Chapter 3967 - Change Of Expression From Mere Mention

Chapter 3967 - Change Of Expression From Mere Mention

The strength of the six great powers’ top geniuses were actually all about the same.

The reason why Shentu Haoli was deemed to be the strongest among them was because she had grasped this rank nine Immortal Technique, Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon, an extremely difficult Immortal Technique to learn.

Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon was capable of fusing with one’s weapon to increase its might.

Because of that, when Shentu Haoli used the Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon, everyone felt that the outcome of the match was decided.

Even though Nangong Yifan held absolute superiority over Shentu Haoli, if he was unable to take on her Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon, he would undoubtedly be defeated.


However, right when the fire dragon was about to reach Nangong Yifan, dark black gaseous flames rushed out from Nangong Yifan’s body. The dark black gaseous flames took the shape of an enormous hand that was the same size as the fire dragon, and directly grabbed the fire dragon.

Then, the dark black gaseous flames continued to expand. In the end, an enormous towering giant of black gaseous flames stood between heaven and earth.

That giant was so enormous that it was many times larger than the fire dragon.

“Rank nine Immortal Technique, Dark Ghostflame.”

“Nangong Yifan actually managed to gain mastery over that Immortal Technique?”

The crowd burst into an uproar. Not to mention the outsiders, even many of the elders and disciples from the All-heaven Sect burst into an uproar.

As people from the All-heaven Sect, they all knew very well what level of technique the Dark Ghostflame was.

It was precisely because the crowd knew that it was simply too difficult to learn Dark Ghostflame that they were so astonished.

That being said, it had actually been some time since Nangong Yifan had managed to grasp Dark Ghostflame.

Back then, when he was in the Ancestral Martial Starfield, Nangong Yifan had used the Dark Ghostflame in his battle against Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, his Dark Ghostflame had ended up being defeated by Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo: Blood Lightning Technique.

That said, the match between Nangong Yifan and Chu Feng was only known to very few people.

Furthermore, neither Nangong Yifan nor the All-heaven Sect’s disciples would possibly publicize Nangong Yifan’s defeat.

Thus, not only did the crowd not know that Nangong Yifan had once lost to a person of the younger generation from the Ancestral Martial Starfield, but they also never knew that Nangong Yifan had actually managed to grasp the Dark Ghostflame, a very powerful Immortal Technique.

“Damn it!”

Suddenly, a voice filled with anger was heard.

It was Shentu Haoli’s voice.

Shentu Haoli’s Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon had been crushed by Nangong Yifan’s Dark Ghostflame. It turned into blazes that filled the sky and scattered into thin air.

Shentu Haoli herself was also struck by an energy ripple caused by the Dark Ghostflame.

At that moment, she did not even have the strength to fly anymore. She sat on the ground in pain, and had lost all her battle power.

She had been defeated. Merely, she found her defeat very difficult to accept.

“So powerful. He’s simply too powerful.”

“Normally, since the Dark Ghostflame and Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon are on the same level as Immortal Techniques, their might should be on par with each other.”

“Yet, Nangong Yifan managed to so easily defeat the Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon. This is truly a reflection of his superior battle power.”

“To possess such overwhelming battle power at the same level of cultivation, it would appear that the strongest disciple of the six great powers will be Nangong Yifan for sure.”

The people outside were discussing the fight spiritedly.

That said, it was not only the people outside that noticed this sight. Even the people inside the spirit formation world noticed it.

After all, the Dark Ghostflame and Heaven-devouring Fire Dragon were simply too eye-catching.

Through those two Immortal Techniques, the crowd inside the spirit formation world were able to determine who was fighting, as well as the outcome of their battle.

Due to the fact that the Immortal Techniques displayed by Nangong Yifan and Shentu Haoli were simply too eye-catching, the two top geniuses that were fighting far away both stopped fighting and turned their gazes towards the direction of Nangong Yifan and Shentu Haoli’s battlefield.

“Never would I have imagined that Shentu Haoli would lose to Nangong Yifan.”

“Not even Shentu Haoli is a match for Nangong Yifan.”

“If we encounter him alone, we would most definitely suffer defeat.”

“Wu Ming, do you still think there’s a need to continue with this battle?”

The strongest younger generation of the Miao Heavenly Clan, Miao Jiutian, looked profoundly at the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion’s strongest disciple Wu Ming, who he had been fighting earlier.

“It would not be too late for us to continue after taking care of Nangong Yifan,” said Wu Ming.

