Chapter 404 - Bald Big Man Telling a Story

MGA: Chapter 404 - Bald Big Man Telling a Story

“Whatever, I won’t think about it. Not to mention some mobs, even if the heads of the six big powers appear, they may not be able to catch me.”

Chu Feng curled his lips. With the methods he currently grasp, other than characters like Jie Xingpeng, the others could truly not do anything to him even if they appeared. Afterwards, he no longer thought about it and he loudly yelled, “Waiter! Bring me whatever good wine and meat you have!”

“Ah, coming!” The tavern's waiter didn’t dare to be slow and very quickly, a table of dishes were brought to Chu Feng.

In a place like that, there were very few who had recipes for exquisite food and most of them were simple vegetables, big chunks of meat, big bowls of wine… But they were really delicious. To Chu Feng who had a stomach rumbling with...

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