Chapter 3984 - Reach Great Heights

Chapter 3984 - Reach Great Heights

“The Mystic Cave Saints are truly quite capable. This guy’s actually a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.”

“But, even though he’s a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, it should be impossible for him to defend against the attack of a rank one Utmost Exalted, no?”

“After all, no matter how powerful world spiritists are, they’re only powerful at breaching and setting up spirit formations. In terms of battle power, they are simply incomparable to martial cultivators. This is even truer when that Mystic Cave Saint’s opponent is an Utmost Exalted-level expert.”

Soon, there were people that began to voice their opinion that Chu Feng shouldn’t have been able to block Lu Yingzhuo’s attacks merely as a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist.

“Never would I have imagined that the people of this era would have such a superficial understanding of world spiritists.”

Hearing the discussions of the crowd, Grandmaster Feng You spoke again.

Furthermore, he said those words in a very disappointed manner.

He was rejecting the crowd’s comments.

“Grandmaster, what do you mean by that?”

The crowd turned their gazes to Grandmaster Feng You.

They were all able to tell that he was going to tell them something.

As for what he would tell them, it was most likely related to Chu Feng.

“Dragon Mark Saint-cloak is not only a paramount level for world spirit techniques, its battle power is also comparable to that of a rank one Utmost Exalted,” said Grandmaster Feng You.

“Ah? Wouldn’t that mean that he was really only relying on his own power and not the power of a treasure to block the attacks from Elder Lu Yingzhuo?”

Hearing what Grandmaster Feng You said, the crowd’s gazes as they looked to Chu Feng changed again.

The crowd were a bunch of very realistic people.

Using a treasure and using one’s own strength were two completely different ideas.

No matter how powerful one’s treasures might be, people would only admit the treasures to be powerful, and not necessarily acknowledge their user.

On the other hand, if a person possessed great power on their own, they would be acknowledged by the crowd.

Right at that moment, someone voiced their disagreement, “Grandmaster Feng You, I’ve heard that even though Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists possess power comparable to rank one Utmost Exalted, it is only comparable, and cannot actually contend against rank one Utmost Exalted.”

“Besides, Elder Lu Yingzhuo’s attacks earlier were most definitely not ordinary attacks.”

Once that person spoke, the crowd all felt their nerves tense up.

The reason for that was because the person who had just spoken was no ordinary individual.

He wore the outfit of the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion, and had a head of long purple hair. His appearance was very strange.

Yet, although he looked strange, no one dared to show any disrespect towards him.

The reason for that was because he was someone with an enormous origin.

His name was Purple-haired Crazed Immortal. He was a Supreme Elder of the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion. Furthermore, he possessed the cultivation of rank three Utmost Exalted.

The position Purple-haired Crazed Immortal had in the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion was equivalent to that of Tuoba Chengan in the All-heaven Sect.

He was someone beneath only a single person, and above all else.

Although he did not know who Chu Feng was, he was filled with hostility towards him because he was trying to steal their treasure, and had ruined the contest.

Because of that, he didn’t want anyone to praise Chu Feng.

However, Grandmaster Feng You was clearly praising him. As such, it was only natural that he’d be displeased.

“That’s not necessarily the case,” Grandmaster Feng You responded to the Purple-haired Crazed Immortal.

“Not necessarily?”

“Humph. I’ve heard that when you became a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, you were incomparably arrogant, and believed that a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist possessed battle power capable of defeating a rank one Utmost Exalted-level cultivator.”

“Because of that, you’d sealed your own cultivation and used only your world spirit techniques to fight. However, in the end, not only were you defeated by a rank one Utmost Exalted, but that defeat was also very miserable,” the Purple-haired Crazed Immortal said with an eccentric tone.


Hearing those words, Grandmaster Feng You’s expression turned ugly.

What the Purple-haired Crazed Immortal said was the truth.

It was also a sore spot for Grandmaster Feng You.

Originally, it was something that very few people knew about.

However, at that moment, that Purple-haired Crazed Immortal actually publicly revealed this matter to so many people.

It was only natural that Grandmaster Feng You would feel very humiliated.

However, even with that, he still defended himself, “There are differences between the talents of individuals.”

“While this old man failed to contend against a rank one Utmost Exalted with the power of a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, that does not mean that it is impossible for others to accomplish.”

“Humph,” the Purple-haired Crazed Immortal let out a cold snort at Grandmaster Feng You’s words. He looked very displeased.

He felt that Grandmaster Feng You was simply blabbing nonsense for the sake of argument.


Suddenly, the people outside the spirit formation world burst into an uproar once more.

As for the people from the All-heaven Sect, all of them began to display looks of panic on their faces.

It turned out that Chu Feng and Lu Yingzhuo had begun battling again.

Merely, this time around, it was Chu Feng who was attacking.

Chu Feng did not use his martial power. He merely unleashed his spirit power.

Under Chu Feng’s control, that spirit power changed constantly. From time to time, it would change into swords, or ferocious beasts.

Most importantly, Lu Yingzhuo was actually powerless to resist his attacks.

It wasn’t that he didn’t try to resist his attacks. Rather, all of the methods he used were destroyed by Chu Feng.

Because of that, Chu Feng’s every attack landed on Lu Yingzhou.

The current Lu Yingzhou was simply like a target. He could only allow himself to be continuously bombarded by Chu Feng’s attacks.

Furthermore, it just so happened that none of Chu Feng’s attacks were fatal.

However, those attacks all caused a certain amount of damage to Lu Yingzhuo’s body.

Humiliation. Although Chu Feng’s attacks were unable to seriously injure Lu Yingzhuo’s body, they were causing serious injuries to his ego.

Witnessing this scene, the crowd began to have a whole new opinion of Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritists.

Even though they’d just learned that Grandmaster Feng You had once fought a rank one Utmost Exalted with only world spirit techniques and suffered a crushing defeat, Chu Feng’s current performance caused them to have a whole new opinion.

Even though he was also a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist, he'd gained total superiority over the rank one Utmost Exalted-level Lu Yingzhuo. In fact, it could even be said that Chu Feng was absolutely dominating Lu Yingzhuo.


At that moment, the Purple-haired Crazed Immortal was completely stunned.

In fact, even Grandmaster Feng You, who had been arguing with Purple-haired Crazed Immortal earlier, felt disbelief from what he witnessed.

Although he felt that if a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist was able to utilize their world spirit techniques properly, they would be able to contend against a rank one Utmost Exalted, he'd never imagined that a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist could completely crush a rank one Utmost Exalted.

This had exceeded his imagination.

‘To be able to utilize the battle power of a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist to such a degree, oh what sort of talent is this?’

Grandmaster Feng You’s gaze was fixed deeply onto Chu Feng.

Of course, that sentence of his was spoken in his heart. He didn’t actually say it aloud.

He had discovered that the people from the six great powers did not wish to hear him praising Chu Feng.

But, even with that, he was still unable to contain his praises for Chu Feng in his heart.

His performance had truly surpassed his expectations enormously.

As he was also a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist himself, he was able to tell how well Chu Feng utilized his world spirit techniques.

Even though his world spirit techniques appeared to be very simple and not complicated in the slightest to the eyes of others, Grandmaster Feng You was able to tell that his mastery over his world spirit techniques had reached great heights.

At least, it was at a level that far surpassed his own.

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