Chapter 4002 - Ashamed Chu Feng

Chapter 4002 - Ashamed Chu Feng

“It would appear that this is a special teleportation gate.”

“He must have a corresponding imprint on him. Only by having that imprint can one enter the gate.”

“We do not have such an imprint on us. Thus, we are unable to enter it,” the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster said after multiple failed attempts to enter the spirit formation gate.

“Is there even a need for you to tell us that?! You think we don’t know?!” the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster shouted angrily.

As the leaders of their respective powers, all of them knew why Chu Feng had been able to enter the spirit formation gate whilst they were unable to do so.

However, they still felt very unreconciled. They were unwilling to accept that Chu Feng had escaped from them just like that whilst they were unable to do anything.

That was why they'd attempted to enter the spirit formation gate repeatedly like a bunch of headless flies.

There was simply nothing else they could do.

“Since we’re unable to enter, we might as well destroy it.”

“If we destroy it now, it will wreck the other connected spirit formation gate and cause a space-time disintegration. Perhaps we might even be able to seriously injure that bastard.”

“In fact, we might even be able to discover that bastard’s location,” said the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Right at that moment, Grandmaster Feng You spoke, “It’s useless. That spirit formation gate was constructed with uncommon materials possessing the Ancient Era’s aura.”

“Milords, although you all possess great battle power, you still won't be able to damage that gate.”

Actually, even without him telling them, the six leaders had already realized that it would not be easy to destroy the spirit formation gate.

After hearing Grandmaster Feng You, they became even more certain of it.

“Exactly what is that guy’s origin? How could he possess so many peculiar treasures?” asked the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master.

“The Mystic Cave Saints are composed of a total of eleven people.”

“As for that little bastard we saw earlier, he’s actually not a member of the Mystic Cave Saints. However, he should be an accomplice,” said the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

“Not a member, but an accomplice instead? What do you mean by that?” asked the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster.

“His name is Asura. He’s someone who appeared in our All-heaven Starfield recently.”

“No one knows his origins or how he got together with the Mystic Cave Saints. However, that child is extremely dangerous. Furthermore, for some unknown reason, he holds deep hostility towards my All-heaven Sect.”

“Ever since he appeared, he's made himself an enemy of my All-heaven Sect wherever he goes,” said the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.


At that moment, the vast crowd all remembered that name.

After all, ignoring everything else, Chu Feng’s previous performance had been sufficiently stunning.

“To possess an unknown origin and such talent, he must be backed by an extraordinary power.”

“It’s no wonder that that child showed no fear when facing Milords,” said Grandmaster Feng You.

Grandmaster Feng You deliberately brought up the fact that Chu Feng had the backing of an extraordinary power.

In the end, he was still someone who treasured talent, and did not wish for the six great powers to continue to make things difficult for Chu Feng.

In the beginning, the five powers’ leaders had all thought that he was part of the Mystic Cave Saints.

It was only at that moment that they realized that he was someone of unknown origin.

With that, they had no choice but to consider if Chu Feng might be a genius from another starfield.

Even though they were all the overlords of their respective starfields, they were fully aware that there were too many powers in the Holy Light Galaxy who were stronger than them, and too many people that they could not afford to offend.

Even if Grandmaster Feng You had not deliberately called it to their attention, they would still have considered it themselves.

“Regarding that, everyone need not worry. I am certain that that Asura, although possessing an unknown origin, does not have any power backing him. He should be all alone. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have joined hands with the Mystic Cave Saints,” said the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

He naturally did not hope for the five great powers to fear Asura.

He rather hoped that the five great powers would join hands with him in taking care of Asura and the Mystic Cave Saints.

As such, he could not allow them to be afraid of him.

“Humph, regardless of what his origins might be, that’s a private matter between you and him.”

“If it wasn’t for your All-heaven Sect offending him, we wouldn’t have had our treasures snatched away by him today.”

“Your All-heaven Sect must provide a proper explanation for this matter,” said the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster.

“It’s not only the Mystic Cave Saints and that Asura, no?”

“The stone case’s power, regardless of whether it was you who ordered your elder to steal it secretly or not, it remains that he was someone from your All-heaven Sect. Your All-heaven Sect must also provide a proper account for that,” added the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

“Sectmaster Liu, you really do have to provide our five powers with a reasonable explanation.”

“Otherwise, not only will we not be able to trust you again, but it might even lead to serious consequences for you.”

