Chapter 4071 - Bully Intolerably

Chapter 4071 - Bully Intolerably

The expressions of many people changed upon seeing this blue-gowned old man.

Before this old man had spoken, simply no one had noticed him.

However, after he spoke, no one dared to look down on him.

To them, this blue-gowned old man was a stranger.

He was someone that they’d never met before.

This blue-gowned old man also did not have a title plate on his waist. Thus, the crowd were unable to determine which power he belonged to.

Furthermore, they were also unable to determine what his cultivation was. This old man had concealed his identity extremely well.

However, it just so happened that this blue-gowned old man gave off a very powerful sensation.

This powerful sensation did not originate from his cultivation or attire.

Instead, it originated from the depths of his bones.

Facing this old man, the people that were feeling a sense of superiority toward and commenting on the Chu Heavenly Clan all grew cautious. None of them dared to rashly open their mouths to make further comments.

After a brief moment of silence, someone asked the old man, “Senior, could it be that you have a better understanding of the Chu Heavenly Clan?”

This person was the person who was making the nastiest remarks about the Chu Heavenly Clan. His comments even contained a sense of mockery.

However, facing the blue-gowned old man, this person’s attitude turned extremely respectful.

Even though he was very curious as to what the identity of that blue-gowned old man was, he did not even attempt to ask the old man who he was, and instead directly addressed him as senior.

“While it is indeed true that the Chu Heavenly Clan is not strong, an extraordinary person of the younger generation has appeared within the Chu Heavenly Clan.”

“Back then, after the Linghu Heavenly Clan defeated the Wuming Clan, they obtained the overlord status of the Ancestral Martial Starfield.”

“It was the Chu Heavenly Clan that fought against the Linghu Heavenly Clan. To be exact, it was Chu Feng that fought against the Linghu Heavenly Clan.”

“If it wasn’t for the appearance of someone from the All-heaven Sect that came to aid the Linghu Heavenly Clan, Chu Feng alone would have defeated them.”

“It was only because of the interference of someone from another starfield that Ancestral Martial Dragon City stepped in.”

“What Ancestral Martial Dragon City beat back was that person from the All-heaven Sect, and not the people from the Linghu Heavenly Clan,” said that blue-gowned old man.

“Never would I have imagined that it was actually the All-heaven Sect that backed the Linghu Heavenly Clan. I truly didn’t know about this matter at all.”

The crowd revealed looks of surprise.

Even though they did not know who this blue-gowned old man was, they did not question his claims at all because of how powerful of an air he emitted.

Then, this old man told the crowd of how Chu Feng defeated the Wuming Clan, how he defeated Wuming Doutian and stabilized the overlord status of the Chu Heavenly Clan. He even informed them of how, not long ago, Chu Feng discovered the legendary Purple Star Wisterias’ Flower Sea King, and how the Xuanming Family attempted to plunder them from him, only to be taught a ruthless lesson.

Chu Feng’s various achievements caused many among the crowd to have a whole new level of understanding toward the Chu Heavenly Clan.

The crowd exclaimed in admiration in succession, especially when they heard of how Chu Feng had discovered the legendary Flower Sea King.

After all, no matter how exceptional the things happening elsewhere were, they were still matters that happened elsewhere. More or less, one would feel those matters to be stories.

However, it was different for those Purple Star Wisterias.

As cultivators of the Purple Star Upper Realm, they knew very well what sort of treasure the Purple Star Wisterias were.

Purple Star Wisterias were very difficult to find to begin with. As for the Flower Sea King, it was simply a legendary existence.

Even the Purple Star Hall that possessed the method to seek out Purple Star Wisterias had not found a Flower Sea King in a very long time.

Yet, Chu Feng actually discovered a Flower Sea King. How could they not be astonished?

“If that young man by the name of Chu Feng is truly that capable, wouldn’t it mean that an exceptional genius has appeared in the Ancestral Martial Starfield’s Chu Heavenly Clan?”

Many people were now brimming with expectation for the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Mainly, they were all looking forward to seeing Chu Feng.

If what the blue-gowned old man said was the truth, it would mean that a genius of a caliber not present in even their Lower Starfields had appeared in the Chu Heavenly Clan.

This… was not a small matter at all.

Such a genius might surpass the strongest expert in their Purple Star Upper Realm.


“Chu Heavenly Clan, today… you all must give us an explanation!”

Suddenly, a furious shout sounded from the direction of the Purple Star Hall.

Following that furious shout, several figures flew over and blocked the Chu Heavenly Clansmen.

While they flew out from the direction of the Purple Star Hall, they were not people from the Purple Star Hall.

They were experts from the Xuanming Family.

There were familiar faces among the people that were stopping the Chu Heavenly Clansmen.

Among them was the Xuanming Family’s Supreme Elder that Chu Feng had defeated earlier.

However, the person that caught the crowd’s attention the most would be a bald old man.

Although this old man did not have a single strand of hair on his head, he had a lot of hair on his face. A silvery white beard covered his face like a lion’s mane.

With a fierce-looking face being set off by the assertive beard, he appeared even fiercer.

This old man had a robust ox-like build. His arms were over twice the thickness of ordinary thighs. Even though he was wearing a gown, one could still clearly see the outline of his muscles.

This person was a renowned existence.

He was Xuan Yihang’s father and the Xuanming Family’s current family head, Xuan Tianpeng!

Following behind him with a look of grievance was Xuan Yihang.


The Xuanming Family suddenly blocked the Chu Heavenly Clan’s path.

The majority of the bystanders were confused.

