Chapter 4083 - Shocking Everyone (Teaser)

Chapter 4083 - Shocking Everyone

It was only upon closer inspection that they realized what they thought to be corpses were all people from their Constellation Immortal Isle.

Even though the appearance of those people were all appalling and tragic, none of them were dead. Instead, they were all on the verge of death, and barely alive.

The person dragging those people was a young man.

From his appearance and the sensation he gave off, one could tell that he was a person of the younger generation from a single glance.

Even though they knew that this person was only a person of the younger generation, many people from the Constellation Immortal Isle still stepped back repeatedly in fear.

The reason for their enormous fear was because of the fact that the first person Chu Feng was dragging along was their Constellation Immortal Isle’s Supreme Elder.

That Supreme Elder of theirs was...

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