Chapter 3990 - Terrifying Ability

Chapter 3990 - Terrifying Ability

The five weapons were indeed moving.

Once the five weapons moved, space itself started shaking. Even the sea of lightning became particularly ferocious.

Merely by looking at them, the crowd could tell what sort of might those five weapons possessed.

However, it seemed like those five weapons were rather hostile.

Hostile? Towards who?

It would naturally be Chu Feng.


The five weapons moved at the same time.

Five colossal weapons streaked across the void. With overwhelming oppressive might, they flew towards Chu Feng at the same time.

Their oppressive might was so powerful that even the terrifying sea of lightning began trembling.

“Sure enough, obtaining the treasure isn’t that easy.”

“He’s done for. That guy is definitely done for.”

“It’s impossible for him to withstand the attack of those five sacred weapons.”

“Judgement. In the end, he is still met with his retribution.”

Seeing that the five colossal weapons were actually really moving to attack Chu Feng, many people from the six great powers were once again overjoyed.

The attacks of those five colossal weapons were very fierce. It was simply impossible for Chu Feng to withstand them.


However, at the same time as the five colossal weapons attacked, Chu Feng waved his hand.

Then, countless bodies of light drifted out from the cuff of his sleeve.

Those bodies of light were of every color. They appeared very gorgeous.

Most importantly, when those bodies of light sprinkled forth from Chu Feng’s sleeve, they actually began flying towards the five colossal weapons.

The five colossal weapons possessed overwhelming might, whereas those bodies of light were like a wave of fireflies, without any attack power to be found.

This scene was like a wave of fireflies intending to take on a mighty ferocious beast.

Even without seeing them, one could guess what the outcome would be.

“What is that guy doing?”

“Aren’t those the bodies of light he captured earlier?”

“Has he gone mad? He’s actually using those bodies of light to take on the five sacred weapons?”

“That’s simply an act of provocation.”

“He’s actually provoking the five sacred weapons?”

“Sure enough, he’s gone mad.”

The crowd were simply unable to understand Chu Feng’s action.

As such, they all determined that he was simply courting death.

However, an extremely strange scene occurred.

When those bodies of light collided with the five colossal weapons, not only did the speed of the five colossal weapons start decreasing, but they actually ultimately stopped in midair.

Even their terrifying oppressive might disappeared.

Then, the crowd could see those bodies of light assimilating with the five weapons.

Soon, the five colossal weapons began to move again. Merely, this time around, they were not launching an offensive at Chu Feng. Instead, in a calm manner, they floated over to Chu Feng. Furthermore, their appearances began to change.

The five weapons began fusing together. They were actually fusing.

“What’s going on?”

“Why would things suddenly end up this way?”

The crowd felt disbelief. Shock filled their faces.

“Look! It’s that guy! He seems to be controlling the five sacred weapons!”

Suddenly, someone pointed at Chu Feng.

Once the crowd looked towards Chu Feng, they were astonished to discover that his hands were indeed moving.

He was actually really commanding the five weapons.

His commands were actually being put into action by the five weapons.

But… how did he accomplish such a feat?

The crowd were truly unable to understand.

If the armor Chu Feng wore was capable of commanding the five weapons, those five weapons wouldn’t have unleashed such overwhelming might and tried to attack him.

At the time when everyone was confused, Grandmaster Feng You spoke again, “So that’s the case. I finally realize why he was the only one capturing those bodies of light when everyone proceeded for the purple pillars.”

“Turns out, those bodies of light have an important use.”

“He saw through everything from the very start.”

“Ah? Is it really caused by those bodies of light?”


“That guy, how did he figure out that those bodies of light had such a use?”

“Could it be that this is the ability of a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist?”

After hearing what Grandmaster Feng You said, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

They naturally remembered those bodies of light, as well as how Chu Feng had obtained them.

Merely, no matter how they looked at them, they were unable to see how those bodies of light possessed any sort of power.

Even at that moment, after those bodies of lights had fused with the five colossal weapons, they still did not think those bodies of light to be extraordinary at all.

Because of that, the entire time until Grandmaster Feng You mentioned it, they never thought that they could affect the five colossal weapons.

However, after hearing what Grandmaster Feng You had said and recalling what had happened, it did appear that those bodies of light were the things that had turned the whole situation around.

“Exactly who is that guy?”

At that moment, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster no longer had the calmness and composure he had before.

He had a sinister look on his face. His expression was distorted, and unease filled his eyes.

As matters stood, he was certain that that fellow exercising magical powers inside the spirit formation world was not a member of the Mystic Cave Saints. Instead, he was that Asura fellow.

After all, he had heard rumors that that Asura fellow was a person of the younger generation.

Of course, he didn’t believe him to be a person of the younger generation.

He was unable to believe that a person of the younger generation could possess such enormous ability.

Even the army they’d meticulously prepared to take on the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb had been defeated by a single person of the younger generation.

However, at that moment, he had no choice but to accept it as true.

After Chu Feng passed through that sea of lightning that only people of the younger generation could pass through, he had no choice but to admit that that Asura fellow might really be a person of the younger generation.

However, after he became certain of that, he also discovered that… that Asura had actually seen through everything from the very start.

Because of that, he started feeling restless, uneasy and even fearful.

Their All-heaven Sect had prepared meticulously for many years for the sake of opening the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb.

It could be said that there was no one that knew the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb better than their All-heaven Sect.

Yet, Asura had relied precisely on the power of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb to defeat their army.

As for the stone case, it was something that their six great powers had discovered in a very powerful remnant.

Their six great powers should have been the first people to discover the stone case in their era.

As for their All-heaven Sect, they’d done research into the stone case.

From that, they’d even gained a certain amount of achievements.

Logically, their All-heaven Sect should be the ones that possessed the greatest understanding of the stone case.

Yet, Asura’s understanding of the stone case just so happened to surpass their own.

First it was the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb. Then it was the stone case from the Ancient Era.

That Asura fellow had a greater understanding of those two items than them.

The All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster felt that this was very likely not a coincidence. Rather, he felt that Asura truly possessed some sort of special ability.

Yet, that sort of ability caused the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster fear.

It was not only him. Chu Feng’s observational ability that allowed him to gain all the advantages was enough to make all his opponents fearful.

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