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