Chapter 3978 - Real And Fake Wang Chen

Chapter 3978 - Real And Fake Wang Chen

Compared to the shock of the All-heaven Sect’s disciples, the spectators outside were already accustomed to Chu Feng’s special ability.

After all, he had ignored the spirit formation multiple times before their eyes, and had effortlessly retrieved the treasures within.

That said, they were still astonished by his rank eight Exalted-level cultivation.

Since the time when Chu Feng had first revealed his strength till now, he had repeatedly challenged the crowd’s understanding of a person of the younger generation’s strength.

At that moment, many people turned to the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

This was especially true for the people of the older generation. Envy filled their eyes.

They all knew that the Wind Lightning Sword Sect would be different from this point forward.

It was very possible that the Wind Lightning Sword Sect would stand above the five other major powers.

As for the reason, it was all because such an outstanding disciple had appeared in their Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

As for that disciple, he was called Wang Chen.

Before the competition, no one knew of him.

However, he had amazed the entire world with his brilliant feats, and made everyone remember his name.

“What a ‘who’s your ally?’”

“It would appear that in that Wang Chen’s eyes, our five major powers are simply unqualified to be the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s ally.”

“The Wind Lightning Sword Sect has truly produced an amazing disciple.”

The Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster spoke in an eccentric manner.

However, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster actually completely ignored his snarky remark this time around.

At that moment, an unconcealable smile covered his face.

He was simply overjoyed. As his mood was simply too good, how could he bother to argue with the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster?

Wang Chen came as an enormous surprise to everyone today. But, to him, it was a gargantuanly pleasant surprise.

He had originally believed Ouyang Pingzhi to be the strongest genius of their Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

He had nurtured Ouyang Pingzhi as the future pillar of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect the entire time.

However, it turned out that even though Ouyang Pingzhi was indeed exceptionally talented, he was ultimately unable to distinguish himself as superior to the other five major powers’ strongest disciples.

When Nangong Yifan was battling Shentu Haoli earlier, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster’s gaze was fixed on the battle between Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun the entire time.

He had paid enormous attention to their battle.

To him, this was a battle of honor.

When he saw Ouyang Pingzhi gradually being suppressed and ultimately doomed to be defeated by Song Jinglun, he truly felt as if his heart was bleeding.

After all, Ouyang Pingzhi represented his Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

His defeat was equivalent to all of the disciples of his Wind Lightning Sword Sect being defeated.

At that time, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s secmaster had an extremely gloomy look on his face, and felt extremely dejected.

However, to his utter surprise, at the moment when he thought that his Wind Lightning Sword Sect was going to be utterly humiliated, Wang Chen had appeared out of nowhere.

Not only was Song Jinglun no match for Wang Chen, but none of the disciples from the six great powers were unable to contend against him.

Wang Chen was simply invincible!

Rank eight Exalted. Regardless of what sort of ability he'd used to gain that cultivation, it was enough to show contempt for all the disciples of the six great powers. Even the people of the older generation had to gasp with admiration at such a cultivation.

With the situation like that, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster not only raised his eyebrows joyously, but he was even able to see the beautiful future of his Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

“Elder Wang.”

Suddenly, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster looked to an elder.

That elder’s name was Wang Shangkun. Not only was he an elder of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect, but he was also Wang Chen’s grandfather.

“This subordinate is present.”

Being called out by his sectmaster, Wang Shangkun immediately went up to greet him respectfully.

Even though he had a very respectful look on his face, his heart was simply blooming with joy.

After all, the genius that had astonished everyone was his grandson.

“You’ve nurtured your grandson excellently, and provided our Wind Lightning Sword Sect with a meticulous service. I am going to reward you.”

“From today on, you shall be our Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s Library Pavilion’s pavilion master,” said the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

“Thank you! Thank you, Lord Sectmaster!”

Wang Shangkun was so emotional that he was on the verge of crying.

He had originally been one of the Library Pavilion’s eight management elders.

Although he was someone with status within the Wind Lightning Sword Sect, there was an enormous difference between being a management elder and the pavilion master. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Library Pavilion’s pavilion master was one of the few people with the greatest authority in the Wind Lightning Sword Sect apart from the sectmaster and supreme elders.

Originally, the status of a pavilion master was something that he would never have been able to attain in his entire life.

Yet now, he had actually managed to obtain a position that he had never even dared to dream of. It was only natural that he would be extremely overjoyed.

He was so excited that tears were rushing out from his eyes.

“Wang Chen, oh Wang Chen, I thought you were ignorant and incompetent. I thought that it had always been your grandfather I who dragged you along and helped you obtain your current cultivation.”

“Never would I have imagined that you’d actually concealed your cultivation that well. Exactly what sort of opportunity did you receive unbeknownst to me to help you gain your current level of cultivation?”

“Truly unimaginable, truly unimaginable. I thought you would never be able to surpass your father or me. Yet, it turned out, you’re actually the one to bring honor to our Wang family.”

“Once we return, I will definitely reward you. You’ve simply provided grandfather with an enormously pleasant surprise.”

Overjoyed, Wang Shangkun began to praise his rather infamous grandson in his heart.

The way he saw it, his grandson was no longer merely his grandson. He could instead be the grandfather now. No, he could even be their Wang family’s ancestor.

All of his future prospects would have to rely on his grandson now.


Right at that moment, a voice was suddenly heard.

When that voice sounded, Wang Shangkun’s heart tensed up.

That voice sounded so very familiar. That voice sounded like his grandson Wang Chen’s voice.

But, Wang Chen was clearly inside the spirit formation world, whereas that voice had sounded from outside.

‘Someone is actually pretending to be my grandson Wang Chen?’

Thinking of that, Wang Shangkun looked to the direction of the voice with a furious expression.

However, upon doing so, he was immediately stunned.

The reason for that was because he saw disciples from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect in the direction that voice sounded from.

They all looked rather miserable. Words were written all over their bodies.

The contents of those words were simply unbearable to look at.

‘Attempted to kill a fellow disciple.’ ‘Animals and scum.’ ‘Worse than dogs and pigs.’ Those were the types of words written all over them.

However, even with that, Wang Shangkun was able to tell with a single glance that one of those people was his grandson, Wang Chen.


“This… exactly what is going on?”

Wang Shangkun had a look of astonishment. His gaze shifted back and forth between Wang Chen and the person inside the spirit formation world.

The more he looked, the more he panicked.

From the appearance of things, his expression and the tone he spoke with, it seemed like the miserable-looking fellow before him resembled his grandson much more.

“This… exactly what is going on here?”

At that moment, it was no longer Wang Shangkun who had a look of astonishment.

The Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster as well as all the people present all revealed stunned expressions. They were momentarily at a loss for words.

“Grandfather, we were captured by evil people,” Wang Chen spoke whilst sobbing.

After saying those words, he pointed to the mirror image in the sky, to Chu Feng’s image.

“That man. He captured us and then disguised himself as me.”

“He’s a malicious evil man. He came to seize the treasure of our six great powers!”

As the crowd had become absolutely silent from the shock, and Wang Chen’s voice was very loud and clear, his words were heard clearly by everyone present.

Disguise. Snatch. Those two simple words were enough for the crowd to understand what was going on.

It turned out that the invincible genius in the spirit formation world was simply not a disciple of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect at all. Instead, he was someone else in disguise!

At that moment, the crowd realized why that person dared to seriously injure the other disciples, and refused to admit that they were allies.

It turned out that he wasn’t someone from the six great powers at all!


Suddenly, a loud burst of laughter sounded. Like ten thousand thunderbolts exploding at once, that laughter shook heaven and earth.

That laughter came from the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster.

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