Chapter 3971 - Uneasy Heart (Teaser)

Chapter 3971 - Uneasy Heart


Suddenly, rumbles sounded from the distant sky.

Powerful energy ripples spread forth and wreaked havoc throughout the surrounding region.

Looking towards the rumbles, the disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect and Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain revealed different expressions.

Even though the rumbles and havoc were happening very far away, the crowd were able to see them clearly.

It was the battle between Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun.

Ouyang Pingzhi had been seriously injured, and was putting forth his final resistance.

However, everyone could tell that his resistance was completely futile.

As matters stood, everyone could tell that the match between Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun had been decided.

Seeing that Song Jinglun was about to win, some of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples felt so emotional that tears rolled...

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