Chapter 3973 - Not Necessarily

Chapter 3973 - Not Necessarily

“That Wang Chen is simply too excessive. Even if our powers have disagreements, we’re still allies. How could he inflict such serious injuries upon you?”

“That Wang Chen is truly undisciplined and out of control. He has completely disregarded the rules of our sect.”

“Brother Song, junior brother Zhao and all the other junior brothers and sisters, you can rest assured. I will definitely report this matter to our sectmaster. Our Wind Lightning Sword Sect will definitely punish that Wang Chen. We will definitely provide you all with justice,” Ouyang Pingzhi vowed. He had a look as if he were going to get justice for Song Jinglun and others himself.

The disciples that stood behind him all nodded, indicating their support for Ouyang Pingzhi.

“Wind Lightning Sword Sect?” Hearing what Ouyang Pingzhi said, Song Jinglun laughed coldly. “Ouyang Pingzhi, are you telling me that you’re certain that that fellow from earlier was from your Wind Lightning Sword Sect?”

“Brother Song, what do you mean by that? If that Wang Chen is not from our Wind Lightning Sword Sect, where would he belong to instead?” Ouyang Pingzhi had a confused look.

He was not the only one who was confused. Many other people present were also confused by Song Jinglun’s words.

“It’s nothing.”

Song Jinglun shook his head. He didn’t bother to explain things.

After all, it was merely his guess.

This guess of his came from his intuition.

Song Jinglun had interacted with the disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect many times in the past.

Among the Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciples he had interacted with, the most outstanding one was Ouyang Pingzhi.

Yet, even Ouyang Pingzhi had never brought him the sort of oppression that Wang Chen had earlier.

In fact, not even Shentu Haoli and the other strongest geniuses from the six major powers had left such a strong oppression on him.

Because of that, Song Jinglun felt that Wang Chen was very likely not a disciple of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

But, what he didn’t understand was that if Wang Chen was not a disciple of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect, who could he possibly be?

He was unable to provide an explanation for it. As such, he would naturally not bother explaining his doubts to others.

Meanwhile, the people outside had burst into a complete uproar.

Everyone was spiritedly discussing Wang Chen.

“That Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciple by the name of Wang Chen is truly remarkable.”

“Indeed, he’s quite remarkable. Not only did he defeat the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s Zhao Zicheng, but he even managed to defeat Song Jinglun with only a single move, a very simple move on top of that.”

“He has only revealed his rank five Exalted-level aura so far. He still hasn’t revealed any of his Immortal Techniques, martial skills or how he increased his cultivation.”

“Exactly what sort of treasure allowed him to conceal his cultivation so thoroughly?”

It was normal that the crowd were discussing Chu Feng.

After all, Song Jinglun’s cultivation had been increased to rank five Exalted when Chu Feng fought him.

Song Jinglun, Ouyang Pingzhi, Shentu Haoli, Nangong Yifan and all the other top geniuses of the six powers only possessed an actual cultivation of rank two Exalted.

The reason why Song Jinglun’s cultivation had increased to rank five Exalted was because he had used his treasure and bloodline power, as well as his special mysterious technique.

All the abilities he'd used to increase his cultivation were clearly visible to the crowd.

Yet, when Wang Chen’s cultivation increased from rank two Exalted to rank five Exalted, there was no change to him at all.

The crowd were unable to tell if he had used treasures, a bloodline power or special mysterious techniques to increase his cultivation.

Because of that, the crowd suspected that Wang Chen must have a treasure capable of concealing everything he used to increase his cultivation.

“Headmaster Wind Lightning, the concealment treasure of your sect’s disciple is truly remarkable.”

“He’s actually able to even conceal the abilities he used. I wonder, where did he obtain such a treasure?”

At this moment, even the six major powers’ leaders turned to the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s headmaster with curiosity-filled eyes.

“The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed.”

Faced with their curiosity, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster decided to beat around the bush.

“The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed?”

“The way I see it, it’s you who failed to provide proper guidance.”

“That disciple of yours seriously injured my disciples. You must provide me with a proper account for that matter.”

The Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster looked to the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster with a displeasure-filled face.

He was still pissed at Wang Chen seriously injuring his Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples.

“Rest assured. My disciple made a mistake. I will definitely punish him. You do not have to remind me of that.”

“Instead, you should start behaving like a proper headmaster. How could you become so flustered and exasperated by the friction between disciples?”

“What’s this? Only your disciples were allowed to bully my Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples?”

“When my Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciples fight back, it’s no longer acceptable?”

“Is this the way a headmaster should behave?”

The Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster was finally tired of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster’s repeated demands for an account.

“You’re shifting the blame here!”

The Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster stood up angrily. He stared fiercely at the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster with glaring eyes.

He looked like he was itching to fight the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster.

Fortunately, the All-heaven Sect’s sectmaster and the other leaders immediately began meditating the situation. Otherwise, the two of them might have really ended up fighting.

That said, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s headmaster was the only person furious.

The Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s sectmaster was not only not angry, but instead felt very pleased.

Even though Ouyang Pingzhi and the other disciples of his Wind Lightning Sword Sect had all been defeated, Wang Chen had provided him with an enormously pleasant surprise.

Because of that, even he was filled with curiosity towards him.

“Look! They’ve started fighting!”

“They’re finally fighting!”

The crowd once again burst into an uproar.

Nangong Yifan had finally found Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian.

Neither Wu Ming nor Miao Jiutian bothered with superfluous words. Once Nangong Yifan approached them, they immediately joined hands to attack him.

Unfortunately, Nangong Yifan was simply too strong.

Even though Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian were joining hands, they were still simply no match for him.

Even though Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian were prepared for him, the battle ended very quickly.

In merely a brief period of time, Nangong Yifan had defeated both Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian.

He successfully snatched away the treasures they'd gained from their respective purple pillars of light.

With that, Nangong Yifan had four of the twelve treasures.

Yet, the crowd did not feel that he would definitely win.

The reason for that was because there was another figure attracting the crowd’s attention.

Naturally, that person was Chu Feng, still disguised as Wang Chen.

Chu Feng had arrived before a purple pillar.

Furthermore, like before, he effortlessly retrieved the treasure from it.

He was simply disregarding that protective formation.

“Does that Wang Chen have some other sort of treasure on him?”

“Else, how could he ignore the protective formation?”

The crowd once again entered a heated discussion after seeing Wang Chen effortlessly retrieving the treasure.

They unanimously believed that Wang Chen must have some other sort of special treasure. They believed that it was that special treasure that was helping him. Otherwise, it should be impossible for him to ignore the protective formation around the purple pillars of light.

After all, even a genius like Nangong Yifan needed to gather the strength of all of the All-heaven Sect’s disciples to breach the spirit formation.

Why would Wang Chen alone be able to ignore it?

“That’s actually not necessarily the case. Apart from special treasures, there’s another possible method that could allow him to ignore the spirit formation of the purple pillars of light.”

At the moment when the crowd all felt that Wang Chen had a special treasure, a voice with a different opinion sounded.

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