Chapter 4039 - Soldiers At The City Wall (Teaser)

Chapter 4039 - Soldiers At The City Wall

They knew extremely well what sort of existence the Wuming Clan was.

They had been the overlord of the Ancestral Martial Starfield for many years.

Back then, Chu Hanxian had been forced to leave by none other than the Wuming Clan.

Even Chu Xuanyuan had not been an exception.

When Chu Feng was an infant, had it not been for the Wuming Clan’s oppression, he and his father Chu Xuanyuan would not have been exiled to suffer in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.

Even though the Wuming Clan had suffered disastrous losses in their battle against the Linghu Heavenly Clan, with only a small number of their experts managing to escape. The majority of their clansmen had died at the hands of the Linghu Heavenly Clan...

Even though the current Wuming Clan should’ve been much weaker than before...

The Wuming Clan was still...

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