Chapter 3981 - The Appearance Of A Supreme Elder

Chapter 3981 - The Appearance Of A Supreme Elder

Seeing that Lu Yingzhuo was really able to enter that spirit formation world, the leaders of the six great powers were both furious and delighted.

They were furious because Lu Yingzhuo had managed to gain a decisive opportunity through that stone case.

They were delighted because his despicable action turned him into their last hope.

At least, there was someone that could punish that bastard in the spirit formation world.

“Lu Yingzhuo, although you’ve managed to gain the power to enter the spirit formation world through a freak combination of factors, your action of secretly stealing a treasure from the remnant is a capital offense.”

“That said, I will give you an opportunity to make up for your crime.”

“Capture that hoodlum from the spirit formation world alive, and I will spare your life,” the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster said with a loud voice.

The words ‘captured alive’ made the crowd realize what the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster intended to do.

He felt enormous hatred for what the Mystic Cave Saints and Asura had done in the past.

As such, he was determined to personally eliminate them.

He felt that he would not be able to appease the anger in his heart otherwise.

“Yes, Milord. This subordinate will definitely not disappoint Lord Sectmaster.”

After Lu Yingzhuo finished saying those words, he turned around and entered the spirit formation world.

That said, the leaders and elders of the other five powers were cursing in their hearts.

They all knew that Lu Yingzhuo and the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster were merely putting on a show.

How could the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster not know what Lu Yingzhuo had done?

Everyone knew that he was merely the scapegoat.

In reality, it was the All-heaven Sect as a whole that stole the power of the stone case, and not Lu Yingzhuo alone.

However, Lu Yingzhuo was willing to be the scapegoat. And now, he was able to capture that outsider in the spirit formation world.

With that, they decided not to bother bickering about it. Although that was the case, they still felt very disgusted by the pretentious behavior of the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

That said, they still turned their gazes to the spirit formation world.

Lu Yingzhuo had entered that spirit formation world. He had also chosen to enter through a spirit formation entrance relatively closer to Chu Feng.

Furthermore, as Lu Yingzhuo was an Utmost Exalted-level expert, his speed was extremely fast.

His speed was most definitely not something that those people of the younger generation could compare to.

As such, it would not take him long to find Chu Feng.

That was what the crowd were looking forward to.

Chu Feng was no longer seen as a genius by the crowd.

Instead, they believed him to be a disgusting fellow who bullied and humiliated people of the younger generation.

They were all looking forward to seeing Lu Yingzhuo teach Chu Feng a ruthless lesson.

“Something’s amiss. Elder Lu’s speed seems to not be at his limit.”

“But, for the sake of rushing, he has clearly unleashed a movement martial skill.”

“What is going on?”

The people from the All-heaven Sect were also observing the situation inside the spirit formation space.

Many among them discovered that Lu Yingzhuo’s speed had been restricted.

They knew that Lu Yingzhuo’s cultivation was that of a rank two Utmost Exalted.

Yet, it seemed like the speed he was displaying at that moment, was only that of a rank one Utmost Exalted.

Just when the crowd were confused, an elder from the All-heaven Sect said, “It seems that Elder Luo’s cultivation has been restricted.”

“Even though he is able to enter that spirit formation world, his cultivation was still limited by it.”

“His cultivation has been restricted to that of a rank one Utmost Exalted. Otherwise, his speed would not be so slow.”

That elder was also a Supreme Elder.

Because of that, the crowd were convinced by his words.

That said, even though they knew that Lu Yingzhuo’s cultivation had been restricted, they were not excessively worried.

Even if his cultivation was restricted to that of a rank one Utmost Exalted, they felt that it was more than enough to take care of that outsider.


Chu Feng had no idea what was happening outside. He'd also never thought that someone from the All-heaven Sect would actually be able to bypass the power of the spirit formation world to come in to find him.

As such, he was fully focused on fiddling with the set of armor. He was determined to make it unleash its greatest potential.


A smile rose on the corners of Chu Feng’s mouth.

He stood up and pointed with his finger. The set of armor composed of twelve treasures floated into midair.

Light circulated through the armor. It emitted an extraordinary air. It was simply a work of art.

“With another small cup of tea’s worth of time, it will be completed.”

Seeing the armor flickering with light and floating in midair, Chu Feng raised his head and took a glance at the terrifying sea of lightning, and the enormous weapons located high above.

He was confident that once he donned the set of armor, he would be able to pass through that sea of lightning and obtain those weapons.

That said, Chu Feng felt that whilst those weapons were emitting overwhelming might, they might not really be weapons. Chu Feng felt that those weapons seemed more like keys.

What use do keys have? It was obvious.

When the keys were already that powerful, then what sort of gate would they open, what sort of treasure would be in that gate?

Just thinking about it got Chu Feng all fired up and extremely excited.

That said, although he felt joyous, the disciples from the All-heaven Sect were completely depressed.

They had been watching Chu Feng from the sidelines the entire time, and had fled from the scene.

They were actually very afraid of Chu Feng. However, because of their feelings of unreconciliation, they were unwilling to give up on everything just like that.

Furthermore, they discovered that he did not intend to continue to make things difficult for them. As such, they decided to stay around.

Although they knew that it was hopeless for them to attempt to snatch the set of armor from Chu Feng, they still wanted to watch and see if he would really be able to pass through the sea of lightning.

Of course, they were all hoping for his failure.


Suddenly, the appearance of the distant sky changed all of a sudden.

Space began to distort in that direction. Furthermore, the distortion was rapidly approaching them.

It seemed like the descent of a natural disaster. Not even space itself was able to withstand it.

Most terrifying of all, that natural disaster was soon to arrive before them.

This scene utterly terrified the disciples of the All-heaven Sect.

Thinking that it was the descent of a natural disaster, their expressions all changed enormously out of terror.

Some even turned around to flee.

As for some others, they were so scared that they lacked the strength to even move. They closed their eyes and prepared for death.

“Utmost Exalted?”

Sensing the incoming oppressive might, Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed.

His perception far surpassed that of ordinary people.

When he discovered the commotion coming toward them, he not only determined the cultivation of the incoming individual, but he soon determined who the incoming person was too.

“Still not going to admit to it?”

“Even your Supreme Elder came in here.”

“Don’t tell me you’re planning to tell me that the spirit formation world’s power has lost its effectiveness, and that’s why an old monster that’s lived for thousands of years was able to enter this place.”

With a mocking expression, Chu Feng looked to Nangong Yifan, who was treating his injuries and those of the disciples of the All-heaven Sect.

“You… what are you talking about?”

Utterly terrified by what they believed to be an incoming natural disaster, the All-heaven Sect’s disciples were completely lost and confused after hearing Chu Feng say those words out of the blue.

They had no idea what he was talking about.

Only Nangong Yifan understood Chu Feng somewhat. However, he also didn’t understand him completely.

After all, even he didn’t know that there was someone else from the All-heaven Sect apart from him that possessed the power of the stone case.

As such, even he didn’t know that there was actually a Supreme Elder-level existence among their All-heaven Sect capable of entering the spirit formation world.

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