Chapter 3982 - The Elder Panicking

Chapter 3982 - The Elder Panicking

“Since you’ve discovered this old man, why are you still not kneeling and apologizing?!”

Just when the All-heaven Sect’s disciples were completely confused, a voice exploded in the sky.

Following that, a figure appeared in the crowd’s field of vision.

Upon hearing that voice and seeing the person that had appeared in the sky, the disciples of the All-heaven Sect were all overwhelmingly excited.

Even those that had gotten up to flee immediately turned around and flew back over.

After all, they couldn’t possibly not recognize their Supreme Elder.

“Lord Supreme Elder!”

“Lord Supreme Elder, you must uphold justice for us!”

Cries sounded nonstop.

Those genius disciples had completely lost their former arrogance and pride.

Like a bunch of bullied children seeing their father, they immediately began complaining tearfully and voicing their grievances.

“Say no more. This old man has witnessed everything you all have experienced.”

“I’ve broken the rules by coming here. However, I’ve received permission from the six lords.”

After saying those words, Lu Yingzhuo turned his sharp gaze to Chu Feng. “Thus, you should know why I’ve come here, no?”


Chu feng let out a chuckle. He said, “The All-heaven Sect is truly capable. You actually managed to utilize the power of the stone case to such an extent. You have simply not wasted all the time that the stone case was kept in your hands.”

“That said, I must say, the other five major powers are even more worthy of admiration.”

“They clearly knew that your All-heaven Sect had broken the rules and secretly stolen the power of the stone case and seized the decisive opportunity. Yet, instead of joining hands to retrieve justice, they actually allowed you to enter this place.”

“Oh how magnanimous they are in openly surrendering the treasure of the stone case to your All-heaven Sect,” Chu Feng said to Lu Yingzhuo with a beaming smile.

Even though the people outside were unable to hear his voice, they all knew how to read lips.

As such, they knew what he was saying through reading his lips.

After reading what Chu Feng said, the expressions of the leaders of the five major powers turned even uglier. Subconsciously, they all turned their furious gazes to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

As for the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster, although his expression appeared to be unchanged, he actually felt enormous pressure in his heart.

Even though everyone knew that Chu Feng was sowing dissension, it just so happened that his words had successfully affected them.

There was nothing that could be done. After all, what their All-heaven Sect had done was extremely dishonest.

It was not only the five major powers that felt very displeased. In fact, even the other powers from the All-heaven Starfield could tell what was really going on.

It was just that no one dared to say anything.

After all, it was the All-heaven Sect, the ruler of the All-heaven Starfield. Even if they were in the wrong, who would dare say anything?

“Despicable bastard, you’re still trying to spout nonsense?”

“Today, this old man shall severely punish you!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard. Lu Yingzhuo unleashed his attack.

He was, after all, a Supreme Elder of the All-heaven Sect. He knew that Chu Feng was sowing dissension, and must be restrained immediately.

He raised his hand and sent forth a palm strike. Boundless oppressive might turned into an invisible hand that swept through heaven and earth as it made a straight line for Chu Feng.

Logically, the oppressive might of a rank one Utmost Exalted should be sufficient to obliterate Chu Feng.

However, that oppressive might was not capable of doing so. The reason for that was because Lu Yingzhuo was holding back. After all, he had been tasked with capturing Chu Feng alive.

That said, he had calculated that should that palm strike land, even though Chu Feng would not be killed, he would be seriously injured.

That was also precisely what he wanted.


However, in the next moment, he was dumbfounded.

When his oppressive might approached Chu Feng, he felt as if it were a burst of violent wind that ran into a steel wall.

Although the wind was very powerful, could it possibly contend against a steel wall?

As such, his oppressive might dispersed, but Chu Feng remained completely unharmed.

“Who gave you the confidence that you would definitely be able to defeat me?”

A cold smile appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

The gaze that he looked to Lu Yingzhuo with was filled with contempt.

“That guy, he actually managed to block the oppressive might of an Utmost Exalted?!”

The people outside the spirit formation world once again felt a wave of emotions, and they broke out in a commotion.

They all felt that should Lu Yingzhuo be able to enter the spirit formation world, he would be able to obliterate Chu Feng.

They'd never imagined that even Lu Yingzhuo’s attack would not be able to injure him.

Because of that, they had no choice but to face one thing -- that guy inside the spirit formation world was not simply an Exalted. It was very possible that his cultivation was that of an Utmost Exalted.


Lu Yingzhuo did not bother with superfluous words, and attacked again.

His attack this time was not simply oppressive might.

Heaven and earth started to tremble. The surrounding space shattered. An enormous golden sword appeared from the darkness.

He had unleashed a rank eight Immortal Technique.


The giant golden sword ripped through space and made a straight line for Chu Feng.


Violent wind rose as energy ripples wreaked havoc.

How powerful was the attack that had landed on Chu Feng?

If Lu Yingzhuo did not control his attack, the energy ripples resulting from his attack would be sufficient to obliterate all of the All-heaven Sect’s disciples present.

It was all of them. Not even Nangong Yifan would be able to escape.

That said, even though he had restricted the energy ripples, the All-heaven Sect’s disciples were still terrified by the attack.

They immediately got up and fled into the distant sky.

To them, a battle of this caliber was simply too terrifying.

Although there was only a single word difference between Utmost Exalted and Exalted, the gap between their strengths could be described by a heaven and earth difference.

After the energy ripples subsided, Lu Yingzhuo’s expression turned even uglier.

Even though he had used a rank eight Immortal Technique, he was unable to move Chu Feng in the slightest.

Truth be told, he was starting to panic slightly.

After all, even though the rank eight Immortal Technique he had used earlier was not his strongest attack, it was an extremely powerful one.

Yet, his opponent remained completely unmoved even with that.

Without any movement, his attack was blocked.

With that, how could he not panic?

“What other abilities do you possess? You might as well use them without holding back,” Chu Feng said indifferently. There was a smile on his face as he said those words.

That smile was filled with confidence.

However, the more confident Chu Feng was, the more mocking he appeared.


Suddenly, the earth started to tremble as black flames soared into the sky.

An enormous shadow appeared in the sky.

That shadow was composed of black gaseous flames. It stood imposingly between heaven and earth like a demon capable of destroying everything.

That enormous shadow appeared identical to Lu Yingzhuo.

It was the All-heaven Sect’s sect protection technique, rank nine Immortal Technique, Dark Ghostflame.

Although Nangong Yifan had also used the Dark Ghostflame before, it remained that he was only an Exalted-level expert.

As such, the Dark Ghostflame unleashed by Lu Yingzhuo far surpassed that of Nangong Yifan in both might and appearance.

Yet, even though the Dark Ghostflame was overwhelmingly mighty, Chu Feng still had no fear on his face.

“Is this it?”

Chu Feng sighed and shook his head with a disappointed look.

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