Chapter 4080 - Chu Feng Entering The Realm

Chapter 4080 - Chu Feng Entering The Purple Star Variance Realm

“Chu Feng is becoming more and more excessive. How can he act so cheeky? No matter how strong his cultivation might be, we are still his seniors.”

“How can he make such sarcastic remarks about us?”

After Chu Feng left, the elders that had been so scared that they didn’t even dare to utter a fart earlier all began to voice their complaints.

“Did he say anything wrong?”

Suddenly, a questioning voice sounded. Hearing that voice, the elders immediately shut their mouths.

The reason for that was because the person who had spoken was Chu Hanpeng.

“It’s not that there wasn’t anyone from our Chu Heavenly Clan that protected Chu Feng. However, we were not among those people.”

“We chose to exercise forbearance when Lord Clan Chief was seriously injured.”

“Our decision could be said to have been made because we did not wish to strike a stone with an egg. However, it could also be said that we lack a hot-blooded nature. In fact, we would unavoidably be deemed as cowards.”

“Everything Chu Feng said is sensible and true. What did he say wrong?”

Chu Hanpeng continued to ask.

The Chu Heavenly Clansmen lowered their heads silently. Their expressions turned ugly.

Indeed, they all knew they were in the wrong.

Yet, human nature was like that. Even though they knew they were wrong, they were still unwilling to accept others’ criticisms.

“Perhaps it is time for us to reflect on our actions.”

Chu Hanpeng sighed. It was a meaningful sigh.

The way they handled things had never changed.

Towards those weaker than them, they would be tough and unyielding.

Toward those stronger than them, they would act weak and feeble.

Their conservative behavior allowed them to maintain their Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s overlord status.

But, for both Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan that followed him, or even their descendant Chu Feng...

The three of them all possessed an identical characteristic.

They did not fear the strong. They were people that dared to face the strong.

It just so happened that the three of them were also the people that had greatly increased the fame of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Especially Chu Feng, who had even brought their Chu Heavenly Clan out from the Ancestral Martial Starfield into the Holy Light Galaxy. Regardless of what sort of voices the people outside were commenting on their Chu Heavenly Clan with, Chu Feng had still managed to carry them to this level.

Because of that, Chu Hanpeng began to reflect on their behavior.

They could continue to act like they always had.

But, they shouldn’t restrict Chu Feng.


It was an easy task for Chu Feng to find the information he wanted.

In no time, he learned who the power that had injured his Lord Clan Chief was.

Constellation Immortal Isle.

There was a reason why Chu Hanpeng and the others were so afraid of that power.

Constellation Immortal Isle was the strongest among the ten overlord powers.

Even though the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master was only a rank four Utmost Exalted like the leaders of the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion, Miao Heavenly Clan and Inferno Academy, he had gained complete mastery over the Constellation Immortal Technique. As such, he possessed astonishing battle power.

Back then, due to some conflicts, the All-heaven Sect, Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain, Wind Lightning Sword Sect, Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion, Inferno Academy and Miao Heavenly Clan, the six overlord powers’ leaders, had joined hands to take on the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master.

Yet, they'd ended up suffering defeat by his hands!

One could imagine how powerful his battle power was.

However, to Chu Feng, the Constellation Immortal Isle was not something to be afraid of.

The current Chu Feng had assimilated with that mysterious power. If he were to fully unleash his spirit formation techniques, his battle power would reach rank four Utmost Exalted too.

And, among people of equal strength, Chu Feng had never once been defeated by anyone.

Thus, how could Chu Feng fear the Constellation Immortal Isle’s Isle Master?

What Chu Feng was worried about was the Purple Star Hall.

The Purple Star Variance Realm was the Purple Star Hall’s forbidden area. As the Chu Heavenly Clan had forfeited, and their Star-guiding Stone had been snatched away by the Constellation Immortal Isle, the Chu Heavenly Clan no longer had any qualifications to enter the Purple Star Variance Realm again.

