Chapter 4011 - Terrifying Everyone (Teaser)

Chapter 4011 - Terrifying Everyone

“Unleash a massacre?”

“You’re truly one to boast. Do you really think our five great powers are a bunch of vegetarians?”

“Arrogant little thief, today, you will pay for what you’ve done.”


The Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster was the first person to attack.

In his hand, the Wind Lightning Sword unleashed a completely different sort of power.

The lightning was like dragons and the violent wind was like blades. Even though it was clearly only a single sword, a single wave of the sword had unleashed a great army of wind and lightning that rushed to attack Chu Feng.

After the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster attacked, the other four leaders also attacked.

They did not hold back, and used powerful attacks from the get go. They planned to quickly subdue Chu Feng.

Whilst the leaders of the five great powers were taking on Chu Feng with their full power… the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster moved to the side.

He did not join...

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