Chapter 4003 - Reincarnation Sect (Teaser)

Chapter 4003 - Reincarnation Sect

“I am truly sorry. Once again, I…”

Even though Chu Feng felt ashamed, he knew that he had to confront it.

Thus, he told the Mystic Cave Saints everything.

He included how he had encountered the fox spirit, and how he had obtained the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip. He told the Mystic Cave Saints everything.

“Brother Asura, that is a good thing. Why are you apologizing?”

“Right. You’ve managed to obtain such a precious treasure. At least, this trip has been worthwhile.”

The Mystic Cave Saints not only did not blame Chu Feng upon learning about the course of events, but they were instead smiling brilliantly.

“Whether it be that Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb or this stone case, it is you all who told me about them. If you hadn't brought me to them, if you hadn’t worked together with me, I would not have been able to obtain such a harvest from either place.”

“In the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb, I received the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s inheritance.”


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