But, the people that had heard what the blue-gowned old man said were able to guess what was going on.

This Xuanming Family must’ve come to cause trouble for the Chu Heavenly Clan because Xuan Yihang was suppressed.

Because of this, those people that heard the blue-gowned old man’s story felt even more certain that it was real.

“Every time the Abandoned Starfields gather, a good show will occur.”

“Never would I have imagined that the show would begin so soon.”

Seeing that the Xuanming Family had come to cause trouble for the Chu Heavenly Clan, many people revealed looks of expectation.

After all, they’d come here for the sake of enjoying a bustling scene.

“Milord, why are you stopping our Chu Heavenly Clan?”

Leading the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief walked out.

Even though their cultivation was lacking, the Chu Heavenly Clan, led by their clan chief, gave off an air no less imposing than the Xuanming Family.

That Xuanming Family’s head did not even bother to take a glance at the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. Instead, he looked to the many palaces behind the Chu Heavenly Clan and shouted loudly, “Tell that Chu Feng to get the hell out here!”

“Our clan’s Chu Feng is currently resting. This old man is the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief. If you need something, you can speak to me,” said the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Resting? The way I see it, he’s scared witless to come out.”

“Motherfucker! You dared to bully me earlier, yet now that my father is here, you’re immediately acting like a damned coward?”

“Weren’t you very arrogant earlier? Not only did you steal our Xuanming Family’s treasures, but you even told us to conduct ourselves with our tails between our legs?”

“Since you’re that tough, why don’t you scram the fuck out here now?!” shouted Xuan Yihang.

His words immediately brought forth a ruckus.

The bystanders that had no idea what happened began to discuss this spiritedly. They were discussing if the Chu Heavenly Clan were truly bullying the Xuanming Family too excessively.

“Young friend, your ability to invert right and wrong is quite amazing.”

“It was clearly you who insulted our Chu Heavenly Clan first, and then wanted to plunder our possessions. Forced with no other alternative, our Chu Feng decided to resist you.”

“Many residents of the Purple Star Upper Realm witnessed what had happened back then.”

“The truth will definitely be revealed. I’m afraid that you will not be able to invert right and wrong,” the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief loudly refuted. His tone was neither servile nor overbearing.

“What the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said is correct. This old man personally witnessed the Xuanming Family’s earlier attempt at making things difficult for the Chu Heavenly Clan,” from the crowd, that blue-gowned old man spoke.

After him, several other people that had hidden themselves within the crowd also echoed his words.

They all expressed that what the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said was the actual truth.

Hearing those words, the crowd turned their criticisms toward the Xuanming Family.

Many people began to denounce the Xuanming Family’s behavior of bullying the Chu Heavenly Clan first, and then coming for revenge after suffering at the hands of their victims, to be unbefitting of the demeanor of a starfield’s overlord.

Seeing that public opinion had turned against them, the Xuanming Family’s head’s expression turned increasingly uglier.

“Enough of your bullshit!”

“Chu Feng, you are to either scram out here now, or your daddy I will pull you out!”

“You dared steal my clan’s treasures, beat my son and humiliate my clansmen! You must provide me with an explanation for this!”

As the Xuanming Family’s family head spoke, he released his oppressive might.

That was the oppressive might of a rank three Utmost Exalted!

How could the Chu Heavenly Clansmen possibly resist his oppressive might?

Once his oppressive might was released, the orderly standing army of Chu Heavenly Clansmen were immediately battered away.

Even the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and Chu Hanpeng, the top existences among the Chu Heavenly Clansmen, were overturned by that oppressive might.

A single oppressive might completely defeated the Chu Heavenly Clansmen.


Seeing this, the bystanders watching from afar burst into an uproar.

Regardless of whether or not the actions of the Xuanming Family were right or wrong, the strength of the Chu Heavenly Clan was simply too weak.

The Chu Heavenly Clan was simply inferior to many of the powers present in their Purple Star Upper Realm.

How could they possibly be worthy of being a starfield’s overlord?

“Humph, a bunch of trash.”

Seeing the battered Chu Heavenly Clansmen, the Xuanming Family’s head revealed a smile of contempt.

Originally, after he had heard the descriptions of Chu Feng from his Supreme Elder and Xuan Yihang, he was somewhat worried...

He was afraid that Chu Feng would be too much for him to take on.

That was why he was slightly hesitant as to whether or not to retrieve their dignity.

In the end, between face and safety, he chose the former.

Actually, he was still nervous when he stopped the Chu Heavenly Clansmen.

After all, to publicly create trouble for the Chu Heavenly Clan, if he were to be defeated on top of that, his face would be completely gone.

Never did he expect that Chu Feng would be so scared that he would not even show his face.

As for those Chu Heavenly Clansmen, they were simply a bunch of trash. They were so weak that he could easily kill them with a single thought.

The current situation caused him to feel extremely refreshed.

However, the joy of one person would be the worry of another.

The Chu Heavenly Clansmen were feeling a sense of unspeakable misery.

They did not anticipate the Xuanming Family to dare cause trouble for them before the Purple Star Hall.

Yet, the people from the Purple Star Hall were actually ignoring all this.

Now that Chu Feng was in no condition to stand up for them, how were they supposed to deal with this situation?

Must they really allow themselves to be bullied by the Xuanming Family?

Suddenly, the oppressive might suppressing the Chu Heavenly Clansmen disappeared.

At the same time, a figure appeared before them, and another furious shout exploded in the air, “Xuanming Family, you all are simply bullying intolerably!”

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