Chapter 3980 - Deserving Ten Thousand Deaths

Chapter 3980 - Deserving Ten Thousand Deaths

“That guy, what is he doing?”

“He seems to be assembling that armor.”

Although the crowd were all spouting insults at Chu Feng, their eyes were still focused on his every action.

Earlier, they didn’t pay much attention to his movements. However, after learning that he was a Mystic Cave Saint in disguise, they all began to focus on him.

Ever since Chu Feng had gathered the treasures from the twelve purple pillars of light, he had managed to obtain the complete set of armor.

Yet, he did not wear that set of armor. Instead, he placed it on the ground and began to draw on it with his finger.

While the majority of the crowd had no idea what he was doing, those with discerning eyes were able to tell that he was assembling it.

Even though that set of armor was complete to begin with, they were actually separate entities. One must unify the armor pieces into one in order to unleash their greatest effect. That was precisely what Chu Feng was doing.

“No, we can’t do nothing and allow him to continue running amok!”

“Is it possible to shut off the stone case and have them come out?” asked the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster.

He was very anxious.

Even though there were a great amount of experts present and they were not afraid of Chu Feng being able to escape from them, he was still anxious.

The reason for that was because he knew that the stone case contained more than those enormous weapons. It also contained a mysterious treasure.

They had no idea what sort of treasure it was.

As such, he was afraid that Chu Feng would be able to obtain it.

Who knew if they could retrieve that treasure from Chu Feng should he obtain it.

What if that treasure decided to recognize him as its master?

What if it decided to fuse with his soul?

What if that treasure disappeared with Chu Feng should they kill him?

Although that was only a possibility, he did not wish for that possibility to occur. They’d put forth enormous effort to obtain that stone case. It was only natural for them to not wish to take such a risk.

“We’ve studied that stone case together. Once it’s open, it’ll be impossible to close. It’s only after someone obtains the treasure within that the power of the stone case will disappear.”

“That was clearly inscribed onto the tablet we saw. You all know that very well, so why are you asking me now?” the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster spoke in an annoyed manner.

“This… are we going to look on helplessly as he obtains that mysterious treasure?”

“Are we going to have our hands bound and be unable to do anything about it?”

“We’ve painstakingly found this treasure, but we’re going to give it to someone else just like this?”

The Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster and the other leaders were all looking at Chu Feng inside the spirit formation world. They were all very anxious.

It was only the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster who turned his gaze toward his All-heaven Sect.

No one noticed that he made a special signal with his eyes.

After he made that signal with his eyes, a figure immediately flew out from the All-heaven Sect.

That person was called Lu Yingzhuo.

That Lu Yingzhuo was a supreme elder of the All-heaven Sect.

Although his cultivation was not as strong as Tuoba Chengan’s, he was still an Utmost Exalted-level existence.

That said, after Lu Yingzhuo appeared, he not only knelt before the main viewing platform, but he even began to kowtow. It was as if he were pleading guilty to some sort of crime.

“This subordinate deserves ten thousand deaths! Lord Sectmaster, please punish me severely!” that Lu Yingzhuo said loudly.

His loud voice and exaggerated actions immediately caught the attention of the crowd.

“Elder Lu, what are you doing?”

“What sort of crime did you commit?” the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster asked with a stern voice.

“This subordinate has decided Lord Sectmaster. This subordinate was greedy. This subordinate deserves ten thousand deaths. Lord Sectmaster, please punish me severely,” that Lu Yingzhuo continued.

His words confused the great majority of the crowd present.

None of them understood why a Supreme Elder of the All-heaven Sect would plead guilty at such a time.

Actually, the crowd were not curious as to what sort of crime Lu Yingzhuo might’ve committed.

After all, their focus was on Chu Feng inside that spirit formation world.

As such, Lu Yingzhuo’s appearance only brought disgust from the crowd. They felt that he was being an inconvenience.

“Whatever crime you might’ve committed, go and explain it slowly to your sectmaster at your own pace. Why did you come and cause trouble at a time like this?”

Sure enough, the fiery-tempered Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster was unable to tolerate things anymore, and spoke with great annoyance.

