Chapter 3972 - Defeated By A Single Strike

Chapter 3972 - Defeated By A Single Strike


Just when Song Jinglun was feeling uneasy, a burst of wind swept forth from Chu Feng’s direction.

WIth that wind, the energy ripples that filled the region were immediately dispersed.

After the energy ripples were dispersed, the disciples from the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain and even the people outside were all felt disbelief.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng hadn't budged from his previous location.

Not only had he not moved a single step, but there was not the slightest injury on him either.

Song Jinglun’s rank nine Immortal Technique was actually unable to harm him!

“He… how did he do that?!”

The crowd were all stunned by Chu Feng.

In fact, even Song Jinglun himself was stunned.


In the next instant, Chu Feng suddenly moved.

He turned into a lightning dragon that ripped through the sky with a thunderous cry as he shot straight towards Song Jinglun.

When he moved, practically everyone saw it.

This included Song Jinglun.

Yet, Chu Feng’s speed was simply too fast. It was so fast that even though Song Jinglun knew that he was attacking, he did not have the time to evade it.


When the crowd were finally able to catch sight of Chu Feng again, he was standing before Song Jinglun.

Chu Feng’s hands were both flickering with lightning.

Everyone could tell that he had transformed his hands into sharp blades.

Most importantly, one of Chu Feng’s hands was aimed at Song Jinglun’s neck. Should he move his hand in the slightest, he would be able to pierce through Song Jinglun’s neck.

As for his other hand, it was aimed at Song Jinglun’s dantian.

At that moment, Song Jinglun was completely terrified. In fact, even Ouyang Pingzhi was terrified.

The two of them were both able to sense Chu Feng’s cultivation.

Rank five Exalted.

That cultivation was the same as their current cultivation.

Yet, although they were both rank five Exalted, Song Jinglun was completely powerless before Chu Feng.

It was not only Zhao Zicheng who was completely powerless before Chu Feng; even Song Jinglun was powerless against Chu Feng.


Song Jinglun swallowed a mouthful of saliva nervously.

In merely an instant, his face was covered in sweat.

“You… you’ve won.”

As Song Jinglun spoke, he took out the glove they had obtained from breaching the spirit formation.

He did not put up any continued resistance. Even though Chu Feng did not injure him, he'd still decided to surrender.

The reason for that was because he knew from the moment that Chu Feng attacked; the moment Chu Feng appeared before him with palms as sharp as blades aimed at his neck and dantian, Song Jinglun knew that the man before him was someone that he could not defeat.

“You should’ve done that from the very start.”

Chu Feng smiled and retrieved his attack. At the same time, he took Song Jinglun’s glove.

“You’re quite capable of adapting to circumstances. That junior brother of yours is lacking in that aspect.”

“You should teach him to be more cautious with his words when he doesn’t know how powerful his opponent is.”

“Fortunately, he encountered me today. I’ve only taught him a lesson.”

“If he had encountered someone else, he might have ended up losing his life.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples were all unable to keep themselves from cursing him out in their hearts.

Zhao Zicheng’s cultivation had been crippled. Yet, he dared say it was only a lesson? How shameless could he be?

That said, they only dared to curse in their hearts. No one dared to voice their anger.

When even Song Jinglun had admitted defeat and surrendered his glove, they knew that there was no one else among their Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain that could take on that fellow.

“Junior brother Wang, never would I have imagined that you’d concealed your strength so well.”

“I hope that you do not take offense to me being disrespectful earlier.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded by Chu Feng’s ears.

It was Ouyang Pingzhi.

Earlier, he had been shouting about teaching Chu Feng a lesson. Yet now, he was smiling eagerly as he looked at him.

There was simply a day and night difference between his previous and current attitude.

Seeing Ouyang Pingzhi acting like that, Chu Feng felt very disgusted.

That Ouyang Pingzhi was no different from that Wang Chen. He was also someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

“Don’t try to worm your way into being friends with me. You and I are not the same sort of person,” Chu Feng said to Ouyang Pingzhi.

Hearing those words, Ouyang Pingzhi’s expression became awkward and ugly.

However, Chu Feng simply ignored him. After he finished saying those words, he soared into the sky.

He did not linger in the area. Instead, he flew towards another purple pillar of light.

Everyone knew what he was doing. He was most definitely going to retrive the treasure from that pillar as well.

After all, there were a total of twelve purple pillars that shot straight into the sky.

The six great powers each occupied a single pillar.

As such, there were six pillars that were still untouched.

Chu Feng did not directly proceed towards Nangong Yifan and the others to join their scramble. Instead, he decided to breach the untouched pillars.

After Chu Feng left, Song Jinglun heaved a sigh of relief.

He finally dared to move again. However, he only moved after he wiped away the sweat covering his face.

He arrived before Zhao Zicheng and began to use his abilities to treat his injury.

However, once he began the treatment, he was shocked.

He discovered that even though Zhao Zicheng’s dantian had been pierced, and his cultivation had indeed leaked, the injury was actually not very serious.

Not only was his injury curable, but it would also not affect his cultivation and future prospects.

In other words, even though Zhao Zicheng’s injury appeared to be very serious, it was actually not serious at all.

It was as Chu Feng had said, he was merely teaching him a lesson.

Because of that, Song Jinglun looked over to the direction that Chu Feng had disappeared in and said, “That guy, he actually held back for real.”

“Senior brother Song, you… what did you say just then?”

Those disciples actually all heard Song Jinglun’s words clearly.

It was just that they were unable to understand them.

They had clearly been seriously injured and miserably tortured by that guy; why would their senior brother Song say that he'd been holding back?

Their senior brother Song was clearly speaking for an outsider here.

“What I wanted to say is that you’d all best learn to watch your mouths sometimes. Otherwise, it will not be mere skin and flesh suffering the next time around.”

Song Jinglun shouted to his junior disciples with a reprimanding tone.

“We understand.”

Even though the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples all lowered their heads to admit their mistake after being reprimanded by Song Jinglun, they felt very displeased.

They were clearly the ones that had been bullied. Why would their senior brother be lashing out at them?

Furthermore, Song Jinglun himself was someone with a very bad mouth.

“Brother Song, how is junior brother Zhao’s injury?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded. It was Ouyang Pingzhi.

Ouyang Pingzhi was not the only person who came over. Standing in rows behind him were all the other disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

There was no longer any hostility on their faces. More than that, there was concession. They had come apologetically.

“What do you think?”

Song Jinglun rolled his eyes.

He did not appreciate the apologetic attitude displayed by Ouyang Pingzhi.

He knew that Ouyang Pingzhi and the other disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect were merely putting on a show.

The show they were putting on was not merely for him. Their main audience were the grand existences outside.

As such, Song Jinglun did not appreciate such a hypocritical show of affection in the slightest.

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