Chapter 4000 - Look Of Contempt (Teaser)

Chapter 4000 - Look Of Contempt

“It would appear that that guy is still here.”

Worry disappeared from the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master's face, and was replaced with exceptional excitement.

“Still here?”

The leaders of the other five major powers asked at the same time.

Even though they’d all released their martial power to sense their surroundings, they were unable to detect Chu Feng’s aura at all.

Because of that, they were very worried that Chu Feng would be able to escape.

“He’s here.”

As the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master spoke, he tugged at the air.

“Ling, ling, ling~~~”

The bell sounded again. A red thread actually appeared in his hand.

There were bells hanging from that red thread, spaced a foot apart.

Once the red thread appeared, it quickly extended with the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master’s palm as the starting point.

In the blink of an eye, countless red threads appeared before the crowd’s line of sight.

Those red threads were tangled and complicated. Together, they formed a giant cage.

The red threads completely sealed off the...

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