Chapter 4005 - Fall From Grace

Chapter 4005 - Fall From Grace

“This animal…”

Chu Feng was gnashing his teeth furiously with eyes filled with killing intent when he looked at the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster again.

If he had the strength, he would most definitely pass through the teleportation gate, walk over to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster and ruthlessly teach him a lesson.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng was aware that he was simply no match for the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster at that moment.

Once this thought came into his mind, he turned his gaze to Zhao Hong.

With that, a look of joy appeared on his previously anger-filled face.

“Doesn’t this mean that Zhao Hong now has a cultivation no weaker than rank four Utmost Exalted?”

Chu Feng had personally witnessed the attack against Han Xiu being neutralized.

After the attack had been neutralized, Zhao Hong had walked out of the war chariot.

During all this, Han Xiu had not made any movements whatsoever. Her aura also had not changed in the slightest.

All of this indicated one thing -- the person who had blocked the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s attack earlier had been Zhao Hong.

That said, Chu Feng still had no idea what Zhao Hong’s cultivation was.

“You… you’re still alive?”

Finally, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster spoke.

There was an unconcealable fear present on his face as he saw Zhao Hong.

In fact, even standing became difficult for him and he nearly ‘slipped’ in midair.

“Lord Sectmaster.”

Fortunately, an elder of the All-heaven Sect was very quick to react. He immediately arrived at the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s side and supported him.

Otherwise, the sectmaster would’ve become a laughingstock.

That said, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster had no heart to be concerned with how he appeared at that moment. His gaze was fixed on Zhao Hong the entire time. Although his gaze was filled with fear, it was still fixed on her.

If one must describe his gaze, then, apart from fear, his gaze also had a sort of alertness to it.

“When you’re still alive, how could Milady die?”

“Liu Shuo, today, you will pay for the debt you owe!” Han Xiu pointed to Liu Shuo and spoke loudly.


“The grand headmaster of the Red-dress Holy Land actually addressed her as ‘Milady?’”

“Furthermore, it seems like the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster recognizes her too. Exactly who is she?”

Many among the crowd began to wonder who Zhao Hong might be.

Right when the crowd were confused, a person of the older generation spoke, “Her name is Zhao Hong. She is the daughter of the Reincarnation Sect’s sectmaster.”

Although those events had happened many years before, and many people had never met Zhao Hong, there were people from the older generation that remembered her appearance.

“Zhao Hong? She’s that Zhao Hong?”

“Doesn’t that mean that she’s the one the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster had been engaged to back then?”

“Didn’t she die?”

Upon learning of Zhao Hong’s identity, the vast crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

After all, they all believed Zhao Hong to have died many years ago.

Furthermore, what had happened back then was so distant from the present.

Again when the crowd were confused, Han Xiu spoke, “Of course Milady wouldn’t die. After all, this evildoer Liu Shuo is still alive.”

“Everyone believed that the battle between the Reincarnation Sect and the All-heaven Sect was caused by the Reincarnation Sect.”

“However, the Reincarnation Sect had never had any ambition to be the overlord of the All-heaven Starfield.”

“It was all the All-heaven Sect’s crafty scheme. Even Liu Shuo’s marriage with Milady had been nothing more than a ruse.”

“If it wasn’t for Liu Shuo poisoning the Reincarnation Sect’s experts on the day of the marriage, a single All-heaven Sect couldn’t possibly bring about the ruin of the Reincarnation Sect.”

Her voice was piercing like thunder. Upon entering the crowd’s ears, her words brought forth a ruckus.

What she'd said was completely different from what they knew.

When they looked at the fearful look on the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster's face, the crowd all thought the same thing.

‘Could it be what we know about the All-heaven Sect and the Reincarnation Sect is not the actual truth?’

‘Could it be that the truth is as Han Xiu just said?’

‘Was it the All-heaven Sect that shamelessly plotted against the Reincarnation Sect to maintain their status as overlord?’

‘If that’s true, it’ll most definitely be an explosive piece of news.’

“Xiu’er, speak no more.”

At that moment, Zhao Hong spoke.

Her words brought confusion to Han Xiu and the crowd.

Why would she suddenly stop Han Xiu from speaking?

Could it be that she wasn’t there to reveal the truth and get revenge on Liu Shuo?

At the moment when the crowd were all confused, Zhao Hong spoke again.

“Let him tell the truth of what happened back then.”

Zhao Hong suddenly turned her gaze to Liu Shuo.

Faced with Zhao Hong’s gaze, Liu Shuo trembled with fear. Everyone could see that his body was shivering violently.

“If you don’t wish to die, speak the truth yourself.”

Zhao Hong’s gaze turned increasingly ice-cold.

“I… I’ll speak, I’ll speak.”

An incredible scene occurred. Liu Shuo actually really told the truth of what had happened.

Even though he was right before the disciples of the All-heaven Sect, the various powers of the All-heaven Starfield and the five great powers from the other starfields, Liu Shuo did not attempt to conceal anything, and fully revealed what had happened back then in detail.


All the elders and disciples of the All-heaven Sect were completely flabbergasted after hearing Liu Shuo’s speech.

They were originally the most paramount existence in the Reincarnation Upper Realm.

Yet, they were suddenly able to feel the contempt cast from the gazes coming from all directions.

This brought them great shame, and made them want to hide themselves.


‘Why did it turn out this way?’

‘Even if it’s true, why reveal it?’

All the elders and disciples of the All-heaven Sect looked at their sectmaster with confusion in their eyes.

The words spoken by their Lord Sectmaster earlier was simply akin to him ruining the reputation of their All-heaven Sect.

“I’ve always felt that he’s not someone good, it turns out he’s just as I thought.”

“To be willing to poison one’s wife and massacre her entire family… thinking back on it now, him ordering his people to steal the power of the stone case simply cannot even compare.”

At that moment, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster showed absolutely no quarter, and began to openly insult the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Although the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster and the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief were not as frank as the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster, the gazes with which they looked to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster still changed enormously.

They were all grand individuals. As such, they naturally cared about their reputations a lot.

Since the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster had done something so low, they felt it to be beneath their dignity to continue associating themselves with the All-heaven Sect.

At that moment, they made a decision in their minds that even if the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was able to provide them with fair compensation for what they’d done with the stone case, they would still dissolve their alliance with the All-heaven Sect.

Without a doubt, the confession of the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster had altered the opinion everyone had of the All-heaven Sect, and pushed them into an endless abyss.

He had also brought about his own fall from grace.

However, Liu Shuo acted as if he did not care about how others viewed him. He seemed to not care what sort of consequence his honest confession would bring.

His gaze was fixed onto Zhao Hong the entire time. His gaze flickered nonstop, and was filled with fear.


Suddenly, he moved away from the elder that had been supporting him and knelt in midair.

“Hong’er, I was wrong. I truly know my wrongs. Please forgive me.”

Then, before all those people, whilst kneeling in midair, he begged Zhao Hong for forgiveness.

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