Chapter 4006 - Current Cultivation

Chapter 4006 - Current Cultivation

Seeing the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster acting in such a manner, the All-heaven Sect’s elders and disciples, and even the people from the five great powers, all felt completely bewildered.

This was not the way the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster normally behaved.

Even when he faced dangers, he had never behaved with such cowardice.

After all, the six great powers had worked together multiple times.

In their impression, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster had always had extraordinary bearing and courage.

All aspects regarding him surpassed those of ordinary people.

Whenever they encountered problems, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster would always be the main pillar in solving them.

Yet at that moment, he was behaving like a completely different person. His change in behavior was so drastic that they didn’t even recognize him anymore.

With that sort of cowardice and submissiveness, he did not resemble a grand character in the slightest.

Because of that, the crowd all turned their eyes to Zhao Hong.

They knew that it was because of her that the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was acting in such a manner.

Why would Zhao Hong be able to bring such fear to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster?

Was he feeling remorse in his heart, or could Zhao Hong really be so powerful that she could make the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster not possess even the slightest bit of courage to go against her?

Meanwhile, Zhao Hong was also watching the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster attentively.

Seeing him disregarding his status and kneeling to beg for forgiveness, she remained completely expressionless, and was not moved in the slightest.

“Liu Shuo, even if I am able to forgive you, I cannot forgive you on behalf of my father and all the people from the Reincarnation Sect that died.”

“The sins you’ve committed are unforgivable.”

“Today, I, Zhao Hong, shall represent our Reincarnation Sect and obtain justice from your All-heaven Sect.”

“Today, I, Zhao Hong, shall make your All-heaven Sect pay this debt of blood in blood,” said Zhao Hong.

As her cold voice sounded, everyone could feel a sense of chilliness engulfing them.

No, that was not a sense of chilliness. Rather, it was an ice-cold and bone-chilling killing intent.

Zhao Hong did not plan to spare Liu Shuo. Instead, she had decided to unleash her attack.

A blue sword appeared in her hand. It was an Incomplete Exalted Armament.

The Incomplete Exalted Armament moved with Zhao Hong’s arm and slashed down in midair.


Then, sword energy visible to the naked eye cleaved through the air and streaked across the sky shooting straight for the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Seeing the incoming attack from Zhao Hong, even the leaders of the five major powers that were near the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster immediately moved away, distancing themselves from him.

Many bystanders also left their viewing platforms and fled far into the sky to avoid the battle.

None of them wanted to lose their lives there.

That said, although Zhao Hong’s sword energy was very powerful, it suddenly dissipated upon approaching the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

An Incomplete Exalted Armament had appeared in the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s hand.

He had used that sword to block Zhao Hong’s attack.

It was a silver sword with a golden dragon.

The golden dragon coiled around the sword. Because of that, the sword’s edge was not sharp at all.

However, weapons at the Incomplete Exalted Armament level were no longer weapons where their forms could determine their power. The most important aspect was the power contained within the weapon itself.

Because of that, Incomplete Exalted Armaments not only possessed souls, but they also possessed extraordinary imposing airs.

Judging from their imposing airs, it seemed that the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s Incomplete Exalted Armament far surpassed Zhao Hong’s.

His Incomplete Exalted Armament was a top quality weapon even amongst all top quality Incomplete Exalted Armaments.

Zhao Hong’s Incomplete Exalted Armament, on the other hand, was merely an ordinary Incomplete Exalted Armament.

There was an intense disparity between the two weapons.

“It’s the All-heaven Dragon Sword.”

“It’s our All-heaven Starfield’s strongest Incomplete Exalted Armament.”

Seeing the Incomplete Exalted Armament in Liu Shuo’s hand, cries of alarm from the people of the All-heaven Starfield sounded from all directions.

Reverence actually filled their voices. From this, it could be seen that the sword held by the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was no small matter.


Suddenly, the air started to oscillate. Boundless oppressive might swept forth.

It was the sword Zhao Hong held in her hand.

That blue sword was originally akin to ice.

However, white runes and symbols had appeared on the body of the sword.

The runes and symbols started shining. They appeared very mysterious and strange.

When the runes and symbols appeared, the aura emitted by the sword had changed completely.

At that moment, only two different sorts of powers could be felt in the surrounding heaven and earth.

One came from the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s All-heaven Dragon Sword.

As for the other, it came from Zhao Hong’s blue-runed sword.

Zhao Hong’s sword, which had appeared completely ordinary before, suddenly had an aura no weaker than Liu Shuo’s All-heaven Dragon Sword.

“That… that sword. Could it be…?”

“There’s no mistake, that is most definitely… that sword.”

“That’s the long-lost treasure of the Reincarnation Sect, the Reincarnation Rune Sword!”

Seeing the sword in Zhao Hong’s hand, some of the All-heaven Starfield’s older generations exclaimed in admiration.

Perhaps the people of the current generation had never heard of the sword.

However, the people of the older generation knew it very well.

Back then, there was a weapon in the All-heaven Starfield that could match the All-heaven Sect’s sect protection treasure, the All-heaven Dragon Sword equally. That sword was the Reincarnation Sect’s sect protection treasure, the Reincarnation Rune Sword.

After the battle back then, the Reincarnation Rune Sword had disappeared, and had been lost ever since.

Originally, people thought that the All-heaven Sect had decided to stash the sword.

Never had they expected it to appear in Zhao Hong’s hand at that moment.

In other words, the long-lost sword had not been taken away by the All-heaven Sect.

Rather, it had been hidden by the Reincarnation Sect, hidden by Zhao Hong.


Suddenly, a burst of laughter shattered everyone’s train of thought.

That laughter came from the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Looking over, the crowd discovered that the kneeling All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster had stood back up.

He was holding the All-heaven Dragon Sword with one hand, holding his forehead with his other hand, and laughing with his head facing the sky.

His current appearance was a complete contrast to the kneeling person from earlier.

Not only did his imposing aura return to him, but he also appeared to be much more crazed than before.

“He… what’s going on with him?”

Many people were confused by the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s erratic change in behavior.

Suddenly, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster withdrew his smile and stopped laughing. He looked to Zhao Hong.

At that moment, the fear that had been present in his eyes earlier had disappeared completely.

Instead, his eyes were now brimming with rage and killing intent.

“Zhao Hong, oh Zhao Hong, it would appear that the battle from back then left quite a large amount of damage to you too.”

“In the blink of an eye, so many years have passed. I thought that with your talent, even if you didn’t become a Martial Exalted, you would have at least reached peak Utmost Exalted.”

“Never would I have imagined that you would, like me, only be a rank four Utmost Exalted.”

Once he said those words, the crowd all came to a sudden realization.

The reason he was so afraid earlier was because he knew how talented Zhao Hong was.

He'd thought that since she had survived and it had been so many years since then, she must’ve reached a level of cultivation he could not contend against.

However, when Zhao Hong had attacked earlier, she had revealed her actual cultivation.

Rank four Utmost Exalted. That was Zhao Hong’s cultivation.

Facing such a cultivation, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was no longer afraid.

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