Chapter 4007 - Being Refused

Chapter 4007 - Being Refused

“I am different from you,” Zhao Hong said to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

“Heh. Back then, the severity of the injuries we suffered were the same. And now, our cultivations are also the same. This means that both you and I suffered the same adverse effects from the battle. What difference is there?” asked the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Even though he was saying those words, his expression had changed.

He had a feeling that what he did not wish to happen might’ve happened.

“You’re already an old man now. The reason why your cultivation hasn’t made any progress is due to the limits of your talent.”

“This will be as far as you can go in your lifetime.”

“However, it is different for me.”

“I’ve been reborn through reincarnation. The current me is a person of the younger generation,” said Zhao Hong.

“Reborn through reincarnation?”

The crowd’s expressions all changed upon hearing those words.

They all knew that Zhao Hong’s age should be around that of the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Although the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster appeared to be rather young, and only looked like a middle-aged man; he was actually an old monster that had lived for thousands of years.

Younger generation? That was an age that he and Zhao Hong had long surpassed.

Yet, Zhao Hong had said that she had been reborn through reincarnation as a person of the younger generation?

This caused the crowd to feel great disbelief.

“Reborn through reincarnation?”

“That sort of thing goes against the natural order. It’s impossible for such a thing to happen.”

“That was something that you told me personally. Unless…”

As he said those words, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster looked to Zhao Hong again. His gaze had become exceptionally gloomy and cold, “...unless you were lying to me then.”

“I didn’t lie to you then. It is indeed impossible to be reborn through reincarnation with only the power of the Reincarnation Pearl.”


As she spoke up to that point, Zhao Hong’s gaze changed.

“’s not something that you need to know anymore.”


After she finished saying those words, Zhao Hong’s gaze shifted. She turned into a flash of light and shot straight towards the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

“Demoness, the only reason why I didn’t kill you back then was because I was lenient. Today, I shall eliminate you completely.”

Facing the rank four Utmost Exalted-level Zhao Hong, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was not at all afraid. He raised his All-heaven Dragon Sword and rushed forward to confront her.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

In the blink of an eye, the two had collided in battle.

Their weapons crisscrossed and their oppressive mights wreaked havoc everywhere. Their battle even caused the sky to change color.

The battle between two rank four Utmost Exalted had surpassed the crowd’s imagination.

The great majority of the crowd were unable to make out the details of the battle. They could only sense terrifying martial power devastating their surroundings.

Likely, amongst all the crowd present, only the leaders of the five great powers would be able to clearly witness the battle between Zhao Hong and the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Even Chu Feng and the Mystic Cave Saints were unable to make it out.

Even though Chu Feng and the Mystic Cave Saints were able to see the other side through the spirit formation gate, the spirit formation gate was more like a mirror.

When the energy ripples filled the air and covered everything, Zhao Hong and the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s figures had long disappeared.

Because of the fact that the spirit formation gate was like a mirror, even though Chu Feng was a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, he was still unable to utilize his Heaven’s Eyes to see through them.

They could only see the image that might appear on the spirit formation gate.

With the situation at hand like being like that, Chu Feng became very worried and restless.

After all, that was Zhao Hong, Wang Qiang’s lover and his close friend.

Chu Feng had gone through many life and death situations with her.

Even ignoring the relationship between her and Wang Qiang, she was still a very good friend of his.

Ever since he had left the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, Chu Feng had been concerned about Zhao Hong and Wang Qiang.

Now that he had found Zhao Hong only to see her confront such dangers, it was only natural for Chu Feng to worry.

“Brother Asura, why are you so tense?”

“Brother Asura, don’t be afraid. The distance between them and us is very far away. No matter how intense their battle might be, they will not affect us.”

“Let us enjoy the show.”

Due to being excessively worried for Zhao Hong, Chu Feng’s worry and restlessness were vivid on his face.

Even the Mystic Cave Saints were able to tell how tense he was.

Not knowing why Chu Feng was so tense, they decided to joke around with him.

Feeling heavy-hearted, Chu Feng was in no mood to bother with the Mystic Cave Saints.

Even though they were clearly unable to see what was happening through the spirit formation gate, his gaze was still fixed onto it.

Suddenly, the spirit formation gate started to distort.

This brought immediate panic to Chu Feng.

“Is this spirit formation gate about to close?” Chu Feng asked the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“Brother Asura, we have activated this spirit formation gate by using a material from the Ancient Era.”

“That material is a consumable. Once it’s consumed, the spirit formation gate will disappear on its own.”

“Judging from the appearance of things, it will not be able to last much longer,” said the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

Suddenly, Chu Feng said to the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints, “I have a presumptuous request.”

“I deeply hope that you will help me.”

“In the future, I will return this favor with treasures many times greater in value.”

“Brother Asura, what do you need our help with?”

“Do you need something from us? If you need anything, go ahead and speak away. As long as it’s something we can give you, there’s simply no need for you to repay us.”

“Right, right, right. We’re brothers. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell us. No need to bother with repaying us.”

“It is you who saved our lives. What could we refuse to give you? You’re considering us outsiders too much by speaking that way.”

Once Chu Feng spoke, all the Mystic Cave Saints began to express their attitude.

They were stating that they would give Chu Feng whatever he needed for free.

“May I borrow that golden humanoid capable of increasing one’s cultivation?” asked Chu Feng.


“Are you referring to this?”

The Eldest of the Mystic Cae Saints extended his hand into his dantian and took out an item.

That item was composed of golden gases. It resembled a little golden person.

That little golden person appeared very extraordinary.

It seemed to possess life. There was a great amount of power contained within its tiny body.

That was Utmost Exalted-level martial power.

That item was originally something the Mystic Cave Saints had prepared for the unexpected.

They had prepared it because they were afraid that Chu Feng would not be able to smoothly enter the spirit formation gate to escape.

That little golden person was capable of forcibly increasing one’s cultivation. However, it was akin to a forbidden medicine, and the user would suffer an extremely intense backlash after using it.

“Right, that’s it. Can I borrow it?” asked Chu Feng.

“Whilst it’s fine for you to have it, what do you need it for?” asked the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“Brother Asura, that thing is extremely dangerous,” said Eleventh.

“I will be frank with everyone. That Reincarnation Sect’s Zhao Hong is an old friend of mine.”

“Now that the situation of the battle is uncertain, I am very worried for her.”

“That’s why I want to go and aid her,” said Chu Feng.

“Brother Asura, if that’s the case, I’m afraid I cannot help you.”

However, after hearing Chu Feng, the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints immediately put the little golden person away.

“What are you…”

Chu Feng felt completely lost upon seeing that.

Seeing the perplexed Chu Feng, the Mystic Cave Saints spoke in succession.

“Brother Asura, you don’t know how powerful that thing is.”

“Even if it’s an Utmost Exalted using it, they could very possibly die still.”

"Although you’re a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist and possess Utmost Exalted-level battle power, it is only your spirit power that’s strong. Your physical body and soul are still only that of an Exalted.”

“Regardless of whether it might be your body or your soul, neither will be able to bear that thing’s power.”

“If you are to use it, you will undoubtedly die.”

“Right, right, right. We’re doing this for you.”

They did not care about the relationship between Zhao Hong and Chu Feng at all.

They also did not care about whether Zhao Hong lived or died.

They only cared about Chu Feng’s safety.

Knowing full well how powerful that item was, they would naturally not allow him to take on such risks.

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