Chapter 3976 - An Explanation

Chapter 3976 - An Explanation

“No wonder you dared to come challenge me. Turns out, you’ve timed it so that my Scarletflame Soularmor is still on cooldown.”

“You’re right. My Scarletflame Soularmor hasn’t recovered yet.”

“However, if you think you can defeat me with only that, you’ll be truly underestimating me.”

After saying those words, a look of determination flashed through his eyes.


Suddenly, violent wind rose up as an oppressive might began wreaking havoc. Nangong Yifan’s cultivation had increased again!

Rank five Exalted!

Nangong Yifan’s cultivation had increased to rank five Exalted.

However, apart from the power of his Divine Body and the All-heaven Buddha Body, there was no other power present on him.

“What’s going on? Could it be that Nangong Yifan also has a hidden treasure on him?”

“Exactly what sort of treasure does he possess that actually allowed him to increase his cultivation again?”

“Judging from this, if he is able to recover the power of the Scarletflame Soularmor, wouldn’t that mean that Nangong Yifan is able to increase his cultivation by four levels? From his cultivation of rank two Exalted, he’ll be able to increase it to rank six Exalted?”

The crowd all gasped in surprise and began to argue spiritedly after Nangong Yifan’s cultivation increased again.

They were all able to tell that his cultivation had not increased with the power of the Scarletflame Soularmor. Instead, he had used some other sort of power.

Merely, the crowd still had no idea what that other power was.

Suddenly, someone voiced a different opinion, “No, he didn’t conceal any treasure. Rather, his actual cultivation has increased.”

After hearing that person’s words, the spectators all felt it to be very reasonable.

No matter how they looked at it, it didn’t look like Nangong Yifan had used any special power to increase his cultivation.

Rather, it seemed more like his actual cultivation had increased by a level.

“That really does seem to be the case.”

“Wouldn’t that mean that Nangong Yifan’s actual cultivation is that of a rank three Exalted instead of rank two Exalted?”

“He was deliberately concealing his cultivation earlier?”

“Right, that must be the case.”

“No wonder. No wonder he was so confident from the very start. Turned out… he already had certainty of victory.”

“Amazing. Amazing.”

The crowd began to praise Nangong Yifan nonstop.

“Since Nangong Yifan has concealed his actual cultivation, could that Wang Chen have also concealed his actual cultivation?”

“Could it be that he does not possess any treasures that can conceal the powers he used to increase his cultivation, but rather that his cultivation increased without the use of any special power at all?”

“Could it be that his cultivation is extremely powerful to begin with, and the increase of his cultivation came because he was previously concealing his actual cultivation?”

At that moment, someone voiced such an opinion. That person felt that it was very possible that Wang Chen had increased his cultivation by concealing his actual cultivation.

“That’s impossible.”

“Indeed, that’s impossible. If it’s as you said, wouldn’t that mean that his actual cultivation is that of a rank five Exalted?”

“How could a person of the younger generation possibly possess the cultivation of a rank five Exalted?”

“Right, that’s impossible. If that were truly the case, that child would’ve been famous long ago. How could he remain unknown till this date?”

The crowd all rejected that person’s suggestion.

The reason why they did so was mainly because they felt that it was impossible for a person of the younger generation to have an actual cultivation of rank five Exalted.

After all, even the top geniuses like Shentu Haoli, Song Jinglun and others were only rank two Exalted.

Nangong Yifan having a rank three Exalted cultivation was something that they could reluctantly accept.

However, for a person of the younger generation to have a rank five Exalted level cultivation was something that they simply could not accept.

“If you are to admit defeat right now, I can spare you,” Nangong Yifan spoke. He was filled with confidence the entire time.

That said, his air of arrogance was finally and thoroughly unleashed after his cultivation increased.

Hearing Nangong Yifan’s words, Chu Feng smiled with contempt. “Still not enough. Go ahead and use the treasure you’re hiding.”

