Chapter 4037 - The Change To The Chu Heavenly Clan (Teaser)

Chapter 4037 - The Change To The Chu Heavenly Clan

“Milord, if it weren’t for you, we Underground Iron Beasts would have definitely all been wiped out.”

“Thus, Milord, if you ever need our assistance in the future, do not hesitate to tell us. If it’s something that we Underground Iron Beasts can do, we will definitely spare no effort,” the old beast said with a clasped fist.

“You all intend to continue living here?”

Chu Feng was able to tell from the words spoken by the old beast that the Underground Iron Beasts intended to continue living in that place.

“Lord Benefactor, we Underground Iron Beasts have existed in this place since our birth. We also have instructions from our ancestors that we must never leave this place,” said the old beast.

“In that case, does anyone else beside Tuoba Chengan know that you all live here?” asked Chu Feng.

“There shouldn’t be anyone else. Our clan has always been careful, and would practically...

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