Chapter 3994 - Barbarous World

Chapter 3994 - Barbarous World

“Young lady, since you’re a smart person, you shouldn’t waste both of our time anymore. There’s still treasure within you. I can tell. It’s better that you hand them over,” said Chu Feng.

“Within me? A’li doesn’t have any treasure within me.”

A’li looked to Chu Feng with an innocent look.

“It would appear that young lady had decided to stay in this place. Since that’s the case, you can stay then.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he waved his sleeve and placed away all the treasures A’li took out earlier.

Then, he began to walk toward the exit.

Even if he was to leave, Chu Feng was not going to leave empty-handed.

Although those treasures cannot compare to the one hidden inside A’li’s body, they were extraordinary treasures still.

If that fox spirit insisted on not handing over the treasure in her body, this was all that Chu Feng could do.

“Young master, you can’t be like that.”

“I’ve given all the treasures of this place to you.”

That A’li grabbed Chu Feng’s clothes again.

“Young lady, what do you think was the reason that I was able to enter this place?”

“What I’ve relied on are my two eyes.”

“There’s still treasure in you. Furthermore, it’s the most important treasure. I’m able to see it clearly.”

“If I guessed correctly, that treasure is most definitely not something that the treasures you’ve given me just then are comparable to.”

“Of course, if you’re unwilling to hand it over, I will not force you either.”

“However, I will not be helping young lady in removing that lock.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he forcibly swung away A’li’s hand.

“Young master, you really wanted that thing?”

A’li’s expression suddenly changed.

She no longer had the innocence or the feeling of grievance she had before.

The airs that she emitted had changed completely.

If she resembled an obedient servant girl earlier, then she now resembled a queen overlooking the entire world.

The airs she emitted startled even Chu Feng.

At least, the airs emitted by this fox spirit far surpassed that of the leaders of the six great powers outside.

“It would appear that this is the real you.”

Chu Feng was not afraid. Instead, he smiled faintly.

Even though this vixen had changed so enormously, Chu Feng did not panic at all.

After all, he knew from the very start that the previous behavior of this fox spirit was nothing more than a disguise.


That A’li also smiled. Then, her expression began to change. She seemed to have made some sort of decision.

Then, she opened her mouth and a multi-colored pearl floated out of her mouth.

That pearl was very beautiful. Its colors were gorgeous. From a single glance, Chu Feng could tell that the pearl contained an isolated world. The beautiful colors of that world were caused by the devastation of terrifying powers.

There were countless different sorts of powers. Each and every one were extremely terrifying.

It was a berserk world. There were no living creatures in that world. There were only ferocious beasts. [1. That is what bee wrote.]

No, those were not ferocious beasts. Those were powers without intelligence. All they knew about were fighting and attacking everything that they saw.

However, it just so happened that after the fox spirit spit out that pearl, Chu Feng no longer detect the aura of a treasure on her.

The intense treasure aura was now fully gathered on the vixen’s hand.

The reason for that was because that pearl was now being held by that vixen in her hand.

Because of that, Chu Feng realized that the mysterious treasure had finally appeared.

It was that dangerous pearl the fox spirit held in her hand.

“Is this the treasure young master spoke of?”

“This is a barbarous world. However, it is no treasure. Instead, it is a terrifying land of slaughter,” said the fox spirit as she looked to Chu Feng while holding the pearl in her hand.

“You don’t have to bother with that. It would do as long as you hand it over to me.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he outstretched his hand with the intention of taking that pearl.

However, that fox spirit flicked her wrist and easily dodged Chu Feng’s incoming hand.

Seeing this, Chu Feng immediately tensed up.

Chu Feng originally thought that the fox spirit does not possess any cultivation. He felt that to be the reason why she does not dare to forcibly snatch the sacred key from him and instead begged him piteously.

However now, he discovered that he was mistaken.

Merely by how the fox spirit dodged his hand earlier, Chu Feng knew that she possessed cultivation.

Furthermore, her cultivation surpassed his own. Even though Chu Feng was a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist and his battle power had increased to that of a rank two Utmost Exalted with the help of the Nine Dragons Saint Cloak, he might still not necessarily be a match for the fox spirit before him.

But, since she clearly possessed the power, why does she not directly attack Chu Feng to plunder the sacred key in his hand?

This fox spirit was clearly not a benevolent being. With how cunning she was, Chu Feng was able to imagine that she was a vicious being.

Since her strength surpassed his own, then, with her personality, there should be no need for her to bother with talking with Chu Feng.

It seemed like the only possible explanation for this was that the fox spirit was under some sort of restriction.

Even though she possessed strength surpassing Chu Feng, she should be under some sort of restriction that made it so that she cannot, at least not here, injure Chu Feng or even attack Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was the person who passed the trial whereas she was the guardian of this place.

Thus, she was not allowed to cause Chu Feng harm.

That was the only possible explanation.

“Young master, entrusted by my master, I cannot allow you to take this.”

“Of course, my master said that you’re allowed to enter this world.”

“However, I must advise you that it would be best to not do that.”

“You’re actually not the first person of the younger generation that managed to unseal this place.”

“Do you know why I’m still here, why this sealed world is still here?” asked the fox spirit.

The sealed world that she spoke of was most likely this spirit formation world, the stone case world that could only be opened using a special key.

“Young lady, please tell,” said Chu Feng.

“It’s because those people refused to listen to my advice and all decided to enter this pearl. However, after entering, none of them were able to return.”

“With that, this sealed world will restart and await for the arrival of the new challenger.”

“However, young master, if you decide to not enter this world, you’ll be allowed to take away the treasures of this place.”

“You will also be able to undo this lock on me. You will also be able to unseal this sealed world,” said that fox spirit.

“I seemed to understand now.”

“Of the treasures that you gave me earlier, the ones that do not emit an Ancient Era’s aura, they were left behind by the people that had entered this place before?” asked Chu Feng.

“Young master is truly intelligent. That is indeed the case,” said the fox spirit.

“But if those people had died within that pearl, how did young lady obtain those treasures?” asked Chu Feng.

“The pearl will spit out a portion of the treasures. Of course, it is only a portion and I am unable to control what it spits out.”

“However, whenever it spits out treasure, it meant that the person that entered it had died,” said the fox spirit.

“As such, I only have two choices.”

“I can either choose to leave or choose to continue with the challenge?” asked Chu Feng.

“I’d urge young master to not take chances. You are outstandingly talented. Your future prospects is very bright.”

“Why bother to challenge the pearl? You do not even know what is inside this peal. There is simply no need for you to take on this risk,” said the fox spirit.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt what the fox spirit said to be rather reasonable.

The world inside that pearl was indeed very terrifying.

Furthermore, it was as the vixen said, even now, Chu Feng had no idea what sort of treasure was contained in that pearl.

All he knew was that the treasure was remarkable but he had no idea as to whether or not the treasure was of any use to him.

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