Chapter 3971 - Uneasy Heart

Chapter 3971 - Uneasy Heart


Suddenly, rumbles sounded from the distant sky.

Powerful energy ripples spread forth and wreaked havoc throughout the surrounding region.

Looking towards the rumbles, the disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect and Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain revealed different expressions.

Even though the rumbles and havoc were happening very far away, the crowd were able to see them clearly.

It was the battle between Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun.

Ouyang Pingzhi had been seriously injured, and was putting forth his final resistance.

However, everyone could tell that his resistance was completely futile.

As matters stood, everyone could tell that the match between Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun had been decided.

Seeing that Song Jinglun was about to win, some of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples felt so emotional that tears rolled down their Cheeks.

Earlier, they had been tortured by Wang Chen. Their Zhao Zicheng even had his cultivation crippled.

Yet, even with all that, they did not call for Song Jinglun to help them.

The reason for that was because they were afraid of distracting Song Jinglun, and causing him to lose to Ouyang Pingzhi.

And now, Song Jinglun’s victory was already within sight. This meant that it was finally time for them to get revenge.

Even though they were constrained by being allies, the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s Wang Chen had crippled Zhao Zicheng first. As such, it was within Song Jinglun’s rights to avenge him.


Right at that moment, a figure soared into the sky.

That figure shot straight towards Song Jinglun and Ouyang Pingzhi’s battlefield.

“Which bastard is this? Do you not know how to wait a while?”

Seeing that someone had set off towards the battlefield, many Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain disciples began to gnash their teeth furiously.

They thought that one of their fellow disciples had gone to seek Song Jinglun’s help.

Even though the outcome of the battle between Song Jinglun and Ouyang Pingzhi appeared to be determined, Song Jinglun had yet to defeat Ouyang Pingzhi completely.

They all felt that seeking Song Jinglun’s help at such a time was not a very sensible act.

They’d already waited so long. Why not wait a bit longer?

“That is?!”

However, once they saw who that person was, their faces all turned stiff. They were at a complete loss as to what to do.

They were all surprised to discover that the person who had shot towards the battlefield was not a disciple of their Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain.

Instead, that person was a disciple of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

Not only that, but that person was no ordinary disciple either. He was that Wang Chen.

The same Wang Chen that had tortured them and crippled Zhao Zicheng’s cultivation.

“That guy, what is he planning to do?”

It was not only the disciples from the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain that were bewildered. Even the disciples from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect were completely confused.

In fact, even the fighting Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun suddenly stopped fighting.

The two of them had noticed the arrival of an uninvited guest.

Thus, at the same time, the two of them turned towards that person.

When they saw the figure that appeared before them, the same sort of expression appeared in their eyes.


“Ouyang Pingzhi, is this the helper you’ve called over?”

Song Jinglun burst into mocking laughter.

Being on the downwind and on the verge of defeat, Ouyang Pingzhi’s expression became extremely ugly after being laughed at by Song Jinglun. He turned to Chu Feng and shouted, “Why the hell did you come here?!”

Chu Feng completely ignored Ouyang Pingzhi. He looked to Song Jinglun.

“Look at the situation of your junior brothers and sisters. You’re actually still capable of laughing?”

Chu Feng pointed into the distance as he said those words. It was the location of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect and Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples.

Hearing those words, both Song Jinglun and Ouyang Pingzhi turned their gazes over.

Once they did that, shock appeared in both of their eyes.

Even though the distance was quite far, they were able to see clearly using their respective observation methods.

Not only were they able to see that the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples were all covered in blood and injuries, but they were also able to see Zhao Zicheng holding his dantian in pain.

Martial power visible to the naked eye was leaking from his dantian nonstop.

His cultivation had been crippled.

Even if his cultivation was restored after leaving the mirror world, it would still affect his future prospects.

“Who did this?!”

Suddenly, a furious shout was heard from Song Jinglun’s mouth.

He was overflowing with anger. However, he did not immediately vent his anger onto Chu Feng, or the disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

The reason for that was because he felt that Ouyang Pingzhi was the only person among the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples capable of doing such a thing.

He believed that there was no one apart from him capable of seriously injuring their Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples to such a degree.

Because of that, he immediately felt that it was an expert from the other four powers that had done it.

“Hand over that glove. Else, I will make you suffer the same fate as them.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s voice sounded.

His words had informed Song Jinglun that he was the one who had injured those disciples.

“What did you say?! You’re saying that the person who seriously injured our Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples was you?!”

Even though Song Jinglun had asked that question, his tone was still filled with skepticism. He really didn’t believe that the Wind lightning Sword Sect disciple was capable of such a thing.

“Senior brother Song, kill him! He’s the one that seriously injured us and crippled senior brother Zhao’s cultivation!”

Suddenly, a thunderous voice sounded from the direction of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples.

That was an Immortal Technique, a special sort of sound wave Immortal Technique.

Due to the special aspect of that Immortal Technique, even though they were separated by a great distance, that person’s voice still managed to clearly enter Song Jinglun’s ears.

After hearing those words, Ouyang Pingzhi was more astonished than anything.

After all, among the injured was Zhao Zicheng. That Wang Chen fellow was actually capable of seriously injuring Zhao Zicheng?

“It really is you! I shall have you pay in blood!”

Song Jinglun let out a furious roar. At the same time, he unleashed an attack at Chu Feng.

Even though he didn’t know why Wang Chen was capable of such a thing, since he had learned that it was him who'd done it, Song Jinglun would naturally have to avenge his juniors.

As such, he turned his sword edge around. Immediately, sword aura shot straight towards Chu Feng’s dantian.

He was trying to cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation.

Furthermore, he was not only using an ordinary sword aura. He was instead using a rank nine Immortal Technique.

After he unleashed his attack, even Ouyang Pingzhi’s expression changed greatly.

He discovered that if Song Jinglun had used that attack earlier, he would’ve been defeated long ago.

He had been holding back.

Song Jinglun had not wanted to really cause him serious injuries. That was why he'd held back.

However, facing Wang Chen, who had seriously injured the disciples of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain, Song Jinglun showed no intention of holding back, and used his strongest attack from the very start.

The sword aura was incomparably sharp. Even space itself was cut in two by it. Wherever the sword aura passed, the space around it would shatter into nothingness.

One could tell exactly how powerful that attack was merely from the might it displayed.

The crowd felt that if the attack struck, it might not only cripple Wang Chen’s cultivation. Instead, it could very well take his life.


The whole area shook violently. Powerful energy ripples wreaked havoc thunderously.

The attack struck. Without any mishap, Song Jinglun’s rank nine Immortal Technique struck Chu Feng.

At that moment, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain disciples were unable to keep themselves from cheering loudly.

They were venting the anger in their hearts, and taking gleeful joy in Wang Chen’s defeat.

Yet, the person who had unleashed that rank nine Immortal Technique, Song Jinglun, was actually frowning. A feeling of unease appeared in his heart.

As the user of the rank nine Immortal Technique, he knew the rank nine Immortal Technique the best.

He felt that the energy ripples wreaking havoc all over were simply not a sign of Wang Chen’s body being pierced through. Instead, it seemed more like his attack had been blocked by something.

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