Chapter 398 - Entrusted By Zi Ling (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 398 - Entrusted By Zi Ling

“Senior Xuanyuan, I concede!!” Finally, Jie Xingpeng loudly yelled.

And also as Jie Xingpeng yelled that out, Zi Xuanyuan retracted his palm and indifferently smiled. He had that relaxed expression from start to finish, as if he didn’t even use any strength at all.

But looking back at Jie Xingpeng, the chief of the Jie Clan, the expert in the 6th level of the Heaven realm, his face was pale-white and large droplets of sweat fell. He breathed roughly with large breaths and even the hand that he fought against Zi Xuanyuan with was slightly trembling. It was as if his power was going to be drained away.

“Senior Zi Xuanyuan, you are indeed exceptional. I sincerely accept my inferiority and I shall say my farewells today here.”

Jie Xingpeng’s face was very unsightly as he bowed to Zi Xuanyuan. Then, after he meaningfully...

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