Chapter 3995 - No Other Choice

Chapter 3995 - No Other Choice

“Young lady, could you tell me the truth?” Chu Feng suddenly asked.

“I am already being very honest with young master.”

The fox spirit suddenly changed to A’li’s appearance again. Her tone became gentle, and she no longer possessed the overwhelming aura she had emitted earlier.

“It’s better that you return to your previous appearance. Your current appearance makes me think you’re lying to me even more,” said Chu Feng.

“I wouldn’t. Young master, if there’s anything you want to ask, please ask away. A’li will definitely tell you the truth,” said the fox spirit.

“Since that’s the case, I will ask away.”

“I want to know who the actual master of this place is, as well as what sort of relationship you have with them,” said Chu Feng.

“I… I don’t remember,” said A’li.

“Don’t remember?” Chu Feng felt surprised.

“I am truly not deceiving young master. I really do not remember.”

“All I know is that my master told me to stay here.”

“It is also my master who locked me in here.”

“I do not know why my master decided to lock me here.”

“In fact, I do not even remember the appearance of my master.”

“All I know is that the people that enter this place are able to help me leave this place.”

“All I know is that the people that enter this place should be challenging this pearl.”

“I think this should be my mission. However, A’li is completely unaware of the details of my mission, as well as what sort of significance it might have.”

After saying those words, the fox spirit looked to the pearl in her hand.

Furthermore, she actually had a bewildered look on her face as she said those words.

“Apart from that, my memory is very scattered. Occasionally, I can recall some things, only for them to be completely forgotten soon after.”

As the fox spirit said those words, it was no longer only a look of bewilderment that was present on her face. A look of pain was actually also present on her face.

Seeing the fox spirit acting like that, Chu Feng felt that what she had just said was the truth.

She did not deceive him.

After all, he had interacted with people from the Ancient Era.

However, all of them had that same sort of encounter.

None of them could recall anything from the Ancient Era.

None of them knew what had happened in the Ancient Era.

“Young lady, you’ve still deceived me,” Chu Feng said with a serious expression all of a sudden.

“Young master, I’ve truly not deceived you.” The fox spirit looked to Chu Feng with a look of grievance.

Her look of grievance this time around did not seem to be a pretense. She was really feeling wronged.

This proved that what she'd just said was the truth.

“No, It’s not the words that you said earlier that’s a lie.”

“Rather, you deceived me about something else.”

“I believe that you do not remember the things that happened in the Ancient Era.”

“However, you must still remember the things that happened after the Ancient Era, no?” said Chu Feng.

“I do not understand what young master is trying to say.” The fox spirit stared at Chu Feng whilst blinking her large eyes.

“Since there were so many people that entered this place, I refuse to believe that none of them were charmed by you.”

“I refuse to believe that none of them obtained that key, that none of them helped you unlock your lock.”

Holding the sacred key in his hand, Chu Feng looked profoundly at the pendant on the fox spirit’s neck.

“What is young master implying? A’li doesn’t understand,” asked the fox spirit.

“Young lady, have there not been people that attempted to use this key to remove that lock on you?”

“However, they all ended up dying, isn’t that right?” said Chu Feng.


Hearing those words, the fox spirit laughed.

Her laughter was very strange and rather frank. She seemed to be admitting something.

“Young master, you are truly a remarkable individual.”

“You’re actually able to even guess that.”

“What young master said is correct. Not all the people that entered this place died in the pearl. A portion of them died by trying to help me open this lock.”

“However, their deaths could only indicate that they lacked the strength, and were unable to handle the key young master is holding in his hand. That’s why they died by its backlash.”

“However, young master is different. Young master has outstanding talents. Perhaps young master can accomplish what they failed to accomplish,” said the fox spirit.

“Young lady is truly elevating me.”

Chu Feng smiled. Then, he said, “The way I see it, it’s not that they were unable to withstand the backlash. Rather, they did things in the wrong order.”

“Wrong order?” The fox spirit’s expression turned complicated.

“If I guess correctly, whilst it is possible to unlock that pendant for you, one must first challenge that pearl.”

“Only through successfully challenging that pearl and returning alive from it can one open your lock. Otherwise, one will definitely suffer a backlash and die,” said Chu Feng.

“Is… is that so?”

“Then… I was mistaken?”

Hearing Chu Feng’s words, the fox spirit came to a sudden realization.

“Young lady, you were indeed mistaken,” said Chu Feng.

Holding out the pearl in her hand, the fox spirit said to Chu Feng, “In that case, young master, you should challenge this pearl.”

“With how outstandingly talented young master is, you will definitely be able to succeed.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately felt black lines running down his forehead.

Sure enough, a fox spirit was a fox spirit. They were truly treacherous.

Just a while before, she had been urging him not to enter the pearl’s world because he might die in there.

However, upon learning that someone needed to successfully challenge the pearl for her to be freed, she immediately changed her demeanor.

Treacherous. She was truly treacherous. She only cared about her own interests, and simply did not care about the life and death of others.

“Young lady, how do I enter it?” asked Chu Feng.

“Young master, I know how.”

As the fox spirit spoke, she opened her hands and placed the pearl between her palms.

Suddenly, the fox spirit’s clear and beautiful eyes turned blood-red.

At the same time, blood-red vein lines appeared on her fair little hands.

The blood-red vein lines were not only on her hands. They had covered her entire body.

Soon, animal hair began to grow on her skin..

Then, the appearance of the fox spirit changed.

She no longer looked like a beauty.

Her image had changed into that of a fox.

It was a pink giant monstrous fox.

Even though she stood still, her form had changed completely into that of a monstrous fox.

That said, Chu Feng didn’t really pay any attention to her. Rather, his focus was fully on the pearl.

Blood-red gaseous flames were being emitted from the fox spirit’s palms.

The blood-red gaseous flames were filled with countless blood-red vein lines. In addition to that, the gaseous flames were emitting a very special, very powerful and very strange aura.

Chu Feng was able to tell that it must be some sort of special bloodline power, a bloodline power belonging to this fox spirit.

However, that was not important. What was important was that a small gap had appeared in the pearl.

Upon closer inspection, Chu Feng saw that it was a spirit formation gate, an extremely small spirit formation gate. Its size was several hundred times smaller than an ant.

However, such a tiny spirit formation gate was emitting a boundless amount of attractive force.

Even though Chu Feng was standing some distance from the pearl, the attractive force emitted by the tiny spirit formation gate made it so that he was unable to stand firm.

Chu Feng needed to unleash his spirit power. Furthermore, he needed to use the power of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak to increase his battle power to that of a rank two Utmost Exalted in order to barely stand firm.

Otherwise, he would be forcibly sucked into the pearl.

“So powerful.” Chu Feng frowned deeply. Merely the attractive force unleashed by that spirit formation gate was already this powerful.

In that case, Chu Feng could very well imagine how terrifying the insides of the spirit formation gate would be.

With a situation like this, it would be a lie for Chu Feng to say that he wasn’t afraid.

However, as things stood, he already understood one thing.

He actually had no alternative besides this since the moment he set foot into this place.

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