“Not enough? This is more than sufficient to take care of you.”


As Nangong Yifan spoke, his body shifted. Like a phantom, and he disappeared.

When he appeared again, he had arrived before Chu Feng.

Perhaps because he was afraid of injuring Beiyang Luo again, Nangong Yifan decided to fight Chu Feng at close range.

Furthermore, his fist was aimed directly at Chu Feng’s face.

He was not planning to seriously injure Chu Feng. However, he was planning to utterly humiliate him.

However, Chu Feng had actually guessed what Nangong Yifan was going to do the instant he moved.

Because of that, he had tossed Beiyang Luo away.

Then, he formed the hand he'd grabbed Beiyang Luo’s neck with into a claw. With a sharp movement, he reached towards Nangong Yifan.

The location where he aimed at was Nangong Yifan’s neck.

“Humph, you actually want to handle me like you handled Beiyang Luo?”

“Do you think I’m that bad?”

“You’ll pay disastrously for looking down on me.”

Seeing through Chu Feng’s attack, Nangong Yifan not only didn't panic, but he instead let out a cold snort.

The reason for that was because his fist had already reached Chu Feng’s face. It was going to strike the next instant.


However, in the next instant, Nangong Yifan was completely dumbfounded. The All-heaven Sect’s disciples and the spectators outside were all stunned.

Not only did Chu Feng dodge Nangong Yifan’s fist, but his hand had also managed to tightly grab Nangong Yifan’s neck.

Nangong Yifan, who had been filled with arrogance earlier, had been grabbed by the neck and lifted up by Chu Feng just how Beiyang Luo was earlier.

The outcome of the match had been determined.

However, the speed at which the match had been determined, as well as the outcome, were simply too shocking. It was something no one had anticipated.

They were unable to understand.

Both Nangong Yifan and Wang Chen were rank five Exalted. Thus, why would Wang Chen be able to so easily defeat Nangong Yifan?

At that moment, Nangong Yifan spoke with difficulty. “You’re actually a rank six Exalted?”

“What? Rank six Exalted?”

“That’s true! His aura increased again!”

After Nangong Yifan said those words, the crowd noticed that Chu Feng’s cultivation had really increased again. At that moment, he was no longer a rank five Exalted, but rather a rank six Exalted.

“Exactly what is going on here? How could his cultivation increase again?”

“Exactly what is his cultivation? Exactly what sort of ability does he possess?”

At that moment, the crowd all had complicated expressions in their eyes as they looked at Chu Feng.

They discovered that they were unable to fathom Wang Chen more and more.

“Do you think you’ve won?”

Right at that moment, Nangong Yifan laughed with contempt.


In the next instant, boundless suction power was released from Nangong Yifan’s body.

When that suction power emerged, the invisible power within heaven and earth began to pour into Nangong Yifan’s body.

With that, he began to emit a faint light.

Although the light was very faint, it made him appear very sacred.

“Nangong Yifan’s cultivation actually increased again!”

“This time around, it seems to be some sort of special power. Merely… what sort of power is it?”

The crowd began to cry out in alarm continuously after discovering that Nangong Yifan’s cultivation had increased again.

However, Chu Feng was not at all surprised.

Not only was he not surprised, but he even looked slightly disappointed.

“You’ve finally used it.”

However, it’s only of this caliber. Truly a disappointment.”

“Your All-heaven Sect has studied that stone case for so long, but you’re ultimately only able to receive such limited power from it?” Chu Feng spoke mockingly.

“Stone case?”

“Isn’t that the spirit formation world?”

Chu Feng’s words immediately caused a wave of commotion.

The crowd all understood what he was implying with those words.


Suddenly, someone on the main viewing platform smacked a side table and stood up.

It was the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master.

“What is the meaning of this?!”

The Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s pavilion master looked to the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster with a furious expression.

“Sectmastet All-heaven, you should provide an explanation.”

The other leaders also stood up and stared at the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster with displeased looks.

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