Chapter 3999 - The Fox Spirit’s Threat (Teaser)

Chapter 3999 - The Fox Spirit’s Threat

Upon discovering the truth, even though the fox spirit was also very astonished, her astonishment only lasted for a short period of time before disappearing from her face.

Soon, the corners of her mouth rose into a smile.

“It would appear that I truly cannot underestimate you.”

“The key that you forged earlier was truly forged well.”

“Even those ripples must’ve been deliberately planned by you, right?”

“I must say, when those ripples enveloped my body, I truly thought that I had been freed.”

“I’ve been thoroughly deceived by you,” the fox spirit said with a praising tone.

“You flatter me.” Chu Feng clasped his fist shamelessly. He was immensely pleased with himself.

“How did you know that no one had managed to successfully remove the lock before you?” asked the...

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