Chapter 4076 - Controlled By Another

Chapter 4076 - Controlled By Another

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“This is only the beginning.”

“The All-seeing Heavenly Master said that even if the ten powers are to fight each other, we are to not do anything, and allow nature to take its course, because the cultivation treasure will definitely be found by someone.”

“The matter of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief having his Star-guiding Stone plundered by another could only be said to be fate,” said the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

“If that’s the case, this subordinate is relieved,” The old man revealed a look of expectation after hearing the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master’s words.

Thinking about how they would soon discover the cultivation treasure that their forefathers had failed to find, he became extremely excited, so excited that he was unable to keep his body from shaking.

The goal of the Purple Star Hall was very simple.

They were planning to follow the prophecy. Should someone really be able to discover the legendary cultivation treasure, their Purple Star Hall would seize it for themselves.

When they told the ten powers that the legendary treasure would belong to whoever discovered it, it was all a lie.

That said, what the Purple Star Hall did not expect was that someone was actually leaking information and revealing the secrets of the Purple Star Hall.

Someone leaked what the Purple Star Hall told the Ten Abandoned Starfields’ overlords.

Because of this, the people in the Purple Star Hall and those outside all learned of this promise they had made to the ten powers.

This brought the Purple Star Hall an endless amount of headache.

To them, the ten powers were nothing more than chess pieces.

Not only would they not allow them to keep the cultivation treasure, but they were not even planning to give them a rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill.

That was nothing more than a lie to make the ten powers work for them.

However, their promise to the ten powers had been leaked, and now everyone believed it to be true.

This made things very difficult for the Purple Star Hall.

Ignoring the cultivation treasure, the rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill was already enough to cause them heartache.

Must they really hand over a rank three Exalted Taboo Martial Skill?

The answer was naturally no.

The Purple Star Hall was actually a very tyrannical power.

Although they cared about their reputation a lot, they would still choose self-interest and benefits over their reputation.

That said, the spreading of this matter still caused their reputation to suffer.

Because of this, they began to investigate things. They wanted to find out exactly who spread this matter.

Originally, they thought that this was spread by the people from the ten powers.

It was only after they started investigating that they discovered that it was actually people from their Purple Star Hall that were spreading this matter. Furthermore, they were all elders.

Most surprising of all, even their Purple Star Hall’s Supreme Elders, people who possessed enormous status, were among the people spreading the news.

It was no wonder that no one declared it to be a rumor, and instead all took it to be true.

Who would dare believe the words from the Purple Star Hall’s Supreme Elders to be a rumor?

Upon learning the result of the investigation, the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master burst into a furious rage. He arrested all the elders, and was preparing to severely punish them.

However, something strange happened.

Without exception, none of those elders admitted to the fact that they’d spread this matter.

If that were all, it would not be strange.

What was strange was that there were many witnesses. They could all testify that those elders did spread the news.

Furthermore, they were most definitely not other people disguising themselves as those elders, but rather those elders themselves who spread the news.

After hearing the testimonies against them, those elders were all struck dumb.

At the same time, the Purple Star Hall realized that things seemed to not be that simple.

Later on, they discovered that those elders had all lost their memories temporarily in the recent days.

None of them were able to remember what they’d done during the period of time that they’d lost their memories.

Originally, no one thought much about it. It was only now that they realized that they’d actually leaked the secrets of their Purple Star Hall during the period when they’d lost their memories.


The same palace hall. Before the same spirit formation.

That same old man was kneeling behind the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

This palace was actually the most restricted area in the Purple Star Hall. Not even ordinary Supreme Elders were allowed to enter this place.

The reason why that old man was able to enter this place was because he possessed an extraordinary status.

Not only was he a Purple Star Hall Supreme Elder, but he was also someone who enjoyed a status beneath only the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master. His strength was second only to that of the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

Because of that, he was a renowned existence in the Purple Star Upper Realm.

His name was Pang Youyang!

“Lord Hall Master, we’re practically certain now that all those elders were under someone’s control. Someone controlled them and used them to leak our Purple Star Hall’s secret to others.”

“When all is said, they’re innocent.”

“Someone is deliberately trying to frame us.”

“That said, Lord Hall Master, you can rest assured. This subordinate will quickly find out who is causing trouble.”

“This subordinate will make that person pay for their actions,” Pang Youyang said to the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

After hearing those words, the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master turned around and looked to Pang Youyang with a serious expression. However, he did not say anything.

“Lord Hall Master, you… what’s wrong?”

Being stared at by the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master in such a manner, Pang Youyang became very uncomfortable.

“Elder Youyang, you had always been the person I trust the most in the Purple Star Hall.”

“Thus, why are you not telling me the truth?” the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master asked.

“Lord Hall Master, this subordinate has always been loyal and devoted to you. Never have I ever lied to Lord Hall Master,” said Pang Youyang.

“Never lied?”

“Had you not discovered that you’ve also lost your memories during this period of time?” asked the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

Hearing those words, Pang Youyang’s expression took a huge change. He suddenly realized a terrifying thing.

He had indeed lost his memories.

“Lord Hall Master, could it be… this subordinate has also…?”

Pang Youyang opened his eyes wide. He stared at the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master with a look of disbelief.

“That’s right. You were also controlled. You are actually also someone who was spreading out secret. It’s just that, due to your special status, no one dared to mention it,” said the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

“I actually also…”

Pang Youyang’s face turned deathly pale.

He was different from other Supreme Elders. His strength was second only to that of the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

Not only was he a rank five Utmost Exalted, but he had also reached the peak of rank five Utmost Exalted, and was at the threshold of rank six Utmost Exalted, a step away from becoming a rank six Utmost Exalted.

Yet, a cultivator like him was actually controlled by someone without him noticing anything at all.

This meant that the person controlling him was extremely powerful, far more powerful than him.

“Lord Hall Master, this matter must not be done by the ten powers. They do not possess the ability to do this sort of thing. Could it be our rival?” asked Pang Youyang.

“That shouldn’t be the case,” The Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master shook his head.

“Then, who could’ve done this?” asked Pang Youyang.

“Actually, I’ve already discovered a suspect.”

“That person seems to have something to do with the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“You should’ve noticed him too,” said the Purple Star Hall’s Hall Master.

“Lord Hall Master, you’re talking about that blue-gowned old man?” asked Pang Youyang.

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