“After all, this matter concerned our mutual benefits. If you’re unable to provide us with a reasonable explanation, it might affect our future relationship,” added the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

Then, the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master and the Inferno Academy’s sectmaster also spoke out.

Their attitudes were very clear. They were willing to forget about the All-heaven Sect sneakily obtaining the power of the stone case and destroying the fair competition, but the All-heaven Sect had to provide them with compensation.

Of course, this compensation must satisfy them.

If the All-heaven Sect was unwilling to compensate them, then their five great powers would join hands to take on the All-heaven Sect.

At that moment, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was frowning deeply.

He had actually suspected that things would turn out like that the moment Chu Feng had escaped.

If Chu Feng had been captured, all talks would have been pleasant.

After all, what the five great powers cared about the most were the treasures.

However, now that the treasures had been taken away by Chu Feng, the five great powers were no longer able to restrain their displeasure, and could only seek him out for compensation.

At that moment, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster felt that things had become very difficult for him.

He knew that the five great powers would definitely make extravagant demands.

He was actually not really afraid of them.

Since he dared to sneakily obtain the power of the stone case, he had already prepared for the worst.

Otherwise, he would not have revealed the fact that his All-heaven Sect had sneakily obtained the power of the stone case just so that they could stop Chu Feng.

Like the five great powers, what he cared about the most was the mysterious treasure inside the stone case.

If he was able to successfully capture Chu Feng, and if the mysterious treasure of the stone case was truly as priceless as they imagined it to be, he wouldn’t hesitate to wage war against the five great powers all for the sake of that mysterious treasure.

However, in a situation where he didn’t even know what the stone case’s mysterious treasure was, he had to carefully weigh the pros and cons of his decision.

‘Asura, Mystic Cave Saints, I will definitely make you all suffer miserable deaths!’ the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster said fiercely in his heart.

He knew very well that it was all due to Asura and the Mystic Cave Saints that he had ended up in his current situation.

Thus, in all honesty, he could not even blame the five great powers. He could only blame Asura and the Mystic Cave Saints.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng had exited via the other spirit formation gate.

Not only that, but he was even able to see the situation of the six great powers through the spirit formation gate.

When Chu Feng saw the pained expression on the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster’s face, he felt extremely refreshed.

This was precisely the result he wanted.

“Hehe, look at how furious that guy is. He must hate us to death now.”

The Mystic Cave Saints were right beside Chu Feng. They were also extremely delighted to see the expression of the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

They’d actually arrived at that location long ago to guard and wait for Chu Feng’s arrival.

Thus, they knew all about the previous conversation between the six great powers.

“You all actually came here to wait for me?”

“If I'd failed to escape, then wouldn’t you not make it in time to save me?”

Suddenly, Chu Feng looked to the Mystic Cave Saints beside him.

The Mystic Cave Saints had told Chu Feng before that if he failed to escape, they would use a method that would place their lives on the line to rescue him.

However, the location Chu Feng and the Mystic Cave Saints were at was rather far from the All-heaven Sect.

If Chu Feng were truly to have encountered some sort of mishap and fail to enter the spirit formation gate, fail to escape, the Mystic Cave Saints might not have been able to make it in time to rush over and save him.

“Brother Asura, you’re blaming us wrongly here.”

“We’d actually finished setting up this spirit formation gate for some time already. It’s just that it was hidden before. That is why others were unable to see it. However, we are able to see the entire situation over at the All-heaven Sect through this spirit formation gate.”

“Furthermore, we’ve all prepared the imprint on our bodies. If we discovered that you’d met with some sort of mishap, we could directly pass through this spirit formation gate and reach the All-heaven Sect to rescue you,” explained the Eldest of the Mystic Cave Saints.

“I’m slow-witted. I’ve blamed you all wrongly.”

Chu Feng immediately revealed an ashamed look after hearing those words.

He actually did not really have the intention to blame the Mystic Cave Saints.

He was merely asking the question as a passing thought to tease the Mystic Cave Saints. After all, their relationship was very good, and they would often tease each other like that.

He did not expect the Mystic Cave Saints to take his question so seriously; having already planned for everything. This caused Chu Feng to feel rather ashamed of trying to tease them earlier.

“We’re family, there’s no need to act like that.”

“Speaking of it, brother Asura, exactly what sort of treasure did you obtain from the stone case?”

The Mystic Cave Saints looked to Chu Feng with expectation-filled gazes.

Once they asked that question, the ashamed look on Chu Feng’s face grew even more intense.

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