Chapter 3967 - Change Of Expression From Mere Mention (Teaser)

Chapter 3967 - Change Of Expression From Mere Mention

The strength of the six great powers’ top geniuses were actually all about the same.

The reason why Shentu Haoli was deemed to be the strongest among them was because she had grasped this rank nine Immortal Technique, Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon, an extremely difficult Immortal Technique to learn.

Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon was capable of fusing with one’s weapon to increase its might.

Because of that, when Shentu Haoli used the Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon, everyone felt that the outcome of the match was decided.

Even though Nangong Yifan held absolute superiority over Shentu Haoli, if he was unable to take on her Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon, he would undoubtedly be defeated.


However, right when the fire dragon was about to reach Nangong Yifan, dark black gaseous flames rushed out from Nangong Yifan’s body. The dark black gaseous flames took the shape of an enormous hand that was the same size as the fire dragon, and directly grabbed the fire dr...

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