Chapter 3996 - Must Challenge

Chapter 3996 - Must Challenge

Chu Feng deduced that even though the pearl was dangerous, he must challenge it.

If he did not challenge that pearl, even if he decided to not help the fox spirit remove her lock, he would still die.

Where would he die?

Perhaps the exit of that isolated space had a fatal trap.

Or perhaps he would be killed through other means.

Regardless, Chu Feng was practically certain that challenging the pearl was an absolutely necessary step.

Furthermore, he needed to succeed.

Otherwise, he definitely would not return alive.

How was Chu Feng so certain of this?

It was when the spirit formation gate opened on the pearl. This thought came to Chu Feng’s mind the instant the attractive force appeared.

Even though the attractive force was very powerful, Chu Feng was able to sense a portion of the aura of the world within the pearl, through the spirit formation gate.

Even though that world was very terrifying, it had a special sort of aura. It was like a summoning call. Intuition told Chu Feng that the pearl was the true destination of the stone case.

That was why the thought had crossed Chu Feng’s mind.

Chu Feng was uncertain of whether or not the fox spirit knew those things.

However, that didn’t matter to him. It would do as long as he knew.

After all, the instant Chu Feng knew about it, he no longer needed to make a choice.

There was only one choice he could make: challenging the pearl.

“Young master, that world spiritist cloak of yours is a rare treasure.”

The fox spirit’s voice was suddenly heard.

Chu Feng discovered that the fox spirit was staring at his Nine Dragons Saint Cloak.

The Nine Dragons Saint Cloak was always on Chu Feng’s body. However, unless he used its power, it would not show itself.

By the same accord, the instant Chu Feng used its power, the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak would reveal itself.

Chu Feng saw greed in the eyes of the fox spirit.

She seemed to be very interested in the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak.

“Young lady, how did you handle the people that died outside?” Chu Feng asked the fox spirit.

The reason why he asked that was because there were no signs of bones in the room.

Chu Feng felt that they must’ve all been taken care of by the fox spirit.

“If young master is able to return safely, I will tell him,” said the fox spirit.

Hearing that, Chu Feng did not bother to press the topic.

Instead, he stopped resisting the attractive force and allowed himself to be sucked into the spirit formation gate.


The instant Chu Feng entered that world, he felt as if he had entered a vast starry sky.

Merely, although the world was enormously vast, it did not have any starlight. There were only countless terrifying powers wreaking havoc everywhere.

Every one of those powers resembled a strange giant dragon. Their sizes were inestimably large, so much that they filled that vast world.

The instant Chu Feng entered, those powerful energies reacted as if they’d found their prey.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng found himself entangled by those powerful energies, and dragged into the depths of the world.

Meanwhile, that fox spirit began to carefully observe the situation within the pearl.

“With how well this little guy analyzed things earlier, I thought he had some sort of amazing ability. But it turns out he also got instantly engulfed by those powers the moment he entered.”

“Forget it. I’ll wait two hours and see.”

After examining the pearl once, the fox spirit decided to lay on her bed.

The spirit formation gate was still open on the pearl. However, it seemed to not have any effect on the fox spirit.

At that moment, the fox spirit lay on the bed in an alluring posture.

She no longer displayed the lovable demeanor she had earlier. Instead, she was acting very casually, like she was the master of the palace.

Perhaps because she was bored, or perhaps because it was a habit, she fiddled with her tail using her hand like a cat playing with itself.

That said, she would also, from time to time, glance at the pearl.

Merely, she was no longer able to find Chu Feng inside the pearl.

Suddenly, the corners of her lips rose into a smile.

“That little fellow’s world spiritist gown was really decent. If I’m able to devour it, perhaps it could increase my power a lot.”

“Thinking about it that way, even if he dies in there, it wouldn’t be that bad.”

“After all, I’ve waited all these years. There’s no reason to mind waiting a bit longer.”

The fox spirit did not attempt to conceal anything as she said those words. Instead, she spoke them openly. Perhaps it was because she knew that Chu Feng was unable to hear her.

Time passed quickly. Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

“Why hasn’t it vomited out any treasure yet? Could it be that that little guy’s still alive?”

The fox spirit stood up and began to carefully examine the pearl.

The attractive power was still present. Standing before the spirit formation gate, the fox spirit’s long hair was also affected by the attractive power, and began to sway violently.

However, she stood there very stably. No matter how powerful the attractive power was, it seemed to be unable to suck her in.

“To not die after two hours, seems like you have some skill.”

“Fine, might as well wait a bit longer.”

“After all, there’ll definitely be an outcome in three hours.”

After saying those words, the fox spirit lay back onto her bed.

Soon, another hour passed.

The fox spirit stood up again. Furthermore, a look of disappointment was present on her face.

“No one was ever able to survive past three hours in there.”

“It would appear that he, like that guy from back then, died in there, but none of his treasures were spit out.”

“Perhaps once they reach a certain region, even if they’ve died, their treasures will not be spit out?”

“Ah, pity me. I’ve waited all this time yet have failed to gain anything.”

“What bad luck.”

The words spoken by the fox spirit fully expressed her disappointment.

However, even though that was the case, she still opened her palms and activated her special bloodline’s power.

Merely, this time around, she was closing the spirit formation gate on the pearl.

She actually planned to conclude things.

“How could this be?”

However, not long after she released her bloodline’s power, a look of disbelief appeared in her eyes.

“Why am I unable to close it?”

“Could it be that that guy’s still alive?”

“He’s actually still alive after three hours?”

Shock filled the fox spirit’s eyes. She began to carefully examine the pearl. Even her gaze began to change. She seemed to be using a special sort of observational ability.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to find any signs of Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had arrived at the deepest location of the pearl world.

Chu Feng was still enveloped by countless powers.

Merely, those powers were currently scattering.

Finally, Chu Feng’s body reappeared fully.

His eyes were tightly closed, and his aura was steady. He looked like he was sleeping soundly.


Suddenly, Chu Feng opened his eyes.

The instant he opened his eyes, he changed enormously.

He was no longer undisturbed. In fact, he became abnormally emotional, and began gasping for breath with a look of alarm all over his face.

He seemed as if he was in extreme terror.

“Where am I?”

“What sort of place is this?”

Seeing his surroundings, Chu Feng had a look of confusion.

However, he did not pay too much attention to that. Instead, he looked everywhere and began to shout loudly.

“Wang Qiang! Wang Qiang!”

Chu Feng shouted Wang Qiang’s name repeatedly. Furthermore, apart from fear, a look of worry gradually appeared in Chu Feng’s eyes.

However, in that barbarous world, apart from those terrifying powers interweaving and battling one another, there was no one else present. As for Wang Qiang, it was simply impossible for him to be there.

“Why does this place feel somewhat familiar?”

After examining his surroundings, Chu Feng’s gaze changed somewhat.

Suddenly, his expression changed enormously.

“I remember now!” Chu Feng cried out in alarm. Then, subconsciously, he looked to his right hand.

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