Chapter 4007 - Being Refused (Teaser)

Chapter 4007 - Being Refused

“I am different from you,” Zhao Hong said to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

“Heh. Back then, the severity of the injuries we suffered were the same. And now, our cultivations are also the same. This means that both you and I suffered the same adverse effects from the battle. What difference is there?” asked the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Even though he was saying those words, his expression had changed.

He had a feeling that what he did not wish to happen might’ve happened.

“You’re already an old man now. The reason why your cultivation hasn’t made any progress is due to the limits of your talent.”

“This will be as far as you can go in your lifetime.”

“However, it is different for me.”

“I’ve been reborn through reincarnation. The current me is a person of the younger generation,” said Zhao Hong.

“Reborn through reincarnation?”

The crowd’s expressions all changed...

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