Chapter 3977 - Exclaims Of Admiration

Chapter 3977 - Exclamations Of Admiration

“Utterly absurd. Those words are merely a bunch of nonsense from that ignorant disciple, how could you all actually take it to be true?”

Although questioned by the five leaders, the All-heaven Sect’s Sectmaster did not panic, and instead revealed a look of anger himself. He began to criticize the other five leaders.

“When we obtained that stone case, all of us studied it together. We all determined that it was simply impossible to use the power of the stone case to breach it.”

“We can only do so according to the inscriptions on the tablet.”

“What did that inscription say? It said to have the people of the younger generation enter the stone case after opening it. It said that the people of the younger generation shall use their power to seize the treasure within the stone case.”

“You all knew about this.”

“Yet now, you’re actually suspecting me?”

The All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster was very angry. It was as if he was not the one in the wrong at all, but rather the five other leaders that were in the wrong.

After hearing the refute from the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster, the other five leaders all revealed embarrassed looks. They did not know how to refute him.

After all, what the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster had said was indeed in accordance with what had happened back then.

They had indeed carefully examined the stone case back then, and determined that they were unable to utilize it.

Else, they would not have been at ease when leaving the stone case with the All-heaven Sect to safekeep.

After all, the treasure within the stone case was something that all of them wanted to obtain.

“While we do trust you, it remains that your sect’s disciple Nangong Yifan… the ability that he is currently displaying does seem to be borrowing from the power contained within that spirit formation world. How are you to explain that?” asked the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

“Yifan is someone with great fortune, beloved by the heavens.”

“Although he is a disciple of my All-heaven Sect, he possesses some abilities that are unknown to even our All-heaven Sect.”

“You’re not in that spirit formation, how can you be so certain that the ability Yifan used has anything to do with that stone case?” refuted the All-heaven Sect’s Sectmaster.

“In that case, it would mean that that Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciple was spouting a bunch of nonsense. Even though he is greatly talented, he still ought to be disciplined for this,” said the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master.

“How could a mere disciple possibly have such courage to spout nonsense? The way I see it, someone must be instigating this from the shadows,” as the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster said those words, he took a glance at the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

“How could my sect’s disciple be blamed for this? It’s clearly that All-heaven Sect’s Nangong Yifan who used a despicable trick,” the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster would naturally speak up for Chu Feng.

“What do you mean by despicable trick?” The All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster displayed a displeased look after hearing those words.

Actually, he knew exactly what was going on.

He knew very well that Nangong Yifan had indeed utilized the power of the stone case.

However, he could not let those five people know about it. He must pretend to not know. And, since he must pretend, he would naturally have to make it very believable.

The Miao Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief spoke, “Enough. Let us drop this subject here. We are allies. We shouldn’t start internal strife because of the nonsense spoken by a single person of the younger generation.”

“Else, wouldn’t we become laughing stocks?”

He did not involve himself in the quarrel. Instead, he spoke to diffuse the situation.

Hearing those words, even though the leaders were still skeptical, they found it unsuitable to continue pressing the subject without any concrete evidence.

As such, they all returned to their respective seats.

“How could this be?”

However, right after they sat back down, they immediately stood up again.

They were astonished to discover that another change had occurred in the spirit formation world.

Even though Nangong Yifan’s cultivation had increased, he was still unable to break free from Wang Chen's grasp.

“Damn it! You! Exactly what do you have on you?!”

“Why are you able to restrict me?!”

Although he was filled with confidence earlier, at that moment, Nangong Yifan actually began panicking.

He had originally planned to teach the Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciple that stood before him a lesson after increasing his cultivation again.

However, before he could even attack, an overwhelming power was released from his opponent’s hand and into his body.

At that moment, Nangong Yifan felt as if all of his power was sealed, and no longer under his control.

He was like a defanged viper. No matter how powerful the poison within him was, he was unable to cause any injury to his enemy at all.

Seeing the look of unreconciliation on Nangong Yifan’s face, Chu Feng smiled.


In the next instant, Chu Feng’s clothes fluttered, and his aura swept forth explosively, filling heaven and earth.

At that moment, Nagong Yifan, the All-heaven Sect disciples and even the spectators outside were all able to tell that Chu Feng’s cultivation had increased again.

Rank eight Exalted. Chu Feng’s current cultivation had reached rank eight Exalted.

“You… exactly who are you?!”

Nangong Yifan began to despair. He had utilized all the abilities he possessed. Yet, even with that, he was still unable to contend against the person before him.

Because of that, he'd ironically started to despair. He'd originally thought that the treasure within the spirit formation world was his for certain.

However, a person who he could not defeat even when he used his full power had now appeared.

Even though he had cheated and used the power of the stone case to increase his cultivation yet further, he was still no match for the person before him.

How could Nangong Yifan not despair in such a situation?

“I told you that you’ve greatly disappointed me.”


Right after saying those words, Chu Feng suddenly swung his arm. A loud boom was heard as a mountain shattered and thick smoke surged forth.

It was Nangong Yifan.

Nangong Yifan had been tossed out by Chu Feng. He was then ruthlessly smashed into a distant mountain.

The power of the impact was so strong that he penetrated through the mountain, and caused it to collapse and crumble.

Nangong Yifan was completely covered in blood. All his muscles were torn and his bones were shattered. Even though he was still conscious, he had lost the power to fight.

Everyone was stunned. Especially the All-heaven Sect’s disciples. They were so terrified that their faces all turned paper-pale.

After Beiyang Luo, even their Nangong Yifan suffered such treatment. What sort of end would they suffer then?

The great majority of them were all utterly terrified.

“You bastard! We’re allies! Even if you have superior abilities, you must still know how to restrain yourself!”

“The battle should end when the outcome is determined! Why did you seriously injure my senior brother Nangong?!”

At the moment when the great majority of the All-heaven Sect disciples were terrified, a female disciple actually stood forth and criticized Chu Feng.

Perhaps she was an admirer of Nangong Yifan. Furthermore, it seemed like she was rather sincere in her admiration. Thus, after Chu Feng had seriously injured Nangong Yifan, when the male disciples did not even dare to speak, she actually stood forth and spoke for him.

“Who’s your ally?”

“Young lady, take note of your words. Don’t think that I won’t do anything to you just because you’re a woman.”

Chu Feng turned around and glared at that woman.

That female disciple was originally prepared to make a stand against Chu Feng.

Yet, when she saw that glare, she was immediately terrified.

At the instant she saw Chu Feng’s glare, she felt as if she was not confronting a human, but rather a demon.

Her courage disappeared. She was afraid to make a stand against this demon-like fellow.

Then, Chu Feng walked over to the spirit formation.

He extended his hand and made a grabbing motion. Directly ignoring the protective formation, he retrieved the treasure inside.


Seeing this scene, the female disciple that had shouted at Chu Feng earlier was completely stunned.

It was not only her. The other All-heaven Sect disciples were also stunned.

After all, they were still breaching the protective formation beneath the purple pillar of light.

They knew very well how powerful that protective formation was. Yet, the man before them was able to completely disregard it and effortlessly retrieve the treasure within.

Seeing that, they began to suspect themselves.

They did not know if that fellow was excessively powerful, or if they'd been using the wrong method to breach the protective formations all along.

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