Chapter 3970 - Completely Speechless

Chapter 3970 - Completely Speechless

The six great powers were allies. Even when there were grievances between them, they would not be too harsh with one another.

At least, they would be lenient in such a public setting.

Yet, Chu Feng was showing no quarter at all. All of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain disciples that fought him were left seriously injured.

Especially Zhao Zicheng. He was completely covered in wounds, and appeared like someone on the verge of death.

His appearance was not something that could be described with merely the word ‘miserable.’

Yet, even with the situation being like that, Chu Feng still showed no intention of sparing Zhao Zicheng.

Holding the Wind Lightning Sword, Chu Feng slowly walked towards him.

Everyone knew that Chu Feng was moving towards him with ill-intent. Yet, no one dared to stop him.

A malignant star. In their eyes, Chu Feng was a malignant star. Who would dare block a malignant star?

“You… what are you planning to do?”

Zhao Zicheng was extremely weak, and his voice was trembling. One could sense how afraid he was.

The way he saw it, even if was him teaching Wang Chen a lesson, he would’ve stopped after beating him to a state like his own current state.

After all, they were in a public setting, and being watched by numerous people. As such, it would be bad to be too excessive.

Yet, he was able to sense that the fellow before him didn't intend to spare him.

“Killing the chicken to warn the monkey, you understand that?” Chu Feng said to Zhao Zicheng. [1. To punish an individual to serve as an example for others.]

“What do you mean?” Zhao Zicheng was completely confused. At the same time, he felt even more uneasy.

As for Chu Feng, he smiled coldly.


In the next instant, a flash of lightning flew from Chu Feng’s hand and shot straight towards Zhao Zicheng.

By the time the crowd reacted to what had happened, they realized that the flash of lightning was actually the Wind Lightning Sword.

The Wind Lightning Sword had flown from Chu Feng’s hand and entered Zhao Zicheng’s body.

Not only did the Wind Lightning Sword pierce into Zhao Zicheng’s body, but the location it penetrated was also Zhao Zicheng’s dantian.


Miserable screams then poured from Zhao Zicheng’s mouth. His screams resounded throughout the heaven and earth.

His scream was not only one of pain. More than pain, there was despair, complete loss and panic.

After all, Zhao Zicheng was able to sense his cultivation rapidly fleeing his body.

“Wang Chen, have you gone mad?! You’ll cripple his cultivation by doing that!”

Right at that moment, a disciple from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect finally spoke.

That disciple was also a rank two Exalted.

Even though he had previously been defeated by Zhao Zicheng, he knew that Wang Chen should not have done what he just did. After all, various grand characters were watching on the outside.

As such, he shouted at Chu Feng not because he was worried about Wang Chen. Instead, he was worried that Wang Chen’s actions would implicate their Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

“Shut up.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his arm, and the sword that had pierced into Zhao Zicheng’s dantian flew out and landed before that Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciple.

Chu Feng’s action utterly terrified that Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciple.

Even though he was also a rank two Exalted, the speed at which Chu Feng had retrieved the sword and shot it towards him was simply too fast.

By the time he reacted to what had happened, the Wind Lightning Sword was right before him.

This… was a warning!

“Listen carefully. I am not that Wang Chen you all believe me to be.”

“Make sure to watch your tone when you speak to me. Crippling cultivation is only a warning. If any of you still refuse to accept the face that is given to you, I will not hesitate to take your lives.”

Not only was Chu Feng’s tone ice-cold, but even his expression was ice-cold.

The surrounding air had turned bone-chillingly cold. This made the crowd realize that Chu Feng wasn't around. He was really capable of doing what he said he would do.

“Spare us, please spare us!”

“We never intended to offend you. We merely wanted to scare you. Seeing that we are allies, please give us another chance.”

Suddenly, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples all began begging Chu Feng for forgiveness.

They were truly afraid. After all, they’d all insulted Chu Feng earlier.

As such, they were afraid that they’d end up just like Zhao Zicheng.

Faced with the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples begging for forgiveness, a smile blossomed on Chu Feng’s ice-cold face. “If you all had done that from the very start, there would have been no need to suffer.”

Chu Feng did not continue to make things difficult for the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples.

However, even though he was smiling so innocently and appeared so very harmless, everyone had a whole new impression of him after witnessing his earlier behavior.

The gazes with which the disciples of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect and Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain looked to Chu Feng had changed completely.

In addition to shock and astonishment, there was an enormous amount of fear in their eyes.

In fact, even Bai Lulu was looking at Chu Feng with a different sort of gaze.

That said, compared to the others, she did not have any fear in her gaze. Her gaze was that of astonishment, and something else.

Bai Lulu knew Wang Chen.

After all, Wang Chen had confessed his feelings to her multiple times. He could be said to have been fiercely pursuing her.

That said, Bai Lulu not only did not like Wang Chen, but she was also greatly disgusted with him.

The reason why she was disgusted with him was because she knew that Wang Chen, although arrogant and despotic, was a person who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

That sort of person just so happened to be the sort that Bai Lulu detested the most.

However, the current Wang Chen had caused Bai Lulu to have a whole new level of respect for him.

In fact, Bai Lulu even felt like she had misunderstood Wang Chen greatly.

The enormous change caused Bai Lulu to look at Wang Chen with a complicated expression.

Of course, she had no idea that the Wang Chen before her was not the actual Wang Chen.

Instead, he was someone by the name of Chu Feng in disguise.

“Miss Bai, step back. I am going to retrieve this item.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng walked over to Bai Lulu.

After saying those words, he directly walked past her and arrived before the spirit formation.

“Senior brother Wang, please wait.”

Bai Lulu spoke to advise him against it. She wanted to tell him that he alone would not be able to breach that spirit formation.

She wanted to tell him that he needed help from all their fellow disciples, as the spirit formation could very possibly harm him should he attempt to breach it alone.

However, right after she called for Wang Chen to wait, she discovered that his hand had actually pierced through the spirit formation and successfully retrieved the item inside.

Bai Lulu and all the other disciples present were all completely stunned by this scene.

This was especially true for the Wind Lightning Sword Sect disciples. They simply did not dare to believe their eyes.

After all, that spirit formation was something that they were unable to breach even after spending a great deal of time and effort.

Most importantly, they knew how powerful that protective formation was. It was simply impossible to penetrate that spirit formation and directly retrieve the item hidden within.

The only method to retrieve the item within would be to breach the spirit formation.

Yet, Wang Chen had managed to so easily retrieve the treasure inside the spirit formation.

This completely surpassed their understanding.

“Junior sister Bai, what’s wrong?”

Chu Feng turned around and looked to Bai Lulu.

As he looked at her, he put away the treasure he had retrieved.

Bai Lulu was left completely speechless by Chu Feng. She didn’t know what to say.

She had called out to Wang Chen because she wanted to warn him to not rashly attempt to breach the spirit formation on his own.

Yet, he had managed to easily retrieve the treasure from the spirit formation. With this, what else could she say to him?

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