Chu Feng could not be certain if the Purple Star Hall would allow him to enter.

However, to his surprise, when he found the people from the Purple Star Hall and expressed his intention to enter the Purple Star Variance Realm, he immediately obtained their consent.

Furthermore, they even dispatched an elder to accompany him. Furthermore, that elder was a relatively good-looking female elder.

She was actually quite young. She was only around a thousand years old, and possessed an exceptional beauty that anyone would be fond of.

Furthermore, that elder was particularly concerned about her looks. She still maintained the appearance of a young girl.

Even her personality was like that of a young girl. She did not possess the steadiness of someone over a thousand years old.

“You must be that Chu Feng, right?”

“I heard you were ill earlier. Are you fine now?”

“They’re all spreading rumors that you were feigning your illness. However, the way I see it, you don’t seem to be pretending to be ill.”

“Why are you entering the Purple Star Variance Realm by yourself? You couldn’t possibly be intending to seek revenge, right?”

“Could it be that you’re truly like the rumors say, and are a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist who possesses a battle power on par with rank three Utmost Exalted?”

That female elder was blinking her large eyes as she spoke nonstop. Her curiosity toward Chu Feng covered her adorable face.

However, Chu Feng did not say a single word. He continued to proceed rapidly.

Faced with Chu Feng’s coldness, the female elder was, surprisingly, not angry. She did not possess the arrogant airs of a Purple Star Hall elder at all. Instead, she was like a tag-along as she leaped after Chu Feng.

Even though there was such a large disparity in their ages, their positions seemed to be completely switched.

Chu Feng was acting more like someone who had lived for over a thousand years, whereas that female elder was like an inexperienced member of the younger generation.

As the two of them traveled further in, they soon arrived at the Purple Star Hall’s forbidden area.

However, Chu Feng stopped before the entrance to the Purple Star Variance Realm.

He turned around and took a glance at the sky, at the abnormal sign that covered the sky, before stepping into the entrance to the Purple Star Variance Realm.

Seeing that, the female elder immediately followed Chu Feng in.

“This guy?”

However, right after entering the entrance and reaching the Purple Star Variance Realm, the female elder was stunned.

Chu Feng had clearly entered the Purple Star Variance Realm right ahead of her, but she actually saw no sight of him after she entered.

“Trying to shake me off? Not so easily!”

The female elder was intelligent. She immediately realized that Chu Feng was deliberately trying to shake her off.

She did not rashly chase after Chu Feng. Instead, she turned around and walked out of the entrance to exit the Purple Star Variance Realm.

She intended to find Chu Feng’s tracks through the abnormal sign in the sky, and then find him.

However, the moment she walked out, she discovered that all the elders in charge of guarding the entrance were looking up at the sky. Their eyes were all focused in the same direction.

Furthermore, looks of shock filled their faces.

Seeing this, the female elder immediately turned her eyes to where they were looking.

It was only then that she realized that those elders were all looking at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was currently moving through the Purple Star Variance Realm. But his speed was extremely fast. That speed was most definitely not something a person of the younger generation should possess. In fact, even rank three Utmost Exalteds would find it very difficult to achieve such a speed.

Chu Feng was proceeding toward a Constellation Immortal Isle Supreme Elder.

As the Constellation Immortal Isle had plundered the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Star-guiding Stone, they'd ended up having two Star-guiding Stones.

For the sake of obtaining even better results, they'd split into two groups.

Their Isle Master personally led one group, whilst the other group was led by that Supreme Elder.

“Could it be that that guy’s really planning to take revenge?”

“If that’s the case, things will be interesting.”

Seeing that Chu Feng’s target was so clear-cut, and recalling how Chu Feng had carefully examined the abnormal sign before entering, the beautiful elder revealed a look of joy in her eyes.

Then, she turned around and entered the Purple Star Variance Realm again.

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