Chapter 3991 - Ancient Era’s Fox Spirit

Chapter 3991 - Ancient Era’s Fox Spirit

“Damn it all! He seems to be about to succeed!”

As Chu Feng controlled the five colossal weapons, a series of uneasy voices resonated.

Those five colossal weapons had completely fused together.

From five individual weapons, they fused into one weapon.

Needless to say, this weapon was larger than any one of the five colossal weapons.

However, being larger wasn’t all. The sensation it emitted was also much more sacred.

It no longer resembled a weapon. Rather, it was more like a divine being.

Just by seeing it, one would feel reverence, and would not dare to blaspheme it.

Even though the people outside the spirit formation world were only able to see its appearance through the mirror image, they also felt such reverence.

But, it was clearly a weapon, not some sort of divine being.


Ear-piercing rumbles began to sound. Those rumbles were very loud.

It sounded as if hundreds of millions of weapons were colliding with one another. It sounded like a battle.

However, whether it be the people inside the spirit formation world or the people outside, no one bothered to pay any attention to the rumbles. Their eyes were all focused on the sacred weapon.

The reason for that was because the sacred weapon was opening up.

A gap appeared in the weapon’s central region.

The gap resembled a door.

Chu Feng did not hesitate. He flew up and entered that gap.

Just like that, Chu Feng disappeared from the crowd’s vision.

“Damn it! Damn it all!”

Suddenly, furious roars exploded outside the spirit formation world.

It was the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster.

His face had turned purple as he gnashed his teeth furiously. Even his eyes had turned red.

He was truly infuriated. Everyone could sense his anger.

The reason why he was so furious was naturally because Chu Feng had entered the sacred weapon.

After Chu Feng entered the sacred weapon, the mirror image in the sky no longer showed him.

They were no longer able to see where Chu Feng was and what he was doing.

However, they were able to imagine those things.

They imagined that Chu Feng had entered a boundless treasury.

That treasury contained countless divine armaments, countless secret skills and countless wealth.

Most importantly, there was a mysterious treasure with remarkable abilities.

Those things had all belonged to them originally.

Yet, they’d ended up becoming the possessions of an outsider.

Thus, how could they not be furious?

Although the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster was the only person who'd lost his cool, the leaders, elders and even the disciples of the other five major powers also felt very displeased.

That said, what they did not know was that even though Chu Feng had entered that entrance, he did not arrive at a treasure-filled place like they’d imagined.

In fact, the place that Chu Feng entered could be said to be completely inconsistent with the sacred weapon.

The weapon outside appeared incomparably divine. It seemed like it was a sacred entity itself.

The people outside the spirit formation were only able to witness its might.

However, standing before it, Chu Feng was able to feel a sacred impact that shook his soul.

Chu Feng thought that when he entered it, even if he didn’t arrive at a mystical place, he would find himself in a magnificent palace hall.

Yet, the place Chu Feng entered was a room.

Furthermore, this room was extremely small.

The room was completely pink in color.

Pink curtains, pink bed, pink table, pink chairs and pink walls. Even all the decorations and items in the room were pink.

Furthermore, that place was emitting a faint aroma.

No matter how Chu Feng looked at it, that place resembled a woman’s bedroom.

Chu Feng was so shocked that he immediately turned around. It was only then that he discovered that the entrance was still present. If things turned bad, he could escape at any time.

“What’s going on here?”

Chu Feng began to check the room again. He discovered that the room was filled with items used by women.

However, every one of those items was very mediocre and normal. Not a single item resembled a treasure.

But, even if this was the case, Chu Feng couldn’t possibly return empty-handed, no?

Thus, Chu Feng summoned up his courage and began to size up the items.

After being unable to determine what was special about those items with his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng decided to walk over and pick the items up to carefully examine them.

“Young master, you’re even touching my stuff. That’s not too suitable, no?”

Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded from behind him.

Chu Feng turned around and saw a beautiful woman lying on the bed.

That woman appeared very young, and had a very pretty and flirtatious appearance.

For other women, no matter how charming they might be, they’d only resemble a vixen.

However, this woman was different. She was a vixen.

He wore a long pink skirt and had a head of long black hair. However, her ears were fox ears.

Her furry ears were also pink.

Furthermore, a furry tail extended from the long skirt. It was clearly a fox tail.

The tail was also pink.

Most importantly, the first thing that came to Chu Feng’s vision after entering this room was that bed.

Chu Feng was extremely certain that there had been nothing and no one on the bed earlier.

Yet at that moment, a woman had appeared on the bed.

No, not a woman, a vixen.

Because of that, Chu Feng’s heart tensed up the instant he saw her.

It was not purely because she had the appearance of a vixen, but it was also because Chu Feng sensed the Ancient Era’s aura on her.

It was said that the older a vixen, the more shrewd they were.

The vixen standing before Chu Feng was one from the Ancient Era.

“Young master, you were able to see through everything and breach the spirit formation to enter this place as a person of the younger generation.”

“You’ve obtained my master’s acknowledgement.”

“From today on, this A’li shall belong to you, master.”

As she spoke, the vixen leapt from the bed. Her skirt drifted in the air. Barefoot, she took elegant steps with long, slender and beautiful legs and walked over to Chu Feng.

“Young lady, what do you mean by that? You couldn’t possibly be planning to tell me that the mysterious treasure I’ve spent all this effort to enter this place to obtain is you?” Chu Feng asked with a stern voice.

Even when he was speaking, Chu Feng did not dare to look that fox in the eyes.

In fact, Chu Feng had not bothered to size her up the entire time.

It was common knowledge that fox spirits had seductive eyes.

This would be even more true in an environment like the one he was in.

Chu Feng felt that it was very possible that the fox spirit was a test.

He felt that the actual treasure couldn’t possibly be that vixen.

“What young master said is correct. A’li is the treasure young master wanted to obtain. Is young master satisfied with this treasure?”

That vixen walked over to Chu Feng and actually extended her hand to gently stroke his cheek.

Seeing this, Chu Feng immediately avoided her. “Young lady, please conduct yourself with dignity.”

“Oh my. Young master, you’re acting a bit hypocritical here, no?” the fox spirit said with a smile. Her tone was not one of mocking, but rather slightly mischievous and even adorable.

It must be said that fox spirits were fox spirits. Even when teasing others, one would feel them to be adorable.

“Young lady, what do you mean by that?”

Chu Feng was confused by the vixens words.

“Young master, there’s no need to continue pretending.”

“Actually, A’li noticed from the very start that young master is not a virgin. Thus, why bother putting on an honorable act before A’li?” said the fox spirit.

‘Fuck! You’re even able to tell that?’

Chu Feng frowned upon hearing those words. However, he did not admit to it. Instead, with a serious face, he said, “Young lady, please don’t spout nonsense. How could you know that I’m not a virgin?”

“Besides, even if I’m no longer a virgin, what does that have to do with you?”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, the fox spirit suddenly became motionless.

Chu Feng did not look at her. and thus did not know what she was doing. However, not long afterward, Chu Feng heard sobs.

The fox spirit that was all smiles was actually crying.

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