Chapter 3979 - Burning Rage

Chapter 3979 - Burning Rage

“That reward earlier was truly amusing.”

“Sectmaster Wind Lightning, you actually rewarded that useless old fart because of an outsider who came here to steal our treasure.”

“Hahaha. You’ve truly broadened my horizons.”

The Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster howled with laughter and clapped his hands as he looked to the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

He was simply overjoyed.

How could he not be overjoyed?

Earlier, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster was acting so pleased with himself because of that Wang Chen. His behavior had brought him enormous displeasure.

And now, he'd suddenly discovered that that Wang Chen was actually someone else in disguise, and simply not someone from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect at all.

Because of that, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster’s reward to Wang Shangkun earlier had turned into an enormous joke.

It was simply hilarious. Thus, how could the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster miss out on the opportunity to laugh?

At that moment, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster was so furious that his expression changed completely.

He looked to the miserable-looking Wang Chen and shouted angrily, “Exactly what is going on here?! You’d better give me a proper explanation!”

Wang Chen had simply never been shouted at so angrily by his sectmaster before.

Terrified, he immediately knelt in midair. He was so scared that he was about to piss his pants.

He did not dare to conceal anything. Not only did he explain everything, he even spoke of how he had been bullying his fellow disciple, and had ended up encountering Chu Feng and the Mystic Cave Saints.

Hearing what had happened, Wang Shangkun vomited blood.

He was unable to accept the truth.

Just then, he'd thought that his grandson was bringing honor upon his ancestors. But as it turned out, the truth was, his grandson was still a disappointment. Furthermore, he had utterly disgraced him at that moment.

“You useless trash! I’m going to beat you to death!”

Wang Shangkun soared into the sky and landed beside Wang Chen.

He raised his hand with the intention to attack Wang Chen. He was not acting. He really planned to properly teach Wang Chen a lesson.


However, before his powerful hand could even land, a muffled sound was heard.

Following that, a burst of hot steam assailed his face and body.

Then, he was completely stunned.

He was astonished to discover that Wang Chen, who had been right before him earlier, had turned into a mist of blood floating in midair.

His grandson Wang Chen had died!

“To be taken advantage of by an outsider and to cause a calamity because you were attacking a fellow disciple, such a person truly deserves to die!”

A furious shout was heard. It was the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

The crowd had all noticed that Wang Chen had been killed by the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

However, even though he had personally killed Wang Chen, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster was still furious.

As such, he turned his gaze to Wang Shangkun.

“You’ve utterly failed in your guidance of your grandson. You are not qualified to be an elder of our Wind Lightning Sword Sect.”


After he finished saying those words, he pointed with his finger, and a golden sword ray shot forth. ‘Puu,’ it penetrated Wang Shangkun’s dantian.

Wang Shangkun’s cultivation was instantly crippled.

“From today on, expel them from our sect. They will no longer be members of our Wind Lightning Sword Sect.”

The Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster waved his sleeve. Immediately, elders rushed over and forcibly stripped Wang Shangkun of his Wind Lightning Sword Sect outfit. In fact, they even forcibly stripped the outfits from the disciples that had been with Wang Chen.

Those disciples were merely Wang Chen’s lackeys. They’d never witnessed this sort of thing before, and had long been terrified speechless.

That said, they were actually fortunate. At the very least, they'd not been directly killed like Wang Chen.

That said, everyone knew that the reason why Wang Chen and his grandfather had suffered like that was all because of the person who had disguised himself as Wang Chen in the spirit formation world.

If it wasn’t for that fake Wang Chen’s excessively stunning performance that had caused the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s headmaster to place high hopes on him, he would not have been disappointed after learning the truth.

That said, when everyone looked to Chu Feng inside the spirit formation world again, a different question appeared in their minds.

“Exactly who is that guy?”

“Whilst he might not be someone from the six great powers, he should still be a person of the younger generation. Otherwise, how could he enter the spirit formation world?”

“Such a powerful person of the younger generation, exactly who is he, and where did he come from?”

Curiosity filled the crowd’s hearts. In fact, curiosity-filled voices resounded throughout the heaven and earth.

At that moment, an elder of the All-heaven Sect said, “Lord Sectmaster, according to the description provided by the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples, those people seem to be the Mystic Cave Saints, and that Asura.”

“Them again?”

Hearing those words, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster, who had been calm the entire time, burst into a terrible rage.

He already knew that the reason why they’d failed to obtain the treasures of the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb was because of the Mystic Cave Saints and someone called Asura.

Especially that Asura. He was the main reason for their failure.

For the sake of opening the Great Monster Slayer Emperor’s Tomb, their All-heaven Sect had prepared for many years. Yet, it had turned out that their preparations had all been reaped by others.

It was only natural for the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster to be furious.

“Great, great, great. Not only did they steal the treasures of our All-heaven Sect, but they actually dared to come make trouble for our All-heaven Sect.”

“I shall see whether or not they’ll be able to flee in front of my eyes this time around.”

The All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was simply burning with rage.

He had long been filled with hatred and resentment towards the Mystic Cave Saints and Asura.

He had long decided that he would get his revenge.

However, without waiting for him to find them, they'd actually come to him.

Furthermore, they’d appeared while he was with the other six great powers.

Their behavior was simply no longer not placing him in their eyes; they were simply provoking him.

The provocation from the Mystic Cave Saints and Asura caused him to be filled with rage. There was so much rage that he was simply unable to suppress it anymore.

“Sectmaster All-heaven, you know who that person in disguise is?” asked the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master.

The others also looked to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.

Through the words spoken by the All-heaven Sect’s Sectmaster, the crowd had already realized that the All-heaven Sect knew who that person in disguise was.

“They’re the Mystic Cave Saints. They’re a demonic organization of our All-heaven Starfield. They’re evildoers who have committed every possible imaginable crime.”

“Before this, they used special treasures to enter a spirit formation that only the people of the younger generation could enter.”

“Furthermore, they even stole the treasures of my All-heaven Sect.”

“Thus, it must be them.”

“They’re the only ones capable of such a thing,” the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster said with extreme certainty.

“To sneak their way in using treasures?”

“In other words, that person is simply not a person of the younger generation, but rather an older cultivator in disguise?” asked the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s Pavilion Master.

“That’s right. The Mystic Cave Saints are not people of the younger generation at all.”

“Rather, they’re a bunch of despicable and shameless old freaks,” said the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster.


The crowd immediately burst into a ruckus.

Earlier, they'd been praising Chu Feng nonstop. Yet now, they were saying all sorts of malicious things, and were even insulting him.

Whilst a rank eight Exalted cultivation would be heaven-defying should it be possessed by a person of the younger generation, it was simply nothing should it be possessed by an aged cultivator who had trained for many years.

In fact, for an aged cultivator, a rank eight Exalted cultivation would not even put them among the ranks of the strongest people.

To disguise oneself as a person of the younger generation and then bully other people of the younger generation, this sort of behavior was simply something that everyone held in contempt.

“Those Mystic Cave Saints are simply too shameless. We must properly teach them a lesson.”

At that moment, everyone started feeling hostility toward the Mystic Cave Saints.

They were all itching to skin the Mystic Cave Saints alive to appease the anger in their hearts.

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