“Lord Sectmaster, please have a look.”

Right at that moment, that Lu Yingzhuo ripped apart his clothes and revealed his chest.

“That is?!”

Seeing Lu Yingzhuo’s chest, the leaders of the six great powers all revealed a change in expression.

They were all able to see that there was a special sort of talisman imprint on Lu Yingzhuo’s chest.

That imprint formed a series of vein lines that nearly ran through his entire body.

Like veins and arteries, the imprint had fused with his body.

However, if that were all, the expressions of the six great powers’ leaders would not have changed like that.

The reason why their expressions changed was because the imprint and the vein lines on that Lu Yingzhuo emitted the same sort of aura as the stone case.

They knew that the change to Lu Yingzhuo was related to the stone case.

“Sectmaster All-heaven, exactly what is going on here? You must provide us with a proper explanation.”

The leaders of the other five powers all turned to stare at the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster with anger-filled gazes.

Earlier, he'd said that they did not obtain the power of the stone case.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, an elder exposed that they had indeed obtained the power of the stone case.

It was only natural that the five leaders were displeased.

“Milords, this matter had nothing to do with my Lord Sectmaster.”

“It is this subordinate who was greedy. It is all my own doing. Milords, please punish me.”

Lu Yingzhuo began to kowtow and beg for forgiveness again.

“You utter disgrace! You truly deserve to be killed! I will end you on your sectmaster’s behalf!”

As the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster spoke, he raised his hand.

He was not putting on a show. He had unleashed his killing intent. He was really planning to kill that Lu Yingzhuo.

He felt that since Lu Yingzhuo had utilized the power of the stone case, the All-heaven Sect had gained a decisive opportunity over all of them, making them suffer an enormous loss.

He was determined to receive a proper explanation for this sort of thing.


Right after the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster raised his hand, another hand appeared and grabbed his wrist, stopping him from attacking.

It was the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Why are you stopping me?!” the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster asked angrily.

“Perhaps he might be of use.”

After the Miao Heavenly Sect’s sectmaster said those words, he looked to Lu Yingzhuo.

“You were able to conceal this matter the entire time. Yet, you didn’t.”

“I believe that you’ve decided to step forward at this time because that Mystic Cave Saint managed to sneak his way into the spirit formation world.”

“If I’m correct, you possess some sort of method to deal with him?”

“This matter is of the utmost urgency. Go ahead and speak directly. Are you able to stop that Mystic Cave Saint inside the spirit formation world?”

“If you are, even though you’ve exploited the power of the stone case, we are willing to give you a chance to make up for your mistake. While you will definitely be punished, you will at least be spared your life,” said the Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Lord Sectmaster, Milords, this subordinate did not exploit the power of the stone case.”

“Rather, when we discovered the stone case in the remnant, this subordinate discovered a little piece of stone that emitted the same sort of aura as that stone case.”

“This subordinate thought that it was a cultivation treasure, and decided to secretly bring it back with me to use to train on my own.”

“However, even though that stone was unable to assist my training, it ended up fusing with me.”

“Although I did not gain anything in terms of cultivation, I am now linked with that spirit formation world.”

“Especially with the activation of the stone case. The resonance became even more intense.”

“Perhaps that spirit formation world will not be able to stop me. Perhaps this subordinate will be able to enter it,” said Lu Yingzhuo.

“Oh? Go on and give it a try then. See if you’re capable of it,” said the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Hearing those words, even the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster and others looked to Lu Yingzhuo with expectations.

Even though they all wished to kill that Lu Yingzhuo after what he'd done, if he was really able to enter the spirit formation world, it would provide them with enormous help.

“Yes, Milord.”

As Lu Yingzhuo spoke, he arrived before a spirit formation gate and extended his arm into it.

Sure enough, that spirit formation gate did not stop him. His arm managed to successfully enter the spirit formation gate.

In fact, through the mirror image, one could see an arm appearing from a spirit formation gate inside the spirit formation world.

“Lord Sectmaster, Milords, this subordinate is able to enter,” Lu Yingzhuo said with a clasped fist.

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