Chapter 4030 - Controlling Life And Death (Teaser)

Chapter 4030 - Controlling Life And Death


The fist and the palm collided.

Zhao Hong fell ten steps back.

As for the man, he fell several hundred steps back before barely stabilizing himself.

Furthermore, at that moment, the crowd were all able to see that a bright red palm imprint had appeared on his chest.

Everyone could tell that their confrontation had ended in Zhao Hong’s favor.

“Damn it.”

Being beaten back by Zhao Hong, the man became even more furious.

“Clank,” a long sword appeared in his hand.

It was a top quality Incomplete Exalted Armament.

Blue gaseous flames were emitted by the sword. The gaseous flames then fused with the man.

It was as if the sword had been a part of him to begin with.

With the sword aura fused into his body, the man’s battle power also grew stronger.

Just when he was...

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