“My thoughts exactly,” said Miao Jiutian.

After saying those words, the two top geniuses that were fighting with their all actually smiled at each other, and reached terms.

“They’re joining hands. Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian are actually joining hands.”

Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian’s conversation had been captured by the crowd outside.

At that moment, the crowd began to sigh emotionally.

Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian’s decision to join hands was definitely a correct one.

However, their decision also indirectly reflected how powerful Nangong Yifan was.

Because of that, Nangong Yifan being the strongest of the six great powers’ disciples was settled even more firmly in the crowd’s hearts.

“If we’re joining hands, we should include Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun. With that, our odds of success will be a bit better,” Wu Ming said to Miao Jiutian.

“I’ve heard that the Wind Lightning Sword Sect and the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain had some disagreements not long ago.”

“It is most likely impossible for them to join hands.” Miao Jiutian looked profoundly in another direction.

Even though they were very far away, Miao Jiutian and Wu Ming were still able to see the energy ripples being emitted by the battle far away.

Both of them knew that the other battle occuring far away must be between Ouyang Pingzhi and Song Jinglun.

“Since that’s the case, let us wait for the outcome of their battle. We’ll ask the victor to join hands with us,” said Wu Ming.

“I’m afraid there might not be enough time for that.” Miao Jiutian’s expression suddenly turned ugly.

The reason for that was because he noticed that the enormous black figure towering between heaven and earth was walking towards them.

After defeating the Inferno Academy, Nangong Yifan had decided to move towards Wu Ming and Miao Jiutian.

“Humph, that Nangong Yifan is truly arrogant.”

“Since that’s the case, we must have him witness our abilities.”

“Even if we are to lose, we must not allow him to enjoy an easy victory.”

Seeing that Nangong Yifan was coming to attack them, Wu Ming did not give up. Instead, he took a meaningful glance at Miao Jiutian.

Miao Jiutian responded with a nod.

At that moment, intense battle desire filled their eyes.

They prepared themselves to confront Nangong Yifan.


Meanwhile, another person fell from the battle between the disciples of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain and the Wind Lightning Sword Sect.

The person who fell was the final disciple of the Wind Lightning Sword Sect apart from Ouyang Pingzhi.

The outcome of the battle between the Wind Lightning Sword Sect and the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain had concluded.

The Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples were capable of utilizing their Wind Lightning Swords to set up the mighty Wind Lightning Sword Formations.

Yet, at that moment, they had all fallen to the ground.

They had been defeated, The disciples from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect had all been defeated by the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples.

The reason for that was due to the disparity in their overall battle power.

“I’ve yet to warm up, yet you’ve all fallen already? Truly useless.”

“Trash like you were actually shouting about teaching us a lesson? You’re truly overestimating your abilities.”

Seeing the fallen disciples from the Wind Lightning Sword Sect, the disciples of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain all mocked and ridiculed them.

The Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples were completely beaten. Even though they felt very unreconciled, they lowered their heads dispiritedly. No one refuted the ridicule thrown at them.

Even though their Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s strongest disciple, Ouyang Pingzhi, was still fighting against the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s strongest disciple Song Jinglun, he was also in a disadvantaged state.

Soon, he would also be defeated.

As such, it was meaningless for them to continue to resist.

They had been defeated. Furthermore, they had been completely and thoroughly defeated.

As such, they decided to silently endure the humiliation from the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples.

“It looks like senior brother Song’s about to win too.”

After insulting the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples began to observe the battle between Song Jinglun and Ouyang Pingzhi.

Suddenly, a disciple of the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain asked, “Even if senior brother Song managed to defeat that Ouyang Pingzhi, will he… be able to win against Nangong Yifan?”

Once he said those words, the Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain’s disciples that were previously in high spirit's expressions immediately became gloomy.

Even though they had been fighting the Wind Lightning Sword Sect’s disciples earlier, they were also observing the situation of the battles elsewhere.

As such, they all knew that Nangong Yifan had defeated Shentu Haoli, as well as the Miao Heavenly Clan and the Dragon Phoenix Immortal Pavilion potentially joining hands.

Even though defeating the Wind Lightning Sword Sect had greatly increased their morale, they all knew that their actual opponent was the All-heaven Sect’s Nangong Yifan.

However, it just so happened that Nangong Yifan had grown to become an existence that they could not contend against.

He was so powerful that their expressions would change from the mere mention of his name.

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