Chapter 4001 - Utterly Defeated

Chapter 4001 - Utterly Defeated

“Damn it! What the hell is this?!”

Unable to do anything even though Chu Feng was standing right before him, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster trembled with rage.

He was not the only one feeling furious.

The All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster and the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster were equally angry.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“If you’re capable, why don’t you come and catch me?” Chu Feng said to the All-heaven Sect’ sectmaster.

Chu Feng actually did not hold any malice towards the other five leaders.

The only person he was against was the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

“This sort of despicable method can protect you momentarily, but it cannot protect you forever.”

Although the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was raging with anger, he, unlike the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster, was able to maintain a calm demeanor on the surface.

His scheming appearance made it seem like he had absolute certainty in being able to capture Chu Feng.


“My ability is right before you all. It is you who are unable to breach it. It’s clearly you with inferior skills, how could you say that my ability is despicable?”

“In terms of despicable, it should instead be your All-heaven Sect that’s despicable. You utilized the stone case, seized its power and placed it on your disciple and elder, breaking the balance of the fair competition between your six powers. That’s what it means to be despicable, no?”

After saying those words, Chu Feng looked to the other five powers’ leaders.

“Everyone, there’s no need for you to hold so much hostility towards me.”

“I do not hold any hostility towards you. I’ve come here today purely for the All-heaven Sect,” said Chu Feng.

“Young friend, if you truly do not hold any hostility towards us, leave the treasures you obtained from this place behind and we will not make things difficult for you,” said the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Senior, I’m afraid I cannot do that. I’ve obtained the treasures from the All-heaven Sect’s hands, why must I return them to you?”

“I’ll repeat myself. I’ve come here today due to my personal grudge with the All-heaven Sect.”

“It is unrelated to you all. Thus, I’d urge you to not involve yourselves in this matter,” said Chu feng.

“Bullshit! That stone case belongs to our six great powers!”

“You’ve snatched the treasures from it, yet you dare say that it’s unrelated to us?!” the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster said angrily.

“Why are you so lacking in manners?”

“You’ve lived for so long, and are even a headmaster on top of that. Yet, not only do you lack manners, but you even lack brains. Could it be that one can be the leader of a power just because one has a strong cultivation?”

“If that’s the case, then you deserve to be toyed around with by the All-heaven Sect,” Chu Feng looked to the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster with a look of contempt.

That grand existence in the eyes of the others was looked up with contempt like a clown in the eyes of Chu Feng.

“You despicable bastard! If you do not hand over the treasures, I will make you suffer a miserable death!”

Having a fiery temper, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster grew even more furious after being insulted by Chu Feng.


“I’m a person of the younger generation. Entering that stone case world is within the rules. How am I despicable?”

“That Nangong Yifan was able to defeat the younger generations of your five powers by relying on the stone case’s power.”

“It was also by relying on the stone case’s power that that All-heaven Sect’s elder was able to enter the stone case world as a person of the older generation.”

“It is the All-heaven Sect that’s full of despicable tricks.”

“As for me, I’ve relied on my own, my real ability.”

“Truth be told, if I weren’t here today, the treasures of this place would’ve been obtained by the All-heaven Sect.”

“Yet, instead of turning your spearheads to the All-heaven Sect, you’re actually turning them on me?”

“You’re all truly foolish. You’re so foolish that even after you’ve been sold, you’re still counting money for the person selling you,” Chu Feng said with a mocking expression.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the leaders of the five powers turned their displeased looks to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

After all, the things Chu Feng had said were very reasonable.

If it wasn’t for him, then, with Nangong Yifan’s performance, the All-heaven Sect would’ve gained the decisive opportunity.

Even if Nangong Yifan was unable to effortlessly obtain the treasures like the person before them, he would still have benefited more than them.

“Everyone, you must not be misled by him.”

“Yifan’s ability is his own. As for where he obtained it, I will carefully ask him about it.”

“As for elder Lu Yingzhou, he indeed misappropriated the power of the stone case. However, he did that on his own. Our All-heaven Sect had no idea at all,” the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster hurriedly explained.


However, right after he finished saying those words, a contemptuous laugh sounded.

It was Chu Feng.

“You all go ahead and think for yourselves as to exactly what the truth is.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, the space before him began to distort. Then, a spirit formation gate appeared before him.

The spirit formation gate began to revolve rapidly. It seemed like a bottomless pit, and appeared rather terrifying.

As for Chu Feng, he stepped into that spirit formation gate before the crowd’s eyes.

“Bastard, don’t you leave!”

The leaders of the six great powers all started to panic.

They began to give their all to try to breach the invisible barrier blocking them.

However, they were still unable to breach it.

They could only look on helplessly as Chu Feng disappeared into that spirit formation gate.

However, right afterward, a strange sight occurred.

Not long after Chu Feng disappeared into the spirit formation gate, the barrier blocking them also disappeared.

When the barrier disappeared, the leaders of the six great powers were also able to reach that spirit formation gate.

Thus, they immediately tried to enter the spirit formation gate.

Yet, when they passed through the spirit formation gate, they were all stunned.

Whilst it was true that they’d passed through the spirit formation gate, they’d only literally ‘passed through’ the spirit formation gate, and immediately appeared on the other side.

To be exact, they’d passed through the spirit formation gate, but failed to enter it.

They were still standing in the same place they had been earlier.

As for Chu Feng, he had disappeared.

“What the fuck is this?!”

The leaders of the six great powers, those six grand existences, were like a bunch of headless flies. They were completely at a loss as to what to do.

Even though they knew that they would not be able to enter the spirit formation gate, they kept trying to do so repeatedly.

Yet, no matter how many times they tried, no matter how they tried, they were still unable to enter the spirit formation gate, and would only pass through it every time.

Seeing this sight, the people from the six great powers and even the other spectators all felt a fierce billow surging in their hearts.

They all knew that no matter how extraordinary the status of those six might be, no matter how outstanding their cultivations might be, they had been toyed with the entire time.

They had looked on helplessly as a person of the younger generation did whatever he wished in the stone case world.

And even when that person of the younger generation appeared before them and left unhurriedly, they were still powerless to stop him.

They were even unable to chase after him using the path he'd left in.

At that moment they had been defeated. Utterly